聘請費 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pìnqǐng]
聘請費 英文
retainer fee
  • : 動詞1. (聘請) engage 2. (定親) betroth 3. [口語] (女子出嫁) (of a girl) get married or be married off
  • : 動詞1. (請求) request; ask 2. (邀請; 聘請) invite; engage 3. (招待; 款待) entertain 4. [敬] (用於希望對方做某事) please
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (費用) fee; expense; expenditure; dues; charge 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(花費; 耗費) ...
  • 聘請 : engage; invite; employ; call in
  1. Counsel ' s brief fee be $ 1, 000with refresher of $ 250

    律師的聘請費為1 , 000美元還有額外用250美元。
  2. Progress for america, which spent almost 45 million backing mr. bush last year, plans to lay out 20 million on social security this year. it has spent 1 million on television commercials and is working to send experts around the country. among them are thomas saving, a trustee of the social security trust fund ; rosario marin, a former united states treasurer ; and one really, really young republican

    去年,國會為支持布希推行社保改革花了4 , 500萬美元,今年國會將撥款減少到2 , 000萬,其中100萬用來進行電視宣傳和全國各地的專家開展工作,這些專家包括社會保障信託基金主管托馬斯-斯文前國家財務主管羅薩里奧-瑪林等等,而其中還有一個很年輕很年輕的共和黨人,那就是諾亞了,而小諾亞至少要在60年以後才有資格享受社會保障制度。
  3. In the future we shall be seeking more of these specific donations to cover special purposes such as spay and neuter subsidy programme, or the salary of a full - time staff member to run the thrift shop

  4. The franchisee can hire and train special personnel for beauty - care marketing, through the shop in shop model, allowing these special personnel initiate their reserve business start - up within the franchise store ; thus the human resource is unlimitedly available, without any personnel cost of hiring cosmetologists

  5. Article 64 the foreign investor may engage chinese or foreign accounting personnel to consult the account books of a foreign - capital enterprise, and the expenses thus entailed shall be borne by the foreign investor

  6. Overhead expenses of overhead expenses is to show the enterprise is organization and administrative company production to run all sorts of cost of place happening, include company board of directors and administration department to happen in the management of the enterprise, the company funds that perhaps should consolidate a responsibility by the enterprise ( include wage of administration department worker, repair cost, stock to use up, cost of running stores amortize, office and poor travelling expenses ), union funds, be out of job membership due of insurance premium, cost of labor security, board of directors ( include directorate member to allowance, conference is expended and differ travelling expenses to wait ), invite intermediary orgnaization cost, advisory cost ( contain adviser, legal cost, business receives fee, house property duty, car boat royalities, land royalities, stamp duty, the technology transfers cost, mineral products resource compensates cost, intangible assets amortize, the worker teachs funds, consider to be expended with development, blowdown cost, goods in stock dish deficient or investory profit ( do not include to answer plan the loss of goods in stock that enters the defray outside doing business ), plan the bad zhang preparation that carry and goods in stock cheapen preparation

    治理用治理用是指企業為組織和治理企業生產經營所發生的各種用,包括企業董事會和行政治理部門在企業的經營治理中發生的,或者應由企業統一負擔的公司經(包括行政治理部門職工工資,修理、物料消耗、低值易耗品攤銷、辦公和差旅等) 、工會經、待業保險、勞動保險、董事會會(包括董事會成員津貼、會議和差旅等) 、中介機構、咨詢(含顧問) ,訴訟,業務招待,房產稅,車船使用稅,土地使用稅,印花稅,技術轉讓,礦產資源補償,無形資產攤銷,職工教育經,研究與開發,排污,存貨盤虧或盤盈(不包括應計入營業外支出的存貨損失) 、計提的壞賬預備和存貨跌價預備等。
  7. Virtual assistants and freelancers can deliver a much higher quality than you could on your own, and often their fees are less than the cost of your time

  8. Super rich clients can afford top drawer interior designers, but sometimes they don ' t want to take their advice

  9. Client authorizes attorneys to incur all reasonable costs and to hire any consultants or expert witnesses reasonably necessary in attorneys ' judgment

  10. However, there was concern about service fees due to the requirement that only solicitors with at least seven years experience could perform a marriage

  11. Members of the public can also check out for information on where to seek free legal assistance, and how to get a lawyer from the clic website

  12. The offshore employment company may not have to pay tax on its profits which can be reinvested in a tax free climate to generate further income from the offshore company

  13. The 3rd it is owner people collective and contributive invite lawyer or building inspect manage, solve common problem, on cost cost relatively a lot of lower

  14. Since 1994, have engaged international trade talents, to overseas sale directly, besides four companies in hong kong, have opened up korea s., the middle east again, the business of countries, such as saudi arabia, holland, etc. is special, have reduced the expenses of the intermediate link and unnecessary return commission after the trade department < 1997 > sanctions becoming the export enterprise on one ' s own account outside the country, has strengthened the competitive power of enterprises greatly, on the basis of consolidating the original business, have continued openning up canada, germany, france, austria, u. s. a., poland, czech, italy, spain, country ' s business, such as sweden, etc., cut up till up till now with business contact take place directly to 21 foreign businessmen of 14 countries

  15. Client will pay all legal costs and expenses relating to this case, including filing fees, fees of service, fees for expert witnesses, investigation expenses and expenses of discovery proceedings

  16. Joint experts would be appropriate in some cases but not in others, and in some cases appointment of a single joint expert would lead to increase in costs for the parties ( in appointing a further expert ) and lead to practical difficulties ( in agreeing to selection of expert and to a joint letter of instruction )

    若干案件可同一專家,但這安排並不適合全部案件。若干案件同一專家將增加訴訟各方的用(在另一專家時) ,並存在實際困難(指在選擇專家及在共同指引函件方面達成一致意見) 。
  17. Joint experts would be appropriate in some cases but not in others, and in some cases appointment of a single joint expert would lead to increase in costs for the parties in appointing a further expert and lead to practical difficulties in agreeing to selection of expert and to a joint letter of instruction

  18. Further modify the ambit of the oea to cover only office accommodation expenses, employment of assistants, audit fees, printing, publicity expenses and communication charges

  19. According to the tentative provisions issued by the state council, the ro has to appoint a designated foreign enterprises service company to do the payroll and social security administration. international and bilateral agreements the international agreements china has acceded to may have different provisions from the domestic laws and regulations in respect of the scope of business activities

  20. In 2002, professor ronen proposed a new concept ? financial statement insurance. under financial statement insurance system, listed companies no longer hire accounting firms to conduct financial statement audit, but rather purchase a kind of insurance ? financial statement insurance from insurance companies. these insurance companies then will audit the listed companies and decide the insurance fee and insurance rate according to risk assessment. additionally, loses to investors, which are caused by fraudulent or inadequate statement, should be afforded by the insurance company