中文拼音 [suān]

  1. Aas acrylonitrile - bcry ate - styrene opolymer

  2. The waves should be sheared waves for the anisotropic aeo device and longitudinal waves for the isotropic aeo device. geometrical relationships of anisotropic acousto - optic effect in ln crystal and kdp crystals are studied by tangent - match condition. curves of incident angle vs. abaxial angle, diffractive angle vs. abaxial angle, extreme frequency vs. abaxial angle and acousto - optic merit vs. incident angle vs. abaxial angle are systematically gained and the design parameters are also calculated

  3. Salicylic acid and abiotic stress resistance in plants

  4. The process of amino acid digestion and absorption in goat digestive tract could he described as three compartments : abomasums, jejunum and ileum

  5. Three steps were involved : ? ) estimation of the ileum volume of the animal using single compartment model. ? ) measurement of the flex of each compartment. ? ) determination of the amino acid content of chymus of abomasums and ileum, and calculation of the amino acid digestibility

  6. Folkloric uses have included a myriad of other indications, including psoriasis, infertility, gastrointestinal cramps, infections, and cancer and as an abortifacient. in china, bitter melons have been used in traditional chinese medicine for a long time. like most bitter - tasting foods, it stimulates digestion

    苦瓜有較高的營養價值,含有蛋白質脂肪各種氨基苦瓜代糖類維生素a b c等人體不可缺少的營養物質,以及人體必需的無機鹽和鈣磷鐵等礦物質。
  7. Using refined cotton, chloroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide as main feedstock, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was made by the process of basification, etherification, abstersion and drying

  8. Vitamin b12 is destroyed by oxidizing and reducing agents, by aldehydes, ascorbic acid, ferrous salts, vanillin and acacia.

  9. Triazophos was a type of low - toxic, high - effective and broad - spectrum phosphorothioate pesticide and acaricide, which was developed in 1970s. it was thought to become the substitution of other pesticide such as methamidophos and dimethoate, so it had a good potential of application

  10. Gibberellic acid may also accentuate the trend toward maleness.

  11. Series of activated carbon for doxycycline hydrochlocide accelerant carrier, gold refinement

  12. The reverse of reaction 11 for acetate may be combined with the electron acceptor reactions.

  13. Rapid start - up of acidogenic reactor and acclimatization of dominant ethanol - type fermentation population

  14. Method of autocar ' s accumulator of lead fast refresh

  15. The energy vitalising technology removes the acerbic taste from vinegar, making it easy to drink, so even people who don ' t like the taste of vinegar drinks will love energy vinegar

  16. Basic smell of the mankind has 4 kinds, namely flavour of sweet, acerbity, candy and moldy

  17. It has dark color and sweet smell, medium sourness, well controlled aftertaste, no acerbity

  18. Typical allergy reacts, take lucky level, external use stops urticant water, the person that weigh needs static note dextrose acerbity calcium

  19. After rapid movement, have dinner passes, heart underside ( or so both sides appears possibly ) can appear similar acuteness acerbity keenly feel

  20. It is duality strong acerbity. it had ability with much metal and metal oxide action make sulfate while it process strong sop and oxygenation