中文拼音 [shān]
名詞1. (地面形成的高聳的部分) hill; mountain 2. (形狀像山的東西) anything resembling a mountain 3. (蠶蔟) bushes in which silkworms spin cocoons 4. (山墻) gable; pediment5. (姓氏) a surname
  1. We will investigate seven enigmatic creatures ? the serval, aardvark, pangolin, genet, african wildcat, civet and porcupine ? as they furtively go about their top - secret activities

    金庸小說中有江南七怪,非洲狩獵冊上一樣有七怪, ?們是難得一見的非洲動物土豚、穿甲、 ? 、非洲豹、麝貓、豪豬、藪貓,有些可能連名字也鮮有聽聞。
  2. A judas goat led sheep into the abattoir

  3. Judas goat led sheep into the abattoir

  4. The good abbot of holywood is a strong pillar to the weak.

  5. The current condition analysis of abd and protective measures in inside south motountain aera of hainan

  6. The christians once had abidance in the holy hill of palestine

  7. In this self - complacent conviction she departed ; and the success of her fulfilled resolution was obvious on the morrow : mr linton had not only abjured his peevishness though his spirits seemed still subdued by catherine s exuberance of vivacity, but he ventured no objection to her taking isabella with her to wuthering heights in the afternoon ; and she rewarded him with such a summer of sweetness and affection in return, as made the house a paradise for several days ; both master and servants profiting from the perpetual sunshine

  8. The process of amino acid digestion and absorption in goat digestive tract could he described as three compartments : abomasums, jejunum and ileum

  9. The abominable snowman who haunts the imagination of climbers in the himalayas is hardly more elusive.

  10. Aborigine - brewed millet liquor and yam liquor - cheap and tasty

  11. The whole country about them abounded in beautiful walks.

  12. The mountain rises 6, 000 feet above sea-level.

  13. The litter reserves and their water retaining capacity under abies fabri forest on the gongga mountain, sichuan province

  14. Distribution patterns and hydrological effects of moss and litters in abies fabri forests on eastern slope of gongga mountain

  15. Endangered abies yuanbaoshanensis will probably have been extinct, so it very necessary to studying its genetic diversity with a proper way in order to save this key group of biological diversity in china

  16. Abies yuanbaoshanensis is a guangxi endemic and endangered evergreen coniferous arbor, listed in the red data book of plant in p. r. c, being one of the stated - proteced first - class rare and endangered plants. it is distributed only in yuanbaoshan mountain in northern guangxi

  17. In the present study, aflp ( amplified fragment length polymorphism ) markers was used to examine population of abies yuanbaoshanensis in order to understand the level of population genetic variation and genetic structure. the result would help to evaluate its evolutionary potentiality and the degree of being endangered and could provide scientific basis for making right protection strategy. high - quality dna was extracted using ctab method from those tender leaves of forty - three fully - developed trees in population abies yuanbaoshanensis

    本研究選用一種高效的檢測遺傳變異的分子標記? ? aflp技術來分析元寶冷杉種群的遺傳多樣性,旨在了解該種群在分佈區內的遺傳變異水平和遺傳結構情況;研究結果將有助於更清楚地認識這一瀕危類群的生存潛力和瀕危程度,而且可以為制定何種挽救和保護措施提供科學的依據。
  18. He threw the brightness of his nature over every abyss and cavern through which he strayed.

  19. The world was like a plate ; paradise was up a mountain, across a sea, perhaps guarded by angels, maybe in china, or armenia, or abyssinia, or mesopotamia

  20. Academician gao xiaoxia was born in xiaoshan, zhejiang province

    高小霞院士, 1919年生於浙江蕭