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蒂德 英文
  • : 名詞(花或瓜果跟莖、枝相連的部分) the base of a flower or fruit
  • : 名詞1 (道德; 品行; 政治品質) virtue; morals; moral character 2 (心意) heart; mind 3 (恩惠)k...
  1. Between this point and the high, at present unlit, warehouses of beresford place stephen thought to think of ibsen, associated with baird s, the stonecutter s, in his mind somehow in talbot place, first turning on the right, while the other, who was acting as his fidus achates, inhaled with internal satisfaction the smell of james rourke s city bakery, situated quite close to where they were, the very palatable odour indeed of our daily bread, of all commodities of the public the primary and most indispensable

    這所坐落在塔博特街右手第一個拐角處的石匠貝爾的作坊不知怎地引起了他的聯想4 。這時,充當斯芬的忠實的阿卡帖斯5的另一位,懷著由衷的欣喜聞著近在咫尺的詹姆斯魯爾克都市麵包房6的氣味,那是我們的日用糧7的芬香,確實可口,在公眾的日用商品中,它是頭等重要最不可缺少的。
  2. Adrienne freeman is a park ranger at yosemite national park in california. she is part of the yosemite search and rescue team

  3. The first m tis were the children of amerindian women and european merchants who engaged in fur trade at red river in manitoba today

  4. Jack mosley bruce willis is assigned to escort petty criminal eddie bunker mos def from the third precinct to the courthouse at 100 centre st, 16

    高中生wendy瑪莉伊莉莎白雲絲蒂德- mary elizabeth winstead飾正享受她的青春年華,為慶祝畢業與友人到游樂場玩個痛快。
  5. Brasilia brazil 25 nov guinea bissau s minister of natural resources aristides ocante da silva said thursday in brasilia that guinea bissau is interested in cooperating with brazil in the bio - fuel business particularly on ethanol a fuel produced from sugar cane

    巴西,巴西利亞, 11月25日電幾內亞比索自然資源部部長阿里斯蒂德斯?奧肯特?達席爾瓦周四稱,幾內亞比索有興趣與巴西開展生物燃料方面的合作,特別是從甘蔗中提取的酒精。
  6. Brasilia brazil 07 dec the brazilian government is to donate us 1 million to guinea bissau to boost the west african country s state budget and support the reform of the armed forces and security in the country the director for the africa department of brazil s foreign relations ministry fernando magalh es pimenta said tuesday

  7. Totti, de rossi and simone perrotta return from their triumph in germany, but vincenzo montella, philippe mexes, sami kuffour and rodrigo taddei have been left at home

  8. 1926 aristide briand france 1926 gustav stresemann germany

  9. The nobel peace prize : aristide briand

  10. Postmaster ron steedley had given permission for the school group to use the post office after hours to make a movie, " rolling thunder.

  11. Two goals in six first - half minutes settled the outcome with steed malbranque the creator of both

  12. Steed malbranque and, less likely, damien duff are today ' s main names to be linked with liverpool in the sunday papers

  13. Steed malbranque and, less likely, damien duff are today ' s main names to be linked with liverpool in the sunday papers

  14. " if they do not attack the haitian people, we won ' t attack them, " he said. " if they come to help us to remove mr aristide, they will be welcome.

    「如果他們不攻擊海地人民,我們將不會進攻他們,如果他們是來幫助我們趕走阿里斯蒂德先生,我們歡迎他們。 」
  15. When young mother rose radha mitchell desperate to find a cure for her daughter sharon s bizarre illness, refuses to accept a medical recommendation.

    高中生wendy瑪莉伊莉莎白雲絲蒂德- mary elizabeth winstead飾正享受她的青春年華,為慶祝畢業與友人到游樂場玩個痛快。
  16. That can be arranged, mr. steed

  17. Steedley said he did n ' t think the student ' s movie would frighten anyone

  18. Mary bousted, general secretary of the atl, said : " teachers are struggling under a mountain of cut - and - pasting to spot whether work was the students own or plagiarism.

    英國教師與講師協會的秘書長瑪麗?鮑思蒂德說: 「由於學生抄襲作業的現象很嚴重,因此老師現在得花很多時間來判斷學生的作業是否是抄襲的。 」
  19. My wife ' mathilde

  20. My wife, matild