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砌Ⅰ動詞(用磚、石等壘) build by laying bricks or stones Ⅱ名詞(臺階) step
  1. In addition, this paper carry out successfully the support design practice in the preceding excavation of 4km long exploratory tunnel. according to the thesis research results, the following conclusion can be drawn. if the grouting rock can possess sound anti - seepage capability and the liner structure can hold higher hydraulic permeability relatively, and if the adjoining rock can be made as primary load - bearing structure by construction measure, the stability of country rock and the safety of liner structure will be guaranteed

  2. Fist of all, on the basis of the research of agone boffins, this author investigates the interaction mechanism of bolts and rock, and introduces the elastic ? lastic analytical resolution which is consist of the liner structure, the equivalent reinforced wall rock and the original wall rock in the simple loading from the equivalent well - proportioned view ; this solution is very important meaning for the engineering design. on the basis of coulomb friction model, the author introduces the finite element equation of the contact problem in order to provide the academic foundation for the application of msc. marc. finally, combining the engineering practice of the non - linear analysis of shield tunnel through yellow river of the south - north water transfer and using the model of friction, the author researched the evolution law of stress and displacement field in the structure of grouted rock bolts, and analyzed the effect to the stress and deformation of surrounding rock mass due to anchor supports

    首先,在前人研究成果的基礎上,對錨桿與圍巖的相互作用機理進行研究,利用全長錨固錨桿的中性點理論,從等效均化的角度來考慮錨桿對圍巖的加固作用,並推導了在簡單荷載作用下,含有襯、等效加固后的圍巖、原始圍巖三者的彈塑性解析解,對工程設計有著重要的參考意義;在數值模擬方面,以考慮錨固圍巖滿足規則化庫侖摩擦模型為基礎,利用虛功原理推導了接觸問題的有限元方程的計算格式,為開發運用大型商用有限元軟體msc . marc提供了理論根據,也形成了本文的理論基礎:最後,論文以南水北調東線穿黃隧洞穩定性分析項目為工程實例,利用本文所述的接觸問題的摩擦模型理論,對錨桿支護結構的應力場、位移場的變化規律進行了研究,分析了加錨支護對隧洞圍巖應力、變形的影響。
  3. The conference was to be held in the underground bunker, a cold, damp, airless shelter lined with concrete.

  4. An old gothic vicarage, a two - storey brick structure, was built in 1909, with the donation from sir paul chater. the quarters for the amahs and the caretakers were subsequently constructed around 1910

  5. Brickwork _ structures _ desc ; vaults and cylindrical structures used in medieval churches needed this technique of bricklaying to form its structures without angularity

  6. The children have built something out of an orange crate, something preposterous and ascendant.

  7. Ashlar stone facing

  8. A barricade of beams and planks lay across the gateway

  9. Bending around the edges of her vision she was conscious of curtains being swished closed, stone faces bathed by the grey light of televisions, broken roof tiles, satellite dishes, bay windows, the whole higgledy - piggledy collection of guttering and skylights

  10. Specification for bitumen damp - proof courses for masonry

  11. I will handle the bricklayers myself.

  12. I'm just going to see that the bricklayers do the right thing.

  13. To finish the wall by friday we ' ll have to double up on the number of bricklayers

  14. Now, i'm going to show you something about bricklaying.

  15. Construction operation specification for bricklaying engineering

  16. Back covered porous brick has been developed in the late period of 1990 ' s, and is produced by semi - dry - pressing method. it has such many advantages as high production efficiency, energy saving, high density, beautiful appearance, high strength, easy bricklaying, and can save 1 / 3 masonry mortar compared with solid brick

    盲孔多孔磚是20世紀90年代後期研製成功的、用半干壓法壓製成型的封底多孔磚,它生產效率高,節約能耗,產品緻密,外形好,強度高,易築,用於體工程時,可節約1 3砂漿。
  17. The method of close water test has been used for a long time, so richer experience has been achieved. however, it not only takes pains and time, but also consumes raw materials during the close water test because of miscellaneous working procedures such as bricklaying in the two ends of pipe, water - repellent layer plastering, maintaining and water offletting, brick - block backouting after the test, especially in the region short of water and some drainage pipe with prop - pipe construction. in order to satisfy the fast development of municipal construction, new detection methods should be developed

  18. Technical requirements for brickwork of chemical furnace

  19. Standard for checking and evaluating the quality of brickwork in industrial furnaces

  20. Brickwork - like pattern