滿的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mǎnde]
滿的 英文
  • 滿 : Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部充實; 達到容量的極點) full; filled; packed 2 (滿足) satisfied; contented; conte...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. After years of acrimony, carb and the ama reached, in 1996, a memorandum of agreement ( " moa " ) which seemed to be an amicable solution

    1996年,經過多年輿論攻擊, carb和ama達成一份協議備忘錄(簡稱" moa " ) ,似乎是一個圓滿的解決方案。
  2. If you look from afar it ' s filled with happiness

  3. This story discusses the ahimsa ideal. one day, a poor man was walking through a mango grove, where he saw many mangoes on the trees that looked extremely luscious and tempting

  4. The amplified strings require less energy to produce a rich resonant sound.

  5. The amplified strings require less energy to produce a rich, resonant sound.

  6. And her take me to rests and her anker of rum

  7. He is satisfied with the pleasant lust of arrogance.

  8. ( c ) gejia batiks gejia people are good at making their batiks work with thick line and plump pattern

  9. She saw all the glories of the camp ; its tents stretched forth in beauteous uniformity of lines, crowded with the young and the gay, and dazzling with scarlet ; and to complete the view, she saw herself seated beneath a tent, tenderly flirting with at least six officers at once

  10. Capello will be undermined entirely if he reassigns the armband at the behest of disgruntled members of the football association board

  11. The wind bellied out the sails.

  12. The good-looking buxom woman, betwixt forty and fifty, was now a fat, red-faced, old dam of seventy, or thereabouts.

  13. Of all the workers in the country bituminous miners probably had best grounds for discontent.

  14. Ellen, with a restless smile, stared at his curly hair and his smooth - shaven, blackish cheeks, and seemed every minute to be expecting the conversation to take a new turn

  15. I can ' t believe yao could be reached that easily, he looked pissed and scared at the same time tho. . yao should start to realize that he is a multi - billionaire, he should move to a place with better security, get a body guard etc. . . . what if the guy that show up on the door was an angry and disatisfied fan instead

    我簡直不能相信這么容易就能見到姚,在那個時候他看起來又生氣又害怕. . .姚應該開始認識到他是一個億萬富翁,他應該搬到一個保安措施更好地方,並切有一個貼身保鏢,等等. . .如果出現在他門前是個憤怒不滿的粉絲,那該怎麼辦?
  16. Third filter top - quality full groundnuts : when selecting materials, arawana groundnut oil deliberately adjusts the librating boult 2mm wider than usual, only select big and full groundnuts for materials

    第三重保證篩選優質飽滿花生原料:金魚花生油在選取原料上,特意將振動篩調大2mm ,只選取大顆飽滿的花生,符合要求尺寸,才篩選來作榨油原料。
  17. Then zhang yingying, the minister of technology part, made a good summary she reviewed the past and prospected the club ' s braw foreground, drew a satisfactory full stop for this pageant

  18. He was a slave on board the brig creole, of richmond, bound to new orleans, that great slave mart, with a hundred and four others

  19. He gave me a cup brimful of wine

  20. Fully - fledged messiahs don ' t come in bunches