滿焊 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mǎnhàn]
滿焊 英文
full weld
  • 滿 : Ⅰ形容詞1 (全部充實; 達到容量的極點) full; filled; packed 2 (滿足) satisfied; contented; conte...
  • : 動詞(用熔化的金屬修補金屬器物或使金屬工件連接起來) weld; solder
  1. The welding performance of homemade wear - resistant cast steel has been studied base on the weldability tests, the repair welding procedures of wean - resistant cast steel ( abrasion - plates ) have been made up, the results show that satisfying repair welding quality can be attained with such welding conditions as the low hydrogenous alkalescent welding rod, preheating and slow cooling, strictly maintaining the interbedded temperature of 250 ~ 300 and controlling welding technique

    通過對其接性能的試驗研究,制定了該類鑄鋼件(磨耗板)的補工藝:低氫型堿性條,預熱與緩冷相結合的工藝措施,嚴格控制層間溫度( 250 ~ 300 )及接工藝規范,可獲得滿意的修復質量。
  2. By means of carrying out parameterization on finite element model of certain punching - welding bridge housing and through optimization analysis, this paper realized the light weighted optimization design of punching - welding bridge housing under the conditions of letting the bridge housing to satisfy the demands of perpendicular bending rigidity, the perpendicular bending strength and the perpendicular bending fatigue life

  3. As one kind of key equipment in piping work of large - scale turbo - generator set in power plant, the machine is especially applicable to various welding bevels, flat end and angle of outer & inner diameter of ascending pipe, elbow pipe, bend, flange and etc., which greatly meets demands in pipe processing of construction site and manufacturers

  4. Joints between reinforcement members can be made satisfactorily with tin solder.

  5. The yearly output of leather work gloves is more than 600, 000 dozens. our productions includes drivers gloves, welders gloves, rigger gloves and etc. the various items can meet the need of different

  6. Add metal from the rod by dipping the end into the pool so that it melts and makes up the vee.

  7. When joint is filled, a continuous rim of brazing alloy will be visible

  8. When joint is filled, a continuous rim of brazing alloy will be vi * * * le

  9. It is comprised of packet and con - tainer, between which is filled with high quality impregnant. the packet of capacitor is welded with cooling conduit for its cooling

  10. After passing his examination, he took over responsibility for the manufacturing division and the welding department during the years 1985 - 1991

  11. What ' s more, the application of tc11 two phase alloys to the compress disk of areoengine alredy is relatively mature, and tc11 alloy may work safely for very long time below 500 c. ti3al matrix alloy and ( a + b ) two phase alloy is connected by weld. the request of the temperature and stress can be satisfied by dual alloy disk with isothermal forged ( or hot die forging )

    選用ti _ 3al基合金tac - 1b和tc11兩相鈦合金用接工藝連接起來,通過熱模鍛或等溫鍛鍛造和不同的變形熱處理制度,製造出雙合金盤可以滿足溫度、應力對盤件的要求。
  12. The material fracture toughness was adequate to ensure development of the full fatigue resistance of the weld detail.

  13. Upgrading of castings to meet x - ray quality needs relies on the grinding out of faulty areas, weld repairs, heat treatment, and retest and examination

  14. The conclusion of reappearing analysis is that crane bridge be used as usual because main weld maximum stress of upper cover plate of main beam lower than yield limit though it higher than permissible stress. inner stress of secondary beam was over ultimate strength, and deforming is ultra big. so it was unfit for produce and secondary beam must be changed

  15. Cavitations in foreign hydraulic turbines appear in clear water condition, so its destructive extent is not far more serious than in yellow river in our country. stronger stiffness and more agility are required for special - purpose robot for hydraulic turbine repair used in our country, especially robot for polishing after weld. foreign robot for hydraulic turbine repair could not satisfy our working require, so we develop special - purpose robot system that is used to polish and weld repair cavitated flow path surfaces of hydraulic turbines on all locations

    國外水電站的水輪機汽蝕是在清水條件下產生的,其破壞程度遠不及我國黃河等水域嚴重,用於我國水輪機修復工作的專用機器人,特別是補后承擔打磨的機器人,要求有更強的剛度和更大的靈活性,國外水輪機修復機器人滿足不了我國水輪機修復工作要求,因此我們開發了用於在機坑內對水輪機空蝕磨損破壞表面進行修復的「水輪機修復專用機器人」 。
  16. Hrb400 steel bar is characterized by high parity between strength and price, good ductility and welding quality. it can meet the requirement that high building should use high stress steel bars. by now, few studies are made of the hrb400 reinforced concrete members

    Hrb400級鋼筋具有強度價格比高、機械、接、抗震等性能優越的特點,應用在建築工程中,替換i 、 ii級鋼筋,可大量節省鋼材,提高建築的綜合性能,滿足高層建築應用高強度鋼筋的需求。
  17. Rf welding : many products require specialty bonding and our welding capabilities will accommodate these needs with specially designed state - of - the - art equipment

  18. This provides an extremely lightweight and strong racing machine, where the geometry of the frame is tailored by working the tube sets to create the perfect ride. at hang lun we take the design, fabrication, and material selection process very seriously, creating the best product possible for the intended application ; making bikes go fast

  19. By compared with the simulation results and the experiment results, we come to the conclusions that : ( 1 ) circuit with assistant network can widen soft - switching extent in lagging arm, reduces duty - cycle loss on the secondary, diminishes switching dissipation of inverter spot - welding power source. ( 2 ) the range of resonant capacitor, the important factor to soft - switching process, not only affects zero - voltage turn - off of power switches, but also affects the range of zero - voltage turn - on of power switches. so resonant capacitors must be considered according to many aspects ; ( 3 ) it easily fulfils soft - switching condition in lagging arm as leakage inductance of power transformer increases, but bigger leakage inductance of power transformer increases opening dissipation of transformer and decreases efficiency of soft - switching inverter power source

  20. The results of the experiments show that the ti3al - tcll dual alloys, by vacuum - electron - beam weld, hot die forging and 680c / 12h, ac, heat treatments, have satisfied synthesis properties of intensity, plasticity, hardness. and also it is the feasiblie way. this will establish the supporting technology for the manufacture of the compress disk in the areoengine

    實驗結果表明,經真空電子束接ti _ 3al ? tc11雙合金經過熱模鍛造和680 12h , ac或815 1h + 700 8h , ac熱處理后,接區組織過渡均勻,可以使得縫處強度在室溫拉伸時高於ti _ 3al ,而在600拉伸時高於tc11合金,獲得強度、塑性、硬度均令人滿意的綜合性能,且是一條可行的工藝路線。