聘期 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pìn]
聘期 英文
term employment period
  • : 動詞1. (聘請) engage 2. (定親) betroth 3. [口語] (女子出嫁) (of a girl) get married or be married off
  • : 期名詞[書面語]1. (一周年) a full year; anniversary 2. (一整月) a full month
  1. Inside probation, is unit of choose and employ persons aleatoric dismiss

  2. Additional staff for up to two years for the anti - smoking campaign and the promotion of healthy living, which will add 30 million to our annual expenditure

  3. Additional staff for up to two years for the anti - smoking campaign and the promotion of healthy living, which will add $ 30 million to our annual expenditure

  4. To obtain an extension of stay at the end of the first 12 - month period, a person admitted under the scheme is required to provide evidence demonstrating to the satisfaction of the immigration department that he she has taken steps to settle in hong kong by taking up residence here, e. g. by securing a gainful employment or establishing a business

    獲本計劃核準人士在首1 2個月逗留限接近屆滿時申請延逗留,須提供令入境處信納的證明文件,證明其已採取來港定居的步驟,在本港居住,例如取得支薪任或已建立業務。
  5. The summer internship recruitment period is deceptive

  6. It includes plan on human resources, employment, development and training, achievement and assessment, reward and encouragement, building - up enterprise culture, and so on. this passage is divided into four sections : first, it analyses human resources management theory in order to maintain close ties with reality. second, through perspective of present human resources management status in huaxia bank, shenyang branch and comparison with that of foreign capital banks, in the end we get human resources management methods to huaxia bank, shenyang branch, we resist impulsion of foreign capital banks and catch hold of some points like organization design, position management, application and lection, training and development, performance management, compesation management

  7. Educational inspector of the 9th state every lieutenancy 3 years, add is hired must not exceed 3 commonly

  8. Staff records - includes each staff s both personal and family information such as age, date of birth, marital status, qualification, experience, employment record, staff reports including annual, promotional and disciplinary reports, training reports, medical reports, details of provident fund contributions, etc

  9. On staff, ih toronto has a full - time director of studies, activity coordinator, accommodations coordinator, admission officers and multi - lingual support counselors to help and support you during your stay in canada

  10. If an employee suffered personal injury by accident arising out of and in the course of employment, the payments received by him her under the employees compensation ordinance cap. 282 are not income even the payments were calculated by reference to his her salary wages

  11. On the management of teachers ' appointment, duration and contracts

  12. This contract is effective from the date of commencement of service

  13. Apllication of fuzzy evaluation to engagement examination of colleges and universities

  14. S, who had his own projects, would not agree for a longer time than three months

  15. If a member resigns, dies, or is unable to carry out his or her duty, the member shall be dismissed and replaced by another until the end of that term

  16. The period of appointment of a certified accountants office starts from the date when the first annual shareholders meeting ends to the date when the next annual shareholders meeting ends

  17. Application for travel expenses subsidy may be made in the case of overseas talent recruited to work in taiwan by a taiwanese private enterprise for a period of at least two years

  18. For those foreign experts whose employment term exceeds one year ( one academic year ), the host institutions shall provide round trip economy air tickets for them and their spouses and one child under the age of 12who live together with them during the employment term

    方為聘期1年( 1學年)以上的外國文教專家及其同行來華並在內與受方同住的配偶和一個12歲的子女提供捷徑往返普通倉機票。
  19. Only when it ' s necessary, can emphasis be laid on " managing ", such as when it ' s time to decide if a teacher is allowed to work at his post. ( 3 ) teachers should also be clear which aspects are used to improve them or manage them when they are evaluated

  20. Paid, apart from the normal monthly salaries due, 6 months salaries in lieu of notice in accordance with the employee s terms of employment