金五 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jīn]
金五 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • : Ⅰ數詞(四加一后所得) five Ⅱ名詞[音樂]1 (我國民族音樂音階上的一級) a note of the scale in gongc...
  1. Myler keogh, dublin s pet lamb, will meet sergeant - major bennett, the portobello bruiser, for a purse of fifty sovereigns, god, that d be a good pucking match to see

  2. Lipper fund awards hong kong 2006 best fund over five years, equity greater china

  3. Kunkle and pommerenke matriculation scholarships 5 scholarships

  4. Following this will be the $ 500, 000 macau race horse owners association bowl in race 5, a rating 79 - 56 race over 1, 500m

    緊接于第場舉行之澳門馬主協會碗獎金五十萬元,由評分79 - 56之馬匹競逐一千百米。
  5. The international federation of the red cross and red crescent societies us 50, 000

  6. Hk 50 million in cash and hk 2 million in sureties

  7. Unicef the united nations children s fund us 50, 000

  8. I am very pleased and grateful to acknowledge receipt of your second remittance for usd 50, 000, which helps finance the humanitarian activities of the international committee of the red cross in the balkans

  9. I have pleasure in acknowledging receipt of your remittance of usd 50, 000 - representing a donation from the supreme master ching hai international association towards the humanitarian activities of the international committee of the red cross in favor of the refugees from kosovo

  10. On unexpectedly receiving five hundred us dollars from mr. khoi, i would like to express my joy and gratitude to master

  11. This year there will be at least four 500 scholarships. the scholarship committee evaluates the applicants in terms of their academic achievements, service to the community, and leadership ability

  12. Carrying the prizemoney of hk $ 550, 000, “ macau futurity trophy ” ( listed race ) was an open turf race running over the distance of 1200 metres by horses having their first start in the last season and have won at least a race at the time of entry

  13. Industrial specialized equipment manufacture, sales, lengzuo, board payment processing hardware

  14. As soon as she finished her tour, she decided to send her representatives to carry out the mission in armenia. the representative presented a check for us 100, 000 for the reconstruction of the gjumry church. then we visited the orphanage where supreme master ching hai had personally donated us 5, 000 in cash

  15. Mr. fan, mr. reap, metal magnesium, chloride, tar, guigai, building materials, ferro alloys, and metal, retail, sales, general cargo transport

  16. It is the first five star business hotel in huizhou

  17. On february 4, ms. jin - mien wu, director of the wanhua welfare service center, accepted 50, 000 nt from the supreme master ching hai international association to be used for homeless people

  18. From some such difficulty the newly named street died almost in birth, and the purchaser of the kitchen - garden, having paid a high price for it, and being quite unable to find any one willing to take his bargain off his hands without a considerable loss, yet still clinging to the belief that at some future day he should obtain a sum for it that would repay him, not only for his past outlay, but also the interest upon the capital locked up in his new acquisition, contented himself with letting the ground temporarily to some market - gardeners, at a yearly rental of 500 francs

  19. Bloom obdurately. sirs, take notice that by the law of torts you are bound over in your own recognisances for six months in the sum of five pounds

  20. Nanjing gfl company is a company of nanjing university ? gulou conntry university science technology park, is a high - new - technology industry body integrating science and producing, possesses many special technicians of computer application, no - damaging testing and precision mechanics etc fields, advanced technology and equipment and strict quality assuring system make us promptly absorb international new technology and research & develop market needed product

    南京金五環機電技術有限公司是南京大學? ?鼓樓高校國家大學科技園企業,是集科研和生產為一體的高新技術產業實體,擁有一批計算機應用、無損檢測、精密機械等領域的專業技術人員,先進的工藝及設備和嚴格的質量保證體系,能迅速消化國際最新技術,研製和開發出市場需求產品。