經彥 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīngyàn]
經彥 英文
  • : 經動詞[紡織] (把紡好的紗或線梳整成經紗或經線) warp
  • : 名詞1. [書面語] (有才德的人) a man of virtue and ability2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Like christian writings, the qur ' an holds that jesus was born without a biological father by the will of god and for this reason is consistently termed " isa ibn maryam ", a matronymic ( since he had no biological father )

    像基督教的作品一樣,可蘭也主張耶穌是沒有生物學上的父親,是通過神的意志而誕生,為此也始終如一地稱作「依撒?伊本?麥爾」 ,表示出自母親或女性的(由於他沒有生物學上的父親) 。
  2. Tsai, yen - zen 1996. " scripture and authority : the political dimension of han wu - ti ' s canonization of the five classics, " presented at the conference on " the hermeneutic traditions in chinese culture, " rutgers university - new brunswick, oct. 10 - 12

    仁, 1997b .比較宗教典與儒學研究:主題與方法學芻議,儒學與世界文明學術會議,新加坡國立大學, 6月16 - 19日。
  3. The author studied the experience in xiamen of lu yen, a chinese contemporary writer. this work could bring some benefit to the research of lu yen nowadays

  4. Guests also attended the ceremony included mr. kensaku konishi, president ceo of canon hongkong co ltd ; miss rita chan, general manager of commercial radio ; entertainment celebrity mr. daniel wu ; miss kate tsui tsz shan, miss hong kong 2004 and miss fu sze sze, miss hong kong 2004 2nd runner up

  5. The film starts with the death of koo. after wu receives the news of his brother s death, he wants to find out who the murderer is. he starts out his own investigation

  6. View on sustainable development of rural economics in bayannaoer

  7. The hon. choy so yuk, wwf hong kong ambassador mr daniel wu and miss gigi leung, together with mr markus shaw, wwf hong kong chairman, today joined 1, 300 nature lovers to explore the beauty of hong kong s natural environment at sai kung and help raise funds for wwfs conservation and education work. aia foundation is the premium sponsor and canon hongkong co. ltd as the major sponsor

    立法會議員蔡素玉女士,世界自然基金會香港分會大使吳祖先生與梁詠琪小姐,連同本會主席邵在德先生,今天與1 , 300名愛好大自然的人士一起參加由世界自然基金會舉辦的步走大自然活動,在探索瑰麗多姿的香港自然環境之餘,更協助本會籌募保育與教育費。
  8. This paper holds that the ideas of and approaches to the decoration and restoration of painting and calligraphy taken by zhang yanyuan and mi fei are of classical significance, and that the difficulties in restoring chinese painting and calligraphy determine the destiny of millions of classical chinese paintings and calligraphy

  9. Jensen , m and w meckling. 1976 theory of the firm : managerial behavior , agency costs and ownership structure. journal of financial economics , 3

    伯格洛夫. 1995 .轉軌中的公司治理結構:及其政策含義.見:青木昌和錢穎一.轉軌濟中的公司治理結構? ?內部人控制和銀行的作用[ m ] .北京:濟出版社, 73 - 112
  10. Qingmuchangyan, acting as representative, on the basis of the bank - firm relation regulation, analyses eastern europe bank - firm relation in the economic process of reform. he has put forward the importance and macro - role that the bank governs randomly the firm

  11. For the sake that, the conclusion of the research is scientific and formidable, the research approach is benefited a lot from the work of new institutional economics, which is represented by ronald h. coase and douglass c. north, and especially have taken advantage from masahiko aoki ' s endogenous rules of the game theory. to the research tools, approach methods of the cooperative game theory, which are highlighted by self - enforcing agreements, are manipulated among the dissertation

    為了確保這種以合作為導向的組織管理研究的科學性和所得出結論的健壯性,本文在研究方法上吸收了ronaldh . coase和douglassc . north為代表的新制度濟學派的研究方法,特別是青木昌( masahikoaoki )所提出的博弈內生規則分析方法;在研究工具上充分借鑒了1990年代興起的以可自我執行協議為代表的合作博弈的方法體系。
  12. The formation of the new cooperative institution in the east asiathe exhibit of asean and the three nations in east asia 10 3. besides, korean doctor jin yingui and associate professor li daguang in china national defense university explored cooperation in northeastern asia, especially for china, japan and korea from the perspective of economic cooperation and safety mechanism

    在「東亞發展與合作」的欄目中,刊載了日本學者田中明先生撰寫的形成東亞新地區合作機制的嘗試「東盟10 3 」的展現的論文,還發表了韓國金寅圭博士和中國國防大學李大光副教授分別從濟合作與安全機制的層面探討東北亞,特別是中日韓三國合作的論文。
  13. Mayor vardanyan and governor petrossyan then accompanied master to the orphanage and elderly homes, where members of the supreme master ching hai international association awaited to distribute the gifts that they had arranged, including clothing, toiletries, blankets, candies and crackers

  14. What i like about wu is that, unlike nicholas tse or eason chan who are singer - actor and always fail to spend all their time on either field, wu is a professional actor and he concentrates on his acting career wholeheartedly. in this way, he does not have to share his mind with singing or other works, which is really helpful and effective for an actor to grow and master his craft

  15. Also speaking at the commissioning ceremony, kcrc chairman mr k y yeung noted that because of the mixed ground conditions along the tsing tsuen tunnel site, conventional tunnel - boring machine could not handle the job

  16. Pan, j. n., reliability prediction of the series system with spares subject to weibull failure, ph. d. dissertation, texas tech university, lubbock, texas ( 1984 )

    鄭靜,以類神網路辨識製程個別值數據之平均值、變異數及相關性的變化,元智大學工業工程研究所碩士論文, 1996 。
  17. " if the expectation takes hold that low interest rates will continue regardless of the situation of both prices and the economy, then that could invite inefficient allocation of capital including real estate and the yen carry trade, " he told the upper house ' s financial committee

    福井俊對日本參議院金融委員會表示: "如果市場預期認為,無論物價和濟狀況如何,日本都將保持低利率,那麼,這就可能鼓勵人們進行低效率的資產配置,如投資房地產和日元套利交易等。
  18. The wave of m & a in the global financial industry is approaching us. to take the challenges, we should take the opportunity to adjust the structure of our financial industry and promote the m & a of our financial institutions gradually and steadily, so as to keep the continuous development of and win an advantageous position for our financial industry in the environment of global competitions

  19. However, mr kuroda said his country would emerge from its economic difficulties. he predicted japanese growth this year of about 2 per cent thanks to a pick - up in the second half

    但黑田東表示,日本將擺脫濟困境。他預計,由於下半年增長抬頭,日本今年的濟增長率約為2 % 。
  20. The chinese internet economy " the first wave " accomplished net yi dinglei, searched for orphaned chaoyang and so on one group of rich and powerful people, the network game between a grand chen over - bridgenight pushed up " the chinese first luck " the throne, but the electronic commerce, the immediate correspondence, did the searchengine produce ali anxiously ma yun, has leapt the news ma huateng, whether hundred li yan great and so on one batch of networks " the bigshot " this surname " was that bo " " the ke " the network personwith newly acquired wealth to rewrite chinese the rich and powerful people order list