滿司 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mǎn]
滿司 英文
  • 滿 : Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部充實; 達到容量的極點) full; filled; packed 2 (滿足) satisfied; contented; conte...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(主持; 操作; 經營) take charge of; attend to; manage Ⅱ名詞1 (部一級機關里的一個部門) dep...
  1. We shall be able to give you a good account sales

  2. There are qualified and skilled technicians in our company devoted in research and development of aeroboat, motivated umbrella, tri - angle wings and so like flying models, integrating every advantages to serve our customers, meeting the increasing demands of the market

  3. " ameer " always regards product quality as enterprise ' s life, select the trans - corporation raw materials for use directly, for instance, the raw materials in france, germany, etc., set up perfect guarantee system of quality and service, guarantee the products to maintain the first - class quality, meet the consumption demand that is promoting constantly, guarantee the products maintain leading position in the competition

  4. Our proffessional services have made them ‘ come to ane and be satisfied in ane

  5. If at ordinary times you are taller to the evaluation of boss, because be on a bagatelle, did not suffer grievance to resent to boss, even be troubled yu huai

  6. One mechanical company acts as agent at the same time east calm sb ' s anger of the compressor of card of many domestic and international famous mouth, fluid uses yuan of parts of an apparatus, decelerate machine and a replacement, have heavy equipment and fittings, acting industry pump, force plunger pump, balata, valve and pipe fitting, line oiler, undertake in enlarging operation ceaselessly multivariate acting development, execute for broad user all - around stereo service ; lukewarm city person is receiving sincere letter fairness, price the company article of creed or faith of satisfaction of diversity of reasonable, breed, excellent service, user, enter in all hand in hand in new century with broad user, achieve in all brilliant

  7. We now specialize in the design and manufacture of motherboards, panel pcs, barebones, ( ia ) accessories and embedded systems, and our product portfolio is focused on embedded system which could be applied to the uses of internet appliance ( ia ), digital video recorder ( dvr ), network application storage ( nas ), network application devices ( nad ), kiosk, and point of sale ( pos )

    本公致力於主機板,平板電腦及各類準系統產品的設計及製造,主打嵌入式系統的各項應用,以滿足客戶在網路,數字監控,網路存儲設備,網路應用,多媒體查詢終端, pos機和精簡型電腦等方面應用需求。
  8. Contract with yanjing ( guilin ) beer co. involving fermentation tank, bbt and tank area ; turnkey project of 100, 000t brewhouse for zhejiang xiandu beer factory ; contract with chengde sihai brewery involving all fermentation tank and bbt ; order from a transnational company involving fermentation tank ; other large quantities of contract from a world famous beer company and juice company. the total contract value exceeds rmb1, 000, 000, 000

  9. And, wonderful to see, in front of the tower of saint - jean, was a ship bearing on her stern these words, printed in white letters, " the pharaon, morrel son, of marseilles. " she was the exact duplicate of the other pharaon, and loaded, as that had been, with cochineal and indigo

    說來奇怪,在聖琪安瞭望塔前面,有一艘帆船的尾部用白漆漆著這些字樣: 「法老號馬賽莫雷爾父子公」 ,它簡直和原先那艘法老號一模一樣,而且是滿載著貨物,大概還是裝著洋紅和靛青。
  10. The french company's concession would expire in 1904.

  11. The administrative vice president, ling zeming, congratulated the successful convoking of the first union congress in his speech

  12. The service purpose of the company is the principle based on good faith and costumers ' satisfaction

  13. The paper discusses differential marketing strategy from 4p theory, protesting that the corporation uses different product, brand, price, promotion policy, promotion method and marketing distribution to satisfy culturist, emphasizing relation marketing, avoiding the conflict of distribution and advancing customer value. the terminal of the paper is to explain the shortage of the paper and demonstrate the research direction for the future

  14. At the same time, the kangda corporation firstly faced the negative saleroom, the salesman sending in one ' s papers and the cost of marketing increasing and increasing. the key problem is that the existing no - difference marketing strategy can not adapt the change of market and the demand of culturist. so, kangda corporation need institute differential marketing strategy to guidance the future marketing work to decrease the marketing cost, enhance customer satisfaction, and advance the competition of company so that the company can gain the excess profit

  15. The company follows iso9001 ‘ s quality stan - dard, and with the perfect aftersale service, as well as the needs of satisfide customer for our the per - son who seeks the highest objective, and hope and all circles is deovloped altogethet, and the zeal welcomes the newly old customer of home and abroad to come the your patronage

  16. There is a group of staff with good makings working in the company. they are consistently working hard, making progress, with highly responsible attitude and dedicatory heart, maintaining the tenet “ everything is for satisfying the clients ”, trying for the development of the company, and meeting more and more requirements of consumption from all over the world

  17. This has eroded the international competitiveness of companies and often produced disaffected employees, customers and other stakeholders

  18. Dockside warehouse in three of china ' s main ports qingdao, tianjin, dalian ensures convenient loading and rapid delivery from stock to meet customers requirement

  19. Namely : high wear - resisting rubber, screen mesh of polyurethane ( pu ), become the domestic biggest producer specializing in high wear - resisting screen mesh, the practical experience for many years, craft is it develop high - quality to apply, durable new product have all over foot industrial demand modernized polyurethane, becoming can produce the production bases of different high wear - resisting screen mesh at home, whom products can select rubber or polyurethane screen mesh for use at home separately coloured, ferrous metal mine enterprise, power station and building materials sift subsystem use, well received by ore dressing circle from home, this mean square garden screen mesh of our company credit can trust among user

    即:高耐磨橡膠、聚氨酯( pu )篩網,成為國內專業生產高耐磨篩網的最大廠家,有著多年的實踐經驗,將現代化的聚氨酯工藝應用於開發優質、耐用的新產品來滿足工業需求,成為國內能生產各種高耐磨篩網的生產基地,產品可以分別選用橡膠或聚氨酯篩網在國內的有色、黑色金屬礦山企業、水電站及建材篩分系統使用,受到國內選礦界的好評,這就意味著我公的方園牌篩網在用戶中信用完全可以信賴。
  20. Shanghai xinli battery manufacture co., ltd. to establish in 1994 lately, the precursor is shanghai xinli battery factory lately, the company takes making the alkaline battery alkaline as to predominate the product, various specification, species is basic to cover all serieses of the dry battery, and accept various combination battery of the not standard type of design, to satisfy customer " s demand. xinli battery company lately to have already passed iso - 14000 environment system attestations of iso - 9001 : 2000 international quantity system attestation, the product quantity passes the battery examination center examination of the national light industry bureau and the sgs measurement of the eu ros serieses, the product is qualified. company annually with pass to increase continuously, the extension exports outward and the superior economic specific value service of the underneath brand peony, hongdan, fengdian. etc

    上海新立電池製造有限公成立於1994年,前身是上海新立電池廠,公以製造堿性電池alkaline為主導產品,各種規格品種基本涵蓋干電池的所有系列,並承接設計非標準型的各種組合電池,以滿足客戶的需要。新立公已通過iso 9001 - 2000國際質量體系認證和iso 14000環境體系認證,產品質量通過國家輕工業局電池檢測中心檢測以及歐盟ros系列的sgs測定,產品合格。公每年以不斷遞增擴大對外出口和旗下品牌牡丹紅丹豐電等的最優經濟比值服務于廣大國內外客戶,並得到用戶的歡迎。