中文拼音 [yàn]
名詞1. [書面語] (有才德的人) a man of virtue and ability2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Aida ask the boys to follow him into the gym, and made them sit on the floor

  2. The russian plain is bordered on the south by the caucasian mountain range. the rivers ob and yenisei flow into the arctic ocean from the altai and sayan mountains

  3. Experiment on the use of imidacloprid against aphis sp. of lycium chinensis in bayannaoer

  4. Who can tell how weak the enemy may be behind his flaming fronts and brazen mask ?

  5. Garcialafuente a, antolin m, guarner f, et al. modulation of colonic barrier function by the composition of the commensal flora in the rat j. gut, 2001, 48 ( 4 ) : 503507

    王新,周昱,楊民,等.麗珠腸樂治療直腸癌術后腸道菌群失調臨床療效觀察j .中國微生態學雜志, 1997 , 9 ( 4 ) : 4043
  6. As a coruscated “ century commerce city ”, the hometown of overseas chinese and a special economic zone, shantou attracts more and more tourists at home and from abroad to enjoy the “ charm and romantic of the sea and wind ” here, for its nature, history, humanity and landscapes and the strong local culture have contributed it rich tourism resources

    作為重煥青春的「百載商埠」 ,眾多僑商俊的故園、濃縮中國國情的典型特區,獨具特色的自然、歷史、人文景觀和濃郁的地方文化賦予汕頭豐富的旅遊資源,吸引海內外的眾多遊人來品味這「海風潮韻」 。
  7. Sedegah m, hedstrom rc, hobart p, et al. protection against malaria by immunization with plasmid dna encoding circumsporozoite protein [ j ]. proc natl acad sci usa, 1994, 91 ( 21 ) : 9866

    文,余新炳,徐勁等.惡性瘧原蟲海南株環子孢子蛋白基因的克隆與表達[ j ] .中國人獸共患病雜志, 2000 , 16 ( 1 ) : 8
  8. Like christian writings, the qur ' an holds that jesus was born without a biological father by the will of god and for this reason is consistently termed " isa ibn maryam ", a matronymic ( since he had no biological father )

    像基督教的作品一樣,可蘭經也主張耶穌是沒有生物學上的父親,是通過神的意志而誕生,為此也始終如一地稱作「依撒?伊本?麥爾」 ,表示出自母親或女性的(由於他沒有生物學上的父親) 。
  9. Kcrc chairman and chief executive mr k y yeung presented a $ 1 million cheque to mrs nellie fong, chairman of lifeline express

  10. Region code : all picture format : ntsc singer name : s. h. e

  11. Tian yan - tao, chang dan - hua, pan pu - feng and zhang yan

  12. Guo xiaoyan, deputy director of the guangzhou triennial, guangdong museum of art, guangzhou

  13. Cinespot : starsfile - wu yan - zu, daniel

  14. The fractal dimension of aeromagnetic data from bayanhaote basin was calculated and used for highlight and description of lithology

  15. Du exerted great influence on such song and jin ci writers as zhou bangyan, su shi, xin qiji and yuan haowen, especially the last one

  16. Tsai, yen - zen 1996. " scripture and authority : the political dimension of han wu - ti ' s canonization of the five classics, " presented at the conference on " the hermeneutic traditions in chinese culture, " rutgers university - new brunswick, oct. 10 - 12

    仁, 1997b .比較宗教經典與儒學研究:主題與方法學芻議,儒學與世界文明學術會議,新加坡國立大學, 6月16 - 19日。
  17. The author investigated the community of grasshoppers in changbai mountain area during the period of july to september 2001, complementally collected specimen and systematically collected and measured environmental factors from july to october in the following year, and consulted to specimen collected by fengling zhang and yanlong - yang in 1979, 1980 and 1981. by analyzing and classifying the data of five years, the author analyzed the community construction and ecological adaptability of the grasshoppers in the area. the main aspects dealing with the grasshoppers are as follows : ( 1 ) the community construction and faunal geographical elements ; ( 2 ) characteristics of their ecological distribution ; ( 3 ) vertical distribution of grasshoppers in the northern slop ; ( 4 ) the relationship between environmental factors and differences in shape of grasshoppers in different vertical belt of northern slop, etc. in terms of faunal geographical elements of grasshopper communities, 48 species of grasshopper were recorded, belonging to 31 genera, 7 families

    本文作者於2001年7 9月間系統地調查了長白山地區的蝗蟲,並於2002年的7月到10月間對標本進行了補充採集,並對環境因子數據進行了系統的測量和收集,同時參考張鳳嶺、楊龍先生1979 、 1980和1981三年採集的標本,通過對標本的鑒定和整理,採用五年的野外工作數據,對長白山地區蝗蟲群落結構及生態適應特性進行了研究,主要研究內容包括:蝗蟲的群落結構及區系地理成分;蝗蟲生態分佈特點;保護區北坡蝗蟲垂直分佈及不同垂直帶內蝗蟲的形態差異和環境因子之間的關系等方面內容。
  18. The author studied the experience in xiamen of lu yen, a chinese contemporary writer. this work could bring some benefit to the research of lu yen nowadays

  19. It is indicated that the karsts denudation surface in the mount lu and that of southern shandong province are the same denudation surface. based on the relation between the level of cave and denudation surface, the hilltop on the north of mount tai is also the denudation surface formed in the same period

  20. Professor zhu ziyan ' s viewpoint that zhuge liang lost jingzhou on purpose for power and killed guan yu with the hands of the eastern wu is wrong. there was no so - called struggle for power between zhuge liang and guan yu. the main reason for liu bei ' s losing jingzhou lies in the fact that the liu bei group became proud after obtaining hanzhong so that it did not take enough precautions against sun quan and did not come to guan yu ' s rescue in time