漫步 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [màn]
漫步 英文
stroll; ramble; roam; pad; wander; loiter
  • : Ⅰ動詞(水滿外流) overflow; flood; brim over; inundate Ⅱ形容詞1 (到處都是; 遍) all over the pla...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (步度; 腳步) pace; step 2 (階段) stage; step 3 (地步; 境地) condition; situation; st...
  1. Bigfoot, on the other hand, while occasionally eliciting an acerbic snicker, enjoys greater plausibility for a simple evolutionary reason : large hirsute apes currently roam the forests of africa, and at least one species of a giant ape ? gigantopithecus ? flourished some hundreds of thousands of years ago alongside our ancestors

  2. While wandering on streets of shihezi city, kuytun city, wujiaqu city, alar city, tumushuke city, it is very hard to believe these cities of the corps are so young

  3. Around her, couples stroll hand - in - hand, families push strollers, different languages float by, and people dine alfresco

  4. Ambling on a path strewn with fallen flowers,

  5. This deluxe hotel is a truly unique experience where luxury meets tranquility in a world of warm tropical sunshine, powder - white sands and the sparkling azure of the andaman sea

  6. Roll up your area rugs and walk around the house barefoot, like you ' re on a beach house vacation

  7. The beach wraps the island in a soft cocoon of sand - a leisurely stroll for the devoted beachcomber and a blissful setting for romantic moments

  8. I am forever walking upon these shores, betwixt the sand and the foam

  9. That angels roamed these plains like bison

  10. Bison, for instance, kept roaming the plains of america

  11. After supper, when the curtain of night falls, you can enjoy the beauty of enlong lake in the afterglow ( afterglow vale ; when you go back to the wooden villa on the bluestone alley, you can enjoy the background music and view the tiny light of red lantern, which looks like staying in the dreamland

    晚餐后,夜幕降臨時,您可以沿著恩龍湖畔欣賞夕陽西下之美景(落霞谷) ,在返回木屋別墅途中,您可以漫步在青石板小路上,伴隨著柔和的背景音樂,眺望著前方星星點點的紅燈籠,使人彷彿置身於一種夢境之中。
  12. You walk down rue bonaparte and come out on the river

    你沿著rue bonaparte大街漫步來到河邊
  13. And walk in the bois de boulogne, and people will watch us walking together

  14. Meg could walk in the conservatory whenever she liked and revel in bouquets.

  15. Enjoy a breathtaking 360 - degree panorama sweeping view

  16. As a stargazer, you may be familiar with western constellations like ursa major, cassiopeia, orion and taurus. are you interested in visiting the ancient china in the sky and strolling along the celestial palace, government office and market ? you may pay respects to the emperor and the prince ( luckily, you no longer need to kneel down and perform kowtow to the royal family ), discuss politics with the premier and other chinese officials, or simply go shopping in the celestial market

  17. She walked around the hall to let everyone see the cockatoo, and to let the bird know that humans also have their benevolent side

  18. General zarof, with a deep courtly bow, strolled from the room.

  19. They wandered out into the darkness.

  20. Take a journey through the history of the harry potter fandom after taking a stroll through the aquarium of the americas