礦產 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [kuàngchǎn]
礦產 英文
mineral products; minerals
  • : 名詞1. (礦床) ore [mineral] deposit 2. (礦石) ore 3. (開采礦物的場所) mine
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (人或動物的幼體從母體中分離出來) give birth to; be delivered of; breed 2 (創造財富; 生...
  1. Although the earth contains extremely large mineral deposits, some of these are not easily accessible.

  2. Metallogenic environment and mineral resources in altai synclinorium

  3. There are well - found category mineral resources in antu county area, 50 kinds of minerals have been discovered, such as gold 、 coal 、 basalt 、 molybdenum 、 iron 、 mineral water 、 terrestrial heat etc

  4. Article 25 in prospecting for mineral deposits, a comprehensive assessment of the paragenetic and associated minerals of commercial value within the mining area must be made and their reserves calculated

  5. Article 24 in conducting a general survey of mineral resources, after completing survey of the major minerals, a preliminary comprehensive assessment shall be made of the minerogenetic conditions involving all paragenetic or associated minerals and of the industrial perspective of the mineral deposits in the area being surveyed

  6. For those who mine and recover the associated minerals, the compensation fee of these associated minerals will be deducted by 50 % ; while for those who introduce the state ? of ? the ? art technique as the first in the province for mining and recovering the associated minerals, the compensation fee of these minerals will be exempted

  7. The terminology classification codes of geology and mineral resources - the crystallography and mineralogy

  8. Based on an analysis of geochemical characteristics of rocks and trace elements as well as rare earth elements, this paper holds that they are products of crystallization differentiation of the same magma, that the major ore resource of this area is copper, and that gabbro - diabase is the main ore - bearing horizon

  9. Mining equipment of mineral products : send, entangle and break to pieces, elute, press one, improve compositions

  10. The multiplex, steady, sustainable supply system of mineral resource should be built by improving investment circumstances to attract foreign capitals, exploring mineral resource to increase deposits, taking advantage of foreign mineral products, protecting and utilizing reasonably the mineral resource ; the mining environment should be improved and the ecological mine should be built by exploring new pattern, carrying clean production and so on. mining enterprises should prompt core competence by forming large mining groups, exploiting human resources, increasing economic benefit, optimizing the industry and product structure and so on. epilog : it summarizes this paper ' s basic view and points out the problems that we should continue to solve in the future

  11. Its competitors such as stone, brick, metal and plastic are all derived from exhaustible mineral sources.

  12. Several exploitng problems in the exhaustible resources of shanxi

  13. Mineral resources are important material basis for human existence and development. and they are exhaustible

  14. On the jinping fault block and its mineral resources

  15. Study of the sustainable exploitation and utilization of fluorite resource in china

  16. Based on an analysis of the history and present status of the farmland - pastoral ecotone in the northern part of china, a new point of view was proposed in this paper for the construction of eco - environmental systems, namely, the industrial structure has to be modified so as to make a functional integration between different parts of the whole system : to give priority to a combination between cultivated grassland and in - shed feeding of domestic animals, and at the same time, to employ a new model of animal husbandry so that the degradated natural grassland can be recovered ; to develop a new type of processing industry for agricultural and forestal products so as to create a pluralistic enterprise structure ; to make a better use of water resources by taking advantages of the abundant resources of energy and minerals, and to restrain the expansion of industries of high environmental cost ; to employ techniques of integration management and restoration ecology, and to speed up the process of woodland and grassland recovery ; to make a thorough plan for arrangements of hills, waters, roads, farmlands, forests and pastures in order to gain an integration at landscape level

  17. It was reputed as the species gene bank of south china and the eco - protection screen of the pearl river delta

  18. The once - poor world is scouring the earth for mineral rights, trying to buy californian oil firms, accounting for ever more carbon emissions and making its weight felt in international negotiations on everything from trade to proliferation to the secretary - generalship of the united nations

  19. Sinks his inheritance into silver city, a ghost town with an abandoned mine

  20. Sinks his inheritance into silver city, a ghost town with an abandoned mine.

    把他的遺掩埋到銀城之下,銀城是一座擁有被拋棄的礦產的廢墟城市. .