顏色 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yánshǎi]
顏色 英文
[口語] pigment; dyestuff
  • : 名詞1. (臉, 臉上的表情) face; countenance 2. (體面; 面子) prestige; face 3. (顏色) colour 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 色名詞[口語] (顏色) colour
  1. Frosting occurs when two fibers differing in both color and abrasion resistance are combined in a fabric.

  2. The right of citizens of the united states to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

  3. While the fruits ripening process was delayed in leetrl antisense fruits. epinastic of leaves in leetrl antisense plants was only occasionally observed, which was not observed in leetr2 antisense plants ; ( 5 ) when treated by exogenous ethylene ( 25ul / l ), the abscission of antisense leetr2 petiole explants was delayed. moreover, leaf epinasty failed to be induced by ethylene treatment c, which suggested that these tissues were insensitive to ethylene

    ( 5 )植株衰老和葉片脫落延遲,花瓣脫落也明顯的延遲,在轉反義leetr1基因番茄的果實成熟特性被明顯改變,表現在乙烯釋放高峰延遲,果實顏色出現變異,以及和成熟相關的酶活性的改變,然而,轉反義leetr2基因的果實的成熟特性與對照相比無明顯差別。
  4. Color, font, language, and accessibility settings

  5. Sort these cards according by their colours.

  6. Sort these cards according to their colours.

  7. The man can not discern color named achromatopsia

  8. A man who can ' t distinguish colors we called him achromatopsia

  9. The person who cannot distinguish different color is called achromatopsia

  10. Color becomes aware the examination uses color to become aware the examination pursues, cent is 3 level namely lubricious weak, achromatopsia person, reach the person that only color identifies ability

  11. Standard test method for acid wash color of industrial aromatic hydrocarbons

  12. Children are encouraged to stretch their imagination by adding colours and patterns on the stamps to create a most unique set of stamps. as hongkong post issues the children stamps today, we score two firsts by producing the world s only coloured stamps still valid for posting and issuing for the first - ever adhesive stamps in hong kong which is particularly children - friendly

  13. The color of unilocular adipose tissue varies from white to dark yellow.

  14. Makes general analysis and research on human visual system the characteristicness of human visual system is the process being considered firstly for every image process technology, include watermark technology, in order to join the characteristicness of hvs and the watermark technology together, this paper analyses and researches the hvs theoretics particularly firstly. it build the aesthesia models and the jnd models after discussing eyes " biology configuration particularly and expatiating eyes " aesthesia process. these works provide the foundation for the later research of watermark channel capacity and the watetmark embedding intensity. 2

  15. Maple leaves aflame with color in autumn

  16. Because of cone fatigue in the eyes, the color and shape of the afterimage may be complementary to the color and shape of the actual object

  17. Will air landing ghosts are destroyed, according to the different colors gremlin different colors weapons attack and the blank keys for launching weapons

  18. Introduction : will air landing ghosts are destroyed, according to the different colors gremlin different colors weapons attack and the blank keys for launching weapons

  19. Also using the airbrush in color mode, i applied a touch of make - up to the woman ' s eye lids

  20. Feldspqr s degree of hardness motion between 6 - 6. 5, specific weight motion bet ween 2 - 2. 5. it s brittleness but have the higher anti - to press the strength, right sour have the stronger chemistry stability. the potassic feldspar s color many is red for meat, and also have the ash, white the brown. the albite is white, ash and buff the anorthite is white or shallow gray

    長石的硬度波動於6 - 6 . 5 ,比重波動於2 - 2 . 5 ,性脆,有較高的抗壓強度,對酸有較強的化學穩定性。鉀長石顏色多為肉紅,也有灰白褐。鈉長石為白灰及淺黃,鈣長石為白或淺灰