風雲 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [fēngyún]
風雲 英文
wind and cloud; a stormy or unstable situation
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣流動) wind 2 (風氣; 風俗) practice; atmosphere; custom 3 (景象) scene; view 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞[書面語] (說) say Ⅱ名詞1. (雲彩) cloud 2. (雲南) short for yunnan province3. (姓氏) a surname
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  2. With the reform of the economical system developing, improvement of the capacity and people ' s living standard, our country is also facing a series of new situations and new problems. at the same time, our party has lead all people in our country to create the new conjuncture that is chinese characterical socialism and has acquired a great accomplishment. it has proved that our party ' s organization and the party member are good on the whole. it is capable, but there are some problems that can not be ignored, something that are depressed even deteriorated, have come i nto being and affected the party member ' s ideals. they corrode the party member, affect the party ' s cohesion, flie organization, the party ' s battle strength and the relation between the party and the people

  3. Tsui hark himself has in fact poked fun at the notion in swordsman iii : the east is red 1993, in which a group of spanish conquistadors discuss it without offering a conclusion

  4. Interior of the country, a great number of famous groups were threatened by the marketing crisis and marketing failure. as " juren group " fell down, " taiyangshen group " went down, " feilong group " hit the ground and many advertising kings broke down, some of the excellent companies, which had ever presented the market trend, are now sinking into the condemn of general debility or even bankruptcy. since our country takes part in the wto, the competition will turn from the domestic, partial, un - integrate one to the one of international and overall

    上個世紀末波及全球的東南亞金融危機,造成東南亞地區的經濟倒退、企業倒閉;在國內, 「巨人」倒下、 「太陽神」下山、 「飛龍」落地、 「標王」破產,一大批知名企業被營銷危機和營銷失敗籠罩,過去曾是領導市場潮流風雲企業,而現在卻陷入虧損甚至破產的困境;隨著我國wto的加入,國內競爭逐步發展為國際的競爭,競爭日漸激烈,市場的競爭將由國內的、局部的、不完整的競爭轉向國際化的、全方位的競爭,市場特點將由國內市場的國際化變為國際市場的國內化,更多的企業將面臨營銷失敗。
  5. It is a fast - developing era for the telecommunication technologies nowadays. the life - period of these products is so short that this market appears fluky

  6. The simulative cloud image, made from the mixing ratios of cloud liquid water, rain water, ice crystal, snow, graupel which were outputted by the mesoscale model mm5, resemble the gms satellite infrared image very well and also show the cloud evolution of typhoon winnie from tropical cyclone to extratropical cyclone after landing

  7. We're told tehran weather is unpredictable and horrendous.

  8. It was a time of brilliant aeronautical invention, turbulent love affairs including one with katharine hephurn, played by cate blanchett and savage corporate battles

  9. With all the ups and downs the kremlin had learned the central importance of the u. s. soviet relationship.

  10. In an interview with radio 19 in bristol, mr prescott said that he identified with one of the star ' s most famous early roles as the former boxer turned longshoreman, terry malloy, in the film on the waterfront. asked who he would would like to play him in a film version of his life, he replied : " i ' ll take marlon brando in on the waterfront

  11. Being masterful figures, they made bitter enemies both within and without their parties.

  12. Hk women make model meteorologists

  13. During the napoleonic wars, a british frigate, hms surprise, and a much larger french warship, the acheron, with greater fire power, stalk each other

  14. During the napoleonic wars, a british frigate, hms surprise, and a much larger french warship, the acheron, with greater fire power, stalk each other off of the coast of south america

  15. All of his numbered works are portraiture of his inner feelings in the turbulent era

  16. Or for that proverbial rainy day

  17. Solar total irradiance monitor ( stim ) is a remote sensor on the fengyun - 3 satellite. the stim is used to measure the solar irradiance

  18. Samuel lived long enough to see the winds of change that swept across the world.

  19. The storm clouds and accompanying turbulence are now far below.

  20. Storm clouds had been evident since the spring and particularly in may, five months before the war.