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名詞[書面語] (剁物所用的木墩) a block of wood
  1. The representation of aaf and its resolution not only enriches relative theory of radar signal processing and is instructive in radar parameter design and performance analysis, but also provides a practical method to quantitatively evaluate the acceleration effects on signal processing

  2. For example, " zoo " compares as less than " aardvark. " you can call

  3. Did he use to work in ? rhus

  4. Did he use to work in rhus

  5. The study, by the university of aarhus in denmark, recruited more than 1, 000 women before they were 20 weeks " pregnant, who drank at least three cups of

  6. His demagogues, who bear names like aaron blue-skin, are as meanly truculent as cooper's anti-renters.

  7. Aaron had dumped regina, and she was unknowingly

  8. Universities do not observe this rule will be blacklisted by the american association of university professors aaup. )

    遵守這「七年試用期」的學校會被列入美國大學教授聯合會的黑名單。 )
  9. Although the proposals concerning the conduct of post - tenure review that were put forward by aaup are being observed differently, they are still indispensable for post - tenure review

  10. The underworld and abaddon are never full, and the eyes of man have never enough

  11. Be careful, the mule is a vicious beast, not safe abaft the beam

    當心,騾子是一種險惡的畜牲, (站在)它後面安全。
  12. It was restaurant industry graven topic that that of that of from input / output angle said, how advance restaurant kernel ability to compete, with the purpose of advance business economic benefit, as soon as possible brought return, accelerating demonetization end, abaft experience know clearly near twenty year stodgy state look forward to reform mechanism, our state hotel industry be around by babyhood trend maturity, by seller ' s market trend buyer ' s market, such transit should make part rational consumer enjoy to good value for money, too brought ought to part superficial restaurant taste to inevitable ; the government owned restaurant at multinational restaurant bloc and civilian battalion restaurant enterprise " dual impact down, calendar by know clearly reform of monetary system cum bank commercialization, market open cum solution control, market cum competitive mechanism three phase, owing to planned economy belated issues, structure irrationality wrought a matter of and overlapping investment wrought a matter of wait threefold cause, make government owned restaurant at market competition middle gradualness forfeiture competitive edge, in progression appearance hot water, how advance government owned hotel competitive power a matter of, toward me state tourism possess strong operation significance, hunan lotus hotel namely same family pole tool on government owned three stars level hotel behalf of the for the last years, by way of hotel industry occupy quite specific gravity

  13. We can go on the king seiki abalone tour. right ?

  14. He said pen was an abandoned criminal.

  15. I can't abandon a tiny child to her.

  16. Her abandonment of the idea upset him.

  17. They will not excuse abandonment.

  18. This does not mean the abandonment of vital strategic points, which can be defended in positional warfare as long as profitable.

  19. His moral force was abased into more than childish weakness

  20. Some youth body that part is depauperate, a bit self - abased