中文拼音 [qún]
Ⅰ名詞(聚在一起的人或物) crowd; group Ⅱ量詞(用於成群的人或物) group; herd; flock
  1. Some public key cryptosystem extended to abelian group

  2. Category of abelian groups

  3. Theorem 4. 5 if locally soluble group g is c * ( w ) - group, then the chief factor of g is elementary abelian

  4. Theorem 3. 3 if g is c ( p ) - group and p is an odd prime, then the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理3 3若g是…且屍是奇素數,則g 』是初等阿貝爾p
  5. Theorem 3. 9 if g is locally finite p - group and c * ( p ) - group, then the nilpotent class of g is at most 3 and the derived subgroup of g is elementary abelian p - group

    定理39若局部有限屍g是c 「卜,則g的類最多為3且g 』是初等阿貝爾p
  6. He is a person of unusually great ability.

  7. The concept of the ecosystem differs from that of the community in that more emphasis is placed on abiotic factors

  8. Elephants were bathing in the waters of the sacred river, and groups of indians, despite the advanced season and chilly air, were performing solemnly their pious ablutions

  9. A community-type, as a class-concept, is inescapably an abstraction.

  10. To hypertension precaution should take integrated step, begin the conduct propaganda that is an object with numerous people to teach, perfect and necessary organization protects a system, because the hair cause of disease that makes masses understands high blood pressure is worth limits normally with blood pressure, carry appropriate weight, notice physical training, adjust a behavior and mental insecurity position, abstemious smoke wine, eat fresh and vegetable fruit more, of the natrium in controlling food and cholesterol absorb

  11. Endangered abies yuanbaoshanensis will probably have been extinct, so it very necessary to studying its genetic diversity with a proper way in order to save this key group of biological diversity in china

  12. In the present study, aflp ( amplified fragment length polymorphism ) markers was used to examine population of abies yuanbaoshanensis in order to understand the level of population genetic variation and genetic structure. the result would help to evaluate its evolutionary potentiality and the degree of being endangered and could provide scientific basis for making right protection strategy. high - quality dna was extracted using ctab method from those tender leaves of forty - three fully - developed trees in population abies yuanbaoshanensis

    本研究選用一種高效的檢測遺傳變異的分子標記? ? aflp技術來分析元寶山冷杉種的遺傳多樣性,旨在了解該種在分佈區內的遺傳變異水平和遺傳結構情況;研究結果將有助於更清楚地認識這一瀕危類的生存潛力和瀕危程度,而且可以為制定何種挽救和保護措施提供科學的依據。
  13. The world was like a plate ; paradise was up a mountain, across a sea, perhaps guarded by angels, maybe in china, or armenia, or abyssinia, or mesopotamia

  14. Humor was a means by which the american writer would win popular acceptance.

  15. Every quarter of an hour the railway brought fresh accessions of sightseers.

  16. The lady gwendolen dubedat bursts through the throng, leaps on his horse and kisses him on both cheeks amid great acclamation

  17. Rapid start - up of acidogenic reactor and acclimatization of dominant ethanol - type fermentation population

  18. Factors influencing early physiological acclimatization of the construction workers re - entering plateau after winter vacation

  19. The scheme has been revised in accordance with the opinions of the masses.

  20. The prosecutor palazzi, the lawyers, the secretary, the investigate and the accusatory all together in front of a ridiculous stalls made by journalist and non looking only for the big scoop to feed up the mass