潮流 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [cháoliú]
潮流 英文
1. (潮汐引起的水流運動) tide; tidal current; tidal wave; tideway: (船)逆潮流而上 stem the tide; stem the oncoming tide2. (社會變動或發展的趨勢) trend
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (潮汐; 潮水) tide 2 (比喻大規模的社會變動或運動發展的起伏形勢) (social) upsurge; cur...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (液體移動; 流動) flow 2 (移動不定) drift; move; wander 3 (流傳; 傳播) spread 4 (向壞...
  1. Products put on the market, has attracted much attention and recognition as lead muzu, sauna, ablution and other recreational products industry trends

  2. As we all know, kone is not only the leader in energy saving and environmental protection, but also an advocator of the idea that elevator escalator is the heart of your building

  3. The research and development of the light vehicle - carried aerial defence missile system ( lvams ) is highly worthy not only for the development of our military force, but also for catching up with the tide of this technology

    「防空指揮車系統」 (簡稱指揮車系統)的研發對於我軍在這方面的c4isr [ 1 ]系統的發展,追趕這方面的技術潮流具有十分重要的實用軍事價值。
  4. Though me the afflatus surging and surging, though me the current and index

  5. Meanwhile, his friend caught an albacore too ! finally, everybody on the boat got into this action and we stayed there for about four or five hours bringing in albacore tuna that were about twenty pounds each

  6. I think that this trend toward a more androgynous style for women doesn ' t just reflect the change of beauty standards and changing fashion trends, it ' s also an expression of individuality

  7. A : i think that this trend toward a more androgynous style for women doesn ' t just reflect the change of beauty standards and changing fashion trends, it ' s also an expression of individuality

  8. Dear faithful, our understanding of " respect life, the gift of god " is very much antithetic with the hierarchy of values of the world, our vision is against the present currents in society

  9. In recent years, insisting on the principle of " technology creates art ", the company has introduced dozens of glass art product lines with eurpean and american advanced art and culture, and is devoted to making fashionable products for world art glass industry and making world class artistic glass brand

  10. Ascent / descent lines, deco bar, current lines

  11. The associative current gathered strength during the first half-century of national independence.

  12. We are working hard and try to give you the best balneal appliance, which gives surprise, safety, warm, and satisfaction to each family

  13. Icoke points could also be used to experience on - line games such as street basket ball, or redeem other digital gifts through icoke site

    此外,他們還能夠用icoke積分享受其他數碼娛樂項目,集音樂體育娛樂游戲聊天等目前年輕人熱衷的潮流和文化,並有機會在可口可樂www . icoke . cn網站上換取豐富的數碼獎品。
  14. Using the hulscher model of the formation of sand waves and sandbanks, under the ancient bathymetry, or under the modern bathymetry, the stokes number of the tidal flow and resistance parameter in the radial sandbanks satisfy the conditions for the formation of sandbanks. the research demonstrates that the dynamic flow conditions result in the development of tidal current sandbank. the radial sandbanks and it ' s asymmetrical distributions will still maintain in the future

  15. Based on the study of sediment transport under the actions of tidal currents and wind waves, a mathematical model of suspended load and bed load for yangtze estuary is developed

  16. The products include the hall furniture, and bedchamber furniture series

  17. At the first conference, many chief editors and journalists from jewelry and fashion magazines were represented, such as europa star international jewelery magazine ; news agency, zurich ; " world of watches and jewelry " from lebanon ; the information center of the united nations, london ; " jewelry news asia " of hong kong ; " bijoux magazine " of brussels ; the italian federation of silversmiths ; italian gold magazine ; hr magazine ; " lifestyle " magazine, vienna ; " currents " magazine, miami ; vietnet television, switzerland ; miller freeman asia ltd. hong kong ; " carat " international magazine ; vogue " and " gioiello ", milano

  18. The “ mite germicide facial cleansing ” series of products of dispelling speckle, removing blain, whiting, wrinkle defense and desensitization are leading the trends in the industry

  19. Its area of application is very broad, including daily commodities such as toothbrush shaft, comb shaft, clean brush shaft, knife shaft, scissors shaft, and electrical appliances such as torch handle, hair dryer handle, iron handle and electric toothbrush. the manufacturers have been exploring the way to add a tpe layer to make their products more diversified

    由於受到廣大消費者的歡迎,雙物料的應用在近幾年間已形成一大潮流,應用范圍極之廣泛,由牙刷手柄梳柄清潔刷柄刀具手柄剪刀柄等等日用品以至手電筒柄風筒手柄電熨斗手柄電動牙刷等家庭小電器,生產商無不想盡辦法加上一層tpe ,令產品更多元化。
  20. Philosophically and critically, coleridge opposed the limitedly rationalistic trends of the the 18th - century thought