貢十 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gòngshí]
貢十 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (貢品) tribute 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(封建時代向朝廷推薦人材) recommend a suitable...
  • : Ⅰ數詞(九加一后所得) ten Ⅱ形容詞(表示達到頂點) topmost
  1. Based on the frequent occurrence of international aerial crimes, the rampancy and cruelty of criminals and the reality of brutal consequence, the essay analyses the features of the crime of aircraft hijacking, the crime of imperiling international civil aerial security and the crime of obstructing international aerial navigation with the component terms from three important international conventions on punishing aerial crimes in order to help people to appreciate the appearance and the essence of typical international aerial crimes deeply, to regard the motion of the crimes and to overwhelm the offence forcefully. based on the core of the legislative status of international civil aerial security, the jurisdiction of the aerial crimes, one emphasis of the article is to clarify concrete clauses on jurisdiction in the three conventions and analyses the important principle of " aut reddere, aut punire ". based on the problems on the jurisdiction of crimes in international society, it quests the implementation of t he principles of jurisdiction, pleading and extradition in the three conventions deeply

  2. For more than a decade, he has played an active role in world cotton activities and contributed a great deal to china cotton business, import and export

  3. King mindon of konbaung dynasty founded the city in 1857. mandaly was the last capital of the myanmar kings and the centre of culture and of many traditional arts. mandalay is known for ivory and wood carvings, silk weaving and many other cottage industries

  4. He was awarded the john kenneth galbraith prize for excellence in teaching and the john bates clark medal ( the most prestigious prize awarded every other year to a young economist under the age of 40 ) for his " significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. " professor spence served as the dean of the faculty of arts and sciences at harvard from 1984 to 1990, overseeing harvard college, the graduate school of arts and sciences, and the division of continuing education

    他獲頒一項表揚其優異教學的蓋伯瑞斯獎( johnkennethgalbraithprize ) ,並因其對經濟學思想及知識的重大獻而獲得克拉克獎章( johnbatesclarkmedal ) ,該獎項為頒授予四歲以下的年輕經濟學家的最高榮譽。一九八四至九零年,斯彭思教授出任哈佛大學人文科學及理學院院長,負責管理哈佛書院、人文科學及理學研究院,以及持續教育部。
  5. He was awarded the john kenneth galbraith prize for excellence in teaching and the john bates clark medal ( the most prestigious prize awarded every other year to an economist under the age of 40 ) for his " significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge. " in 1983, he was named chairman of the economics department and george gund professor of economics and business administration

    他獲頒一項表揚其優異教學的蓋伯瑞斯獎( johnkennethgalbraithprize ) ,並因其對經濟學思想及知識的重大獻而獲得克拉克獎章( johnbatesclarkmedal ) ,該獎項為頒授予四歲以下的年輕經濟學家的最高榮譽。一九八三年,斯彭思教授被任命為經濟繫系主任,以及georgegund經濟及工商管理講座教授。
  6. To honour alumni for their tremendous achievements and contributions to society, the university will hold its 2nd silver jubilee and senior alumni investiture on 28 may 2005 ( saturday )

  7. In addition to their artistic interest, these missions are a reminder of the jesuits ' christianization of the rio de la plata basin in the 17th and 18th centuries, with the accompanying social and economic initiatives

  8. Because the lattice vibration is weak at very low temperature, the contributions of electrics and other low energy excitations become dominant parts of specific heat. therefore, we can study the micromechanism of many physical phenomena from specific heat measurement

  9. The supreme master ching hai also expressed that she would donate a million dollars to the united states government to help relieving the flood disaster, and the veteran, medical research against aids and cancer, the leprosy hospital on the molokai island, and the homeless in hawaii, etc. the supreme master ching hai had also organized relief to different countries around the world in the past. alone in philippines, she and disciples donated the pinatubo victims about us $ 2 millions ( 2, 000, 000 us $ )

    清海無上師解釋這萬美金是美國同修(多數是以前的悠樂難民)獻捐出,陸續還有福爾摩沙同修捐出七萬美元。清海無上師並表示,她也將捐出一百萬美元給美國政府,幫助他們的水災及退伍軍人、醫學研究(對付愛滋病與癌癥) 、摩洛加島的麻瘋病院、夏威夷的流浪漢.
  10. Chinese settlers helped tame our continent during the 19th century.

  11. Chinese settlers helped tame the american continent during the 19th century.

  12. The rapid development of numerical taxonomy over the past fifteen years has contributed to the development of parallel methods in plant ecology.

  13. During the 16th - century period of political unrest, zen priests not only contributed their talents as diplomats and administrators but also preserved the cultural life ; it was under their inspiration that art, literature, the tea cult, and the no theatre, for example, developed and prospered

  14. And the lord ' s tribute of the sheep was six hundred and threescore and fifteen

  15. And the beeves were thirty and six thousand ; of which the lord ' s tribute was threescore and twelve

  16. Fusion is decades away from fruition, and even its proponents don ' t expect it to contribute to the world ' s need for alternatives to fossil fuel within the next 30 years

  17. The defendant, a 45 - year - old australian man, was involved in a traffic accident involving his private car and a public light bus on po tung road, sai kung on july 30, 2003. during the incident, he became agitated and kicked the public light bus at scene

  18. The mission of merak - cpc is to cooperate with the coachbuilders and the end users in localized production as well as to provide good after sales service on a basis of good quality, with the aim of contributing ourselves to railway transportation construction in china with our professional experiences of decades

  19. In 1982 the gold ring - of - honour was awarded by the german society of engineers ( vdi ). in 1986 he received the distinguished foreign collegue award from the human factor society. in 1991 he became an honorary doctor at the university of novi sad and in the same year an honorary professor at the university of science and technology of china in hefei

    獲得的主要榮譽:高校製造技術奧托金茨勒紀念章、德國工程師協會榮譽金環、 1991年大學名譽博士、 1991年中國科技大學名譽教授、 1995年阿圖爾布爾克哈特獎、 1998年獲得聯邦德國科學、經濟和社會傑出獻聯邦字勛章。
  20. As the first head of the shanghai animation film studio, he devoted to exploring the genre of animation films and persisted in pursuing the line of nationalism, contributing a series of classical chinese animation films such as uproar in heaven and nezha conquers the dragon king

    特偉作為上海美術電影製片廠首任廠長,在數年中積極拓闊動畫片種,堅持走民族化道路,為中國動畫片獻了《大鬧天宮》 、 《哪吒鬧海》等一系列經典作品。