溶入 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [róng]
溶入 英文
dissolve in
  • : 動詞(溶化; 溶解) dissolve
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (進來或進去) enter 2 (參加) join; be admitted into; become a member of 3 (合乎) conf...
  1. ( 2 ) in ( no3 ) 3 was dissolved in acetylacetone in the mol ratio of l : 3. they were mixed for about 3 hours to obtain acetylacetone salts. then glycol methyl aether was added in the ratio of 1 : 40 to obtain indium oxide sol. sncl4 was dissolved in glycol methyl aether and then added into the indium oxide sol to prepare transparent and stable ito sol

    ( 2 )通過將銦的無機鹽硝酸銦與乙酰丙酮按摩爾比1 : 3 ,混合攪拌3h左右得到銦的乙酰丙酮鹽,然後按一定摩爾比加乙二醇獨甲醚液,混合攪拌制得氧化銦膠,再將一定量的sncl _ 4溶入乙二醇獨甲醚,摻氧化銦膠制得透明穩定的摻錫氧化銦膠( ito膠) ,該膠性能穩定,易於成膜。
  2. But, in the backdrop of westward opening up and globosity economy, development problem of lan zhou " city on how to be in harmony with city and urban around it henceforth, how to lead to development to city and urban around lanzhou according to a more optimizing structure of city and urban, how to become a note city in the network of global city for dissolving a system of global city, turn into a deserving broody question

  3. Our company engage have speciality senior technological elite, can dissolve enter product design company exclusivelyowned technology and international latest teechnology, can go on according to customer nonstandard deesign of product that adapt to is and can be the customer s special request, carny on the profound technical consulting service

  4. So if you like shanghai and you ' re in the mood, take a look at the following text ; it ' ll warm you up and help you ease into shanghai ' s vacuous lifestyle

  5. French vintners insist that this gives more depth to a wine because the oak flavours are infused into the wine

  6. Do not speak ill of society, algie. only people who can ' t get in do that

  7. The blue of the sky melted into the green landscape

  8. Sliced turkey smothered with freshly made guacamole using whole avocados topped with two slices of bacon, cheddar cheese, organic lettuce and tomatoes on a french baguette

  9. A cornerstone of documenta 12, ai weiwei ' s work has transcended the category of contemporary art in china into the very heart of chinese society, from china ' s complex social and political dynamics to advances in its radically changing architectural and design spaces

  10. The new tactical system, the new team coach, fresh blood integration

  11. The blessing that i let love changes every piece glittering and translucent snowflake, kiss your cheek, in the heart that dissolve enters you

  12. I ’ ll join my friends ’ warmth

  13. It seemed a truth he had absorbed in his bones.

  14. Her life seemed to overflow into the lives of others, becoming one of theirs as the waters of rivers become one with the sea.

  15. Fuckin bitches love the niggaz, but we love to get our drugs

  16. Integrating the new procedures into the work routine

  17. Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in,

  18. Perform scientific research training base on university education

  19. And to fit in, we just gotta be like everybody else

  20. And technicai education for our inmates to heip them aiong