endless 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['endlis]
endless 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 無盡的,無限的,無邊的,無窮的;永遠的;不斷的。
2. 【機械工程】環狀的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly ,-ness n. 名詞
  1. The movie drew endless acclaim from the audience

  2. He had eleven children, all of whom were, almost from the moment they learned the alphabet, roped into the endless business of helping to sift through and alphabetize the several million slips of paper on which were recorded every twitch and burble of the language over seven centuries

    他有11個孩子,所有的孩子差不多從學會字母那一刻起,就被這無休止的生意給纏住了- - -幫著篩選七百萬個紙片,並按字母表的順序進行分類,這些紙片記錄了七個多世紀所使用的所有字的來龍去脈
  3. He launched into endless anecdotes about shaw.

  4. Water stands for wisdom. waterfall collection leads us to the next aquarian century with the spiritual wisdom and the endless life energy

  5. In any conversation about a book, says mr bayard, both parties are talking about different texts, “ caught up in an endless process of inventing books ”

    巴雅得說在任何關于書的談話中,談話者都在談論不同的章節, 「陷於無止境的編造書本的過程」 。
  6. Dim fog yarn curl up among blackish green distant mountain, little grass, greensward of mattress hang one bunches of sparkling and crystal - clear dewdrop, the bird is singing, the fragrance of flowers is drifting, lies on the meadow of mattress of greensward, taking a sniff at the fragrance of the green grass, look up in the endless blue sky, the white cloud floating at will, let one ' s own soul be integrated in mountains and rivers, enjoy the that time eternity that the sun rose

  7. Automobiles speed in an endless stream along the boulevard.

  8. Weaves a bower in endless night

  9. The endless disputes whether or not some fifty species of british brambles are good species will cease.

  10. Unique material combination siple color matching up, smooth, bright line and side coheren, shows all the ingeniousidea and endless modern beauty

  11. His mind seemed to turn, on the instant, into a vast camera obscura, and he saw arrayed around his consciousness endless pictures from his life, of stoke - holes and forecastles, camps and beaches, jails and boozing - kens, fever - hospitals and slum streets, wherein the thread of association was the fashion in which he had been addressed in those various situations

  12. During the august 22 - 23 weekend before school opened for the fall semester, endless laughter reverberated through the beautifully serene delia church camp grounds at a special activity for young initiates held by the taichung center. about a hundred children and teenagers enjoyed an experience of infinite love at the happy bird summer camp featuring a diverse variety of programs designed to imperceptibly imbue love, positivism and thankfulness into their daily lives

  13. Why not endless till the farthest star ? darkly they are there behind this light, darkness shining in the brightness, delta of cassiopeia, worlds

    星群黑? ?地隱在這道光的後面,黑暗在光中照耀172 ,三角形的仙后座173 ,穹蒼。
  14. Little gusts of sunshine blew, strangely bright, and lit up the celandines at the wood s edge, under the hazel - rods, they spangled out bright and yellow. and the wood was still, stiller, but yet gusty with crossing sun. the first windflowers were out, and all the wood seemed pale with the pallor of endless little anemones, sprinkling the shaken floor

  15. The fascinations of the circus are endless.

  16. It would be an endless task to cite such living examples.

  17. We observe the endless classical references in the compendium of ecclesiastical history written by cotton mather.

  18. I walked, my eyes focused into the endless succession of barbershops, beauty parlors, confectioneries.

  19. Her prayers and confessions are endless.

  20. But her boss is killed, and armed men invade the casino, taking modesty and fellow employees hostage. modesty plays for time by engaging the leader of the gang nikolaj coster - waldau in endless rounds of roulette, with the prizes being the liberation of hostages versus the truth of her background