漢喬 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [hànqiáo]
漢喬 英文
  • : 1 (朝代) the han dynasty (206 b c a d 220)2 (漢族) the han nationality3 (漢語) chinese (...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(高) tallⅡ動詞(假扮) disguiseⅢ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. Conspuez les fran ? ais, says lenehan, nobbling his beer. - and as for the prooshians and the hanoverians, says joe, haven t we had enough of those sausageeating bastards on the throne from george the elector down to the german lad and the flatulent old bitch that s dead

    「還有普魯士王室和諾威王室那幫傢伙, 」說, 「從諾威選侯治到那個日耳曼小夥子以及那個已故自負的老婊子471 ,難道坐到咱們王位上吃香腸的私生子還少了嗎? 」
  2. When the elector of hanover became king george i of england, handel was out of favor for leaving germany

  3. There was panic in london; a ship was ready to take george ii to hanover.

  4. The drunk was sufficiently lucid to observe the truck's arrival and georges'departure on foot.

  5. Now, that about where we are, every mother s son of us, thanks to him, and hands, and anderson, and other ruination fools of you

  6. One day, a bearded old man is sent into the sanitarium with a large bag

  7. And at last joe, representing a whole tribe of weeping outlaws, dragged him sadly forth, gave his bow into his feeble hands, and tom said, " where this arrow falls, there bury poor robin hood under the greenwood tree.

    最後扮演了一夥綠林好,哭哭啼啼,悲傷地拖著他前進,把他的弓遞到他那雙軟弱無力的手裡,湯姆就說了: 「箭落之地,綠林成蔭,可憐的羅賓葬那裡。 」
  8. Kangbin obtained his ph. d in economics from georgetown university and his mba from wuhan university

  9. " well, say, joe, you can be friar tuck or much the miller s son, and lam me with a quarter - staff ; or i ll be the sheriff of nottingham and you be robin hood a little while and kill me.

    「喂,我說,你可以扮演達克修士或是磨坊主的兒子馬奇,拿一根鐵頭木棍打我一頓,或者我來扮諾丁的行政司法官,你扮一會兒羅賓,把我殺死也行。 」
  10. Joel siegel : bay bruce is back, different bruce. die hard 4, live free or die hard ? but 3 is the number they like best. rush hour 3, bourne 3, ocean ' s thirteen

    -西格:貝-布魯斯回來了,不過不是以前的布魯斯了。 《虎膽龍威4 》還是《碟影重重3 》 ?但是3是現在最受歡迎的數字。 《尖峰時刻3 》 , 《碟影重重3 》以及《十三羅》 。
  11. It is said that john hancock signed his name “ with a great flourish ” so “ king george can read that without spectacles

    據說約翰?考克簽名時筆跡「揮灑遒勁」是為了「讓治國王不戴眼鏡就能看清楚」 。
  12. Buckingham house was built for the duke of buckingham in the 18th century. however, it became a royal residence in 1775 when george iii bought it

    白金宮是在18世紀為白金公爵而建造的。但是, 1775年治三世購買了該宮后它便變成了皇家住宅。
  13. The early 20th century, the second industrial revolution when the feminist movement in europe and the united states launched extensively. 1914 london outbreak of the famous feminist movement attacked buckingham palace to the king george v petition, the incident marked the feminist movement has entered a rapid development period

  14. Why, it was anderson, and hands, and you, george merry

  15. The first choice is what i call the choice of lenin, the atheist. when armand hammer took me to russia to meet gorbachev, i received a special invitation to visit lenin s private residence which is not open to the public. this was a most extraordinary opportunity for me

  16. Joe : exactly ! that ' s just the experience they need at burger queen. i ' m on my way to the top

  17. Us vice president george h. w. bush announces that new hampshire teacher christa mcauliffe will become the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the space shuttle

    1985年的今天,美國副總統治? h ? w ?布希宣布新普郡老師克里斯蒂娜?麥克奧莉芙將成為首位登上航天飛船的在校老師。
  18. They generly had on yellow straw hats most as wide as an umbrella, but didn t wear no coats nor waistcoats, they called one another bill, and buck, and hank, and joe, and andy, and talked lazy and drawly, and used considerable many cuss words

  19. Joe cole too can be reasonably satisfied with his efforts, while there was no sign david beckham ' s trans - atlantic trip had taken any toll

  20. Philadelphia politician, lawyer, and amateur architect andrew hamilton designed the two - story brick building in the georgian style