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Ⅰ名詞1. (聚水處) pool; pond 2. (金屬、珠玉等的光) lustre; radiance 3. (恩惠) favours; beneficence; kindness 4. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞(濕) damp; moist; wet
  1. On the lower shelf five vertical breakfast plates, six horizontal breakfast saucers on which rested inverted breakfast cups, a moustachecup, uninverted, and saucer of crown derby, four white goldrimmed eggcups, and open shammy purse displaying coins, mostly copper, and a phial of aromatic violet comfits. on the middle shelf a chipped eggcup containing pepper, a drum of table salt, four conglomerated black olives in oleaginous paper, an empty pot of plumtree s potted meat, an oval wicker basket bedded with fibre and containing one jersey pear, a halfempty bottle of william gilbey and co s white invalid port, half disrobed of its swathe of coralpink tissue paper, a packet of epps s soluble cocoa, five ounces of anne lynch s choice tea at 2 - per lb. in a crinkled leadpaper bag, a cylindrical canister containing the best crystallised lump sugar, two onions, one the larger, spanish, entire, the other, smaller, irish, bisected with augmented surface and more redolent, a jar of irish model dairy s cream, a jug of brown crockery containing a noggin and a quarter of soured adulterated milk, converted by heat into water, acidulous serum and semisolidified curds, which added to the quantity subtracted for mr bloom s and mrs fleming s breakfasts made one imperial pint, the total quantity originally delivered, two cloves, a halfpenny and a small dish containing a slice of fresh ribsteak

  2. It ' s bright and clariy, looks like gems. lt smells like acinus or berry. a little spicy. smooth. the wine gives you france amorous feelings

  3. Leaves leathery, oblong - elliptic, rarely ovate - elliptic, 7 - 18 cm long and 3. 5 - 8. 5 cm wide, apex abruptly short acuminate or short acuminate, base cuneate, broadly cuneate or obtuse, adaxially dark green and glossy ; petioles without stipular scars

    葉革質,長圓狀橢圓形,倒卵狀橢圓形,長7 - 18厘米,寬3 . 5 - 8 . 5厘米,先端驟狹,短漸尖或漸尖,基部楔形、闊楔形或近圓鈍,葉面深綠色,有光;葉柄上無托葉痕。
  4. In fact, throughout the years, numerous graduates have become leaders and professionals worldwide. for example, aesthetician mr. chu hwan - tsien ba 1923, hondlitt 1985 ; mrs rita fan hsu lai - tai bsc 1966, president of the sar legislative council ; mr rafael hui si - yan ba 1970, chief secretary for administration ; mrs anson chan ba 1962, honlld 1996, previous chief secretary for administration ; mr antony leung kam - chung bsocsc 1973, previous financial secretary ; ms elsie leung oi - sie llm 1988, previous secretary for justice ; mr. chan cho chak ba1964 dipms 1971, managing director of the kowloon motor bus co 1933 ltd

  5. Master s love is extended to suffering afghan refugees

  6. Even though we re two different commands - - one in naval air station misawa japan and one out of nas whidbey, we definitely operated as one unit, and america should be very proud of these 23 airmen. they did a great job

  7. The former must be cooked al dente and be rich in egg fragrance, whereas the latter must be tangy and clear enough to highlight the taste and colour of the wonton and the noodles

  8. Amy alden finds a nest of goose ' s eggs

  9. Instructions : specially designed for cleaning the aluminous surfaces. it will not damage the passivated layer of the aluminum and can keep the original gross

  10. Indication : it can be applied to irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, aching pain in the loins and knees, stool dryness, amenorrhea, black complexion without luster, chloasma, desquamation as dryness and acne

  11. The study ranked mission viejo, calif., as the safest u. s. city, followed by clarkstown, n. y. ; brick township, n. j. ; amherst, n. y. ; and sugar land, texas

    根據分析結果,加利福尼亞州的米慎維埃為美國最安全的城市,其次是紐約州的克拉克斯頓、新西州的布里克、紐約州的阿姆赫斯特以及得克薩斯州的「糖城」 。
  12. This product adduction ancientry palace faoster face secret, combine modem times herbalist doctor exoterica, s wel s manifold herbal medicine extractio distillate make with extra care. speedy comfort balance skin ph, shrink pore, vailability intercede skin enginery, cleanlily feeling high elasticity clarity blob, order skin easiness absorb need moisture and nutrient, use after skin affect cleanlily lubricate, pliability in the chips elasticity

  13. Professor and former chairman of anesthesiology, new jersey medical school,

  14. It is applied to the female vulvitis caused by different kinds of pathogenic microorganism , colpitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, oophoritis, vaginal prutitus, disorder of the leucorrhea and various kinds of gynecology diseases which haven ' t been cured for a long time ; it is endowed with the function of antibiosis, relieving itching, moist, contracting the vagina, removing the foreign flavor and long nursing

  15. Some aquamarines have a light, greenish shimmer ; that too is a typical feature

  16. Mao was an ardent student of philosophy.

  17. Born in the neighborhood of arles, she had shared in the beauty for which its women are proverbial ; but that beauty had gradually withered beneath the devastating influence of the slow fever so prevalent among dwellers by the ponds of aiguemortes and the marshes of camargue

  18. 6 herbal extracts ( ivy, st. john ' s grass, arnica, witch hazel, horse chestnut, grape leaves extracts ) can noticeably moisturize and soften skin, leave skin natural and bright

    六種植物精華(常春藤、聖約翰草、山金車、金縷梅、七葉樹、葡萄葉萃取物) ,具有顯著滋潤柔軟肌膚的功效,使膚色呈現自然光
  19. So amazing are the rose quartz crystals that the first ones discovered were dismissed as fakes by mineralogists from around the world. if rutile needles are present in the rose quartz then a star effect or asterism is sometimes seen

  20. Cinespot : a great auteur - yasujiro ozu