味道甜美 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wèidàotiánměi]
味道甜美 英文
taste sweet
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (味道) taste; flavour 2 (氣味) smell; odour; savour 3 (意味; 趣味) significance; int...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(道路) road; way; route; path 2 (水流通過的途徑) channel; course 3 (方向; 方法; 道理) ...
  • : 形容詞1. (像糖和蜜的味道) sweet; honeyed; sweet-flavoured 2. (覺睡得踏實) sound
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (美麗; 好看) beautiful; pretty 2 (令人滿意; 好) satisfactory; satisfying ; good; ple...
  • 味道 : 1. (味覺) taste; flavour 2. (指興趣) interest
  • 甜美 : 1. (像糖和蜜的味道) sweet; luscious 2. (愉快; 舒服) pleasant; refreshing; comfortable
  1. In the study, published on thursday in the journal science, the u. s. and israeli researchers fed the rats saccharine, which made them sick and taught them to associate the taste with feeling unwell

  2. The jizong is the valuable wild edible germ which is the special product of yunnan, the flavor is fresh, sweet, delicate, joss - stick, it can match in excellence with chicken mutually, can still keep the stomach, refreshing

  3. In an effort to encourage and recognise the creativity of hong kong chefs, this best of the best culinary award category is only open to non - liquid chinese desserts

  4. With cardamom with some astringency and fresh mediterranean seaweed as the top note, it develops into diverse elegance of compound bouquet and happiness and sweetness of wine grape, and ends with the base note of stable musk and grant woody bouquet, allowing a great experience of love that moves you so much.

  5. There are a dozen of restaurants along yuen long main road, yau sun street and kau yuk road serving a wide range of food from won - ton noodles, traditional chinese cakes, specialty desserts, japanese food, portuguese barbecue, indian curry dishes and western steaks, etc. the traditional village basin food featuring assorted dishes in one big basin is definitely worth trying

  6. The servants and the boss are very passionate. pumpkin congee is well known at this restaurant and tasty, quite meeting the taste of shanghaists

  7. Fresh and sweet and tasting of the ocean

  8. The three sessions in taiwan attracted over 100, 000 audience members, and together more than 220, 000 fans witnessed mayday s dynamics in over 12 cities ! now you can enjoy their widely acclaimed music show at home ! mayday has always expressed their hope for world peace through music, because, as mayday member and music director of the tour concert monster once said, " the world is our final home.

  9. Deep red in colour, this wine can be easily accepted with an abundant flavour of plums and perfume. it is a medium weight wine with sweet fruity and soft oak

  10. Palate : good structure, with sweet tannins, very soft, easy to drink, with notes of jam of strawberry and blackberry

  11. Wealth got by labour is sweet in the enjoyment

  12. It was a good while before they wou d feed, but throwing them some sweet corn, it tempted them and they began to be tame ; and now i found that if i expected to supply my self with goat - flesh when i had no powder or shot left, breeding some up tame was my only way, when perhaps i might have them about my house like a flock of sheep