配方 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pèifāng]
配方 英文
1. (配藥) make up a prescription; fill a prescription2. (配製方法) formula; recipe; ingredient
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (兩性結合) join in marriage 2 (使動物交配) mate (animals) 3 (按適當的標準或比例加以...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (方形; 方體) square 2 [數學] (乘方) involution; power 3 (方向) direction 4 (方面) ...
  1. The application of measuring soil to balance fertilizer method in alar area

  2. A strong detoxifying formula that alkalizes, cleans and strengthens lymphatic tissues, specific at swollen lymph node

  3. Instructions : specially designed for cleaning the aluminous surfaces. it will not damage the passivated layer of the aluminum and can keep the original gross

  4. Product description : dry food formula made with lamb, millet, amaranth, barley and brown rice. ideal for growing puppies, to maintain total health

  5. This product adduction ancientry palace faoster face secret, combine modem times herbalist doctor exoterica, s wel s manifold herbal medicine extractio distillate make with extra care. speedy comfort balance skin ph, shrink pore, vailability intercede skin enginery, cleanlily feeling high elasticity clarity blob, order skin easiness absorb need moisture and nutrient, use after skin affect cleanlily lubricate, pliability in the chips elasticity

  6. Efficay : contain apeak sculpt formula, it can smooth the untidy hair after wake up, and make your hair apeak to the end of hair, help your hair refreshing but not oily, if you want to creat ideal straight hair, do up your hair with comb then dry hair with hair dryer, if you want your hair to be more smooth, do up your hair till dry naturally

  7. It is an important that bacteria contaminated vaccine in the biologicals production. we collected 703 samples of cell culture, virus cultivation and harvest which were contaminated by bacteria during poliovaccine production within two years. we checked these samples by bacteriological method and antibiotics sensitivity tests were done. it shows that 1 ) the main contaminated bacteria come from staphylococci, bacilli and streptococci of environment in the poliovaccine production. 2 ) it is effect that antibiotics to contaminated bacteria are doxycycline, albiotic, prescription 2, cefotaxime na salt, gentamycin, neomycin, aureomycin and erythromycin

    在疫苗生產實踐中,細菌污染是影響疫苗質量和產量的關鍵性因素,筆者通過了兩年左右的時間,選取正常生產中零星細菌污染的細胞培養瓶、病毒培養瓶及收毒污染樣品等共703份,進行細菌學檢查,並對造成污染的主要細菌種類進行了各種抗菌藥物的耐藥性實驗,結果表明:我所脊灰疫苗生產中主要的污染威脅來自環境中的葡萄球菌,潛在威脅是桿菌和鏈球菌;強力黴素、林可黴素、配方2 、噻孢黴素鈉鹽、慶大黴素、新黴素、金黴素和紅黴素等抗生素對目前引起污染優勢細菌-葡萄球菌有明顯的抑菌效果,可作為疫苗生產后備抗菌手段參考
  8. The second part has first selected the best formula of mother and stock culture medium which adapt to pleurotus ostreatus, lentinus edodes, flammulina velutipes, agrocybe cylindracea, volvariella volvacea, agaricus bisporus, auricularia auricula, pleurotus membraneens, ganoderna lucidium and agaricus blazei

  9. The results showed that : adding tryptone, soy peptone. beef extract, com extract and cys - hcl to jaj could obviously promote the growth of blm and bbm ; by the orthogonal experiment of three elements and three levels, a satisfying jaj compound medium was acquired which included corn extract ( 0. 3 % ), soy peptone ( 0. 05 % ) and cys - hcl ( 0. 025 % ). nextly, after establishing a selective bifidobacterium medium, the effects of jaj on the growth of bifidobacteria in vivo were studied, using healthy mouse of kunming species as experimental animal

    研究了以菊芋汁為主要原料的雙歧桿菌培養基,大量試驗結果表明,在菊芋汁中添加胰蛋白腖、牛肉膏、大豆蛋白腖、玉米漿和半胱氨酸鹽酸鹽等成分,對雙歧桿菌有明顯的促進生長作用;利用大豆蛋白腖、玉米漿和半胱氨酸鹽酸鹽設計了三因素三水平的正交試驗,確定了菊芋汁復合培養基的優化配方:菊芋汁+ 0 . 3玉米漿+ 0 . 05大豆蛋白腖+ 0 . 025半胱氨酸鹽酸鹽。
  10. The preferred compositions are the highly nitroplasticized nitrocellulse binder compositions.

  11. Milk powder and formula foods for infant and young children - determination of free biotin content

  12. The highly concentrated formula can significantly relieve, appease the skin and resist allergy, relieve facial bleb infections and tensioned sensitive skin, leave the skin fine, smooth, fair and bright again

  13. Our latest design - andeli, blue bird spring, summer autumn winter helmet ad trunk for the motorcycle are belong to the luxury class, adopting worlds advanced adopting worlds advanced special constitution to make them, with strong pact - protecting,

  14. Maintain all extrusion product documentation in lab including : set up product folder, key in and maintain formulas in bme, issue tds, test report, msds etc

    維護實驗室所有鋁型材產品資料,包括:建立產品檔案,輸入並維護bme系統配方,提供tds 、測試報告、 msds等。
  15. Final inspection is specifically formulated for use in body shop environments

  16. Fix the teat and bottle cap before mixing the formula in a bottle

  17. Adds silvery brightness to gray hair and neutralizes brassy tones in all shades. formulated with blue malva and coneflower to help impart wanted moisture and brightness

  18. Optimalized design of formulation for the bitter buckwheat vermicelli

  19. The factors affecting the trehalose production were studied in this paper. the placket - burman design method and respond surface analysis method were used to optimize the medium and the reaction conditions were optimized too

    應用正交設計、 plackett - burman實驗設計和響應曲面分析法確定了最佳的培養基配方,並對反應條件進行了優化研究。
  20. Quality polymer sealants are noted for their ability to offer longer lasting protection than traditional carnauba - based waxes, but in recent years, there have been many inferior formulations marketed at extremely high prices giving consumers the impression they are superior, thus justifying the exorbitant price