李青山 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [qīngshān]
李青山 英文
li qingshan
  • : 1. [植物學] (李子樹) plum2. (李子) plum3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (藍色或綠色) blue or green 2 (黑色) black : 青布 black cloth; 青牛 black ox3 (年輕...
  • : 名詞1 (地面形成的高聳的部分) hill; mountain 2 (形狀像山的東西) anything resembling a mountain...
  • 青山 : green hill
  1. The literature of large culture stanza opening ceremony celebration ceremony that hold be performed by peking television station, and push whole opening ceremony to face the high tide. the adds this time perform of have the the spirited performance for of north son performing arts house liu jade of month, river of play actor valley text, singer piece s entering, day, lee s, youth singer, magic power of green treasure, of free sunlight combination smiling lee increasing the, the regiment of little hero and building mountain art

  2. Shkp is a diamond sponsor of the event and is publicizing it in its residential estates and shopping malls. shkp executive director michael wong named the top athletes event ambassadors : chan king yin 2006 windsurfing gold medalist, doha, daniel lee chi wo 2006 men s triathlon silver medalist, doha, ma kwok po 2006 gold medalist, windsurfing world junior youth championships, ho siu lun 2006 cycling bronze medalist, busan, former member of hong kong olympic windsurfing team ken wong and chung kin man, one of hong kong people to conquer the north and south poles and reach the highest points on the seven continents

  3. Three new members are appointed by the chief executive to the lingnan university council. they are dr li siu - wah, chief of service, psychogeriatric department, castle peak hospital ; dr lam ching - choi, medical director, haven of hope christian service ; and mr benedict wong chung - mat, chairman and ceo, wongs international holdings ltd and president and ceo, wongs electronics co ltd

  4. Because of nanyue mountain ( chang shou - shan ), shek kwu college ( song taizong treason 2003, the national academy of four ), with wang chuan, cai lun, fu li, peng yu - scales, and other celebrities and the birth of the precipitation value xiang cultural uniqueness yanfeng rain, shek kwu jiangshan, anther spring river, xue - ling yue ping, zhu ling shidong, grass white wine bridge home, the west lake night - white lotus, look at the east, and warm peach wave steaming mountain city shigu, hunan, lei sanshui in this intersection and the huang director

    因受南嶽衡(五嶽壽) 、石鼓書院(宋太宗至道三年,全國四大書院之一)影響,隨著王船、蔡倫、芾、彭玉鱗等眾多名人的誕生而沉澱了衡湘文化的精髓,雁峰煙雨、石鼓江、花藥春溪、岳屏雪嶺、朱陵詩洞、草橋頭酒白家、西湖夜放白蓮花、細看東州桃浪暖及市內石鼓下蒸、湘、耒三水在此交匯而名遐三湘。
  5. The artists featured on jasmine s new album read like a who s who in the chinese music universe ; music lovers can look forward to contributions by jay chou, mayday s ashin, monster and masa as well as award - winning lyricist li zhuo xiong who has penned songs for well - known singers like sandy lam, stephanie sun and jacky cheung. some of the highlights on this album include the titular song track 5 about a sad first love experience, " cozy " track 2, and " memory slip " track 4 as well as jasmine s virgin composition " xu " track 12 and the karaoke version minnan dialect song " too stupid

  6. Lijing also named lihong - gang was born in 1966 in ci - country of zibo zichuang in shandong, he is a number of chinese calligraphy and painting the talented person studies the center, the qingdao artist association member of shandong, zibo artist association member, zibo porcelain and ceramics art mural graduate school director, he cool love art since childhood, suffer the magnetic kiln culture fume the pottery, icing influence by the father and studied in qingdao art colleges in 1983, he initiated the glass maosaic the match gram the mural after coming back in 1986. he established the only large design in unique profession creation mural company in zibo, and concurrently the general manager and designer

    靖又名紅剛生於1966東淄博淄川磁村,現為中國書畫人才研修中心中級研修員,島美術家協會會員,淄博美術家協會會員,淄博陶瓷藝術壁畫研究所理事,自幼酷愛美術,受磁窯文化遺址的熏陶,受家父的影響於1983年島美術學院學習, 86年回來后創始了玻璃瑪賽克壁畫。
  7. " the species was first discovered in the woodland of castle peak by dr lau kai - man, dr li ning - hon and professor hu shiu - ying in december 1992. a few more specimens were collected subsequently for further studies

  8. Feature : the owners of kijiashan and shizhaishan belong to the same nationality the dian in the historical record

  9. Tsang yong and his brother tsang gum were robbed by a group of bandits when shipping the goods for their clients. people believed the robbery was mast.

  10. Mr. du qinglin and wang jinshan go to workshop of bbca and visit the products. the chairman of bbca li rongjie reports them about enterprise briefing and plan of development

  11. Other notable temples include the che kung temple in sha tin in the new territories, which is dedicated to a sung dynasty general ; man mo temple for the gods of literary attainment and martial valour on hollywood road on hong kong island ; and po lin monastery on lantau island, home to the world s largest outdoor bronze statue of buddha, the tian tan buddha

    其他著名廟宇包括:位於新界沙田的車公廟,該廟供奉宋朝一位將軍;位於港島荷活道的文武廟,該廟供奉文武二帝(即文昌帝和關聖帝君) ;還有位於大嶼的寶蓮寺,該寺的天壇大佛是全球最大的室外銅佛像。