耐磨條 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [nàitiáo]
耐磨條 英文
wear rib
  • : 動詞(受得住; 禁得起) be able to bear or endure
  • : 磨動詞1 (摩擦) rub; wear 2 (研磨) grind; mull; polish 3 (折磨) grind down; wear down [out]:...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (細長的樹枝) twig 2 (條子) slip; strip 3 (分項目的) item; article 4 (層次; 秩序; 條...
  • 耐磨 : abrasion resistant; anti friction; wear resistant; wear resisting; wearproof耐磨材料 high abrasiv...
  1. Abrasion tests are universally carried out under atmospheric conditions.

  2. For extrudates there are side crushing strength tests, bulk crushing strength tests, abrasion tests.

  3. Conglomeration of fillers also easily fall off from the matrix, and all these result in wear mass loss increasing. the worn surfaces of the composites having 5 phr, 10plir, 20 phr nano - al2o3 are respectively studied by using the scanning electron microscopy ( sem )

    另外,在相同滑動件下,隨著粒徑的增大,尼龍6 / a120 :復合材料的損量上升,納米級粒子填充的復合材料較微米粒子填充的復合材料性能要好。
  4. Abstract : requirements for hydraulic steering rack cylinder are very high, the rack cylinder should be durable, lubricants preservable and of seal. so, finish machining and parameter - set are necessary

  5. The high - strenght wearable complex pipeline is based on teel pipes, to the inner wall of which the high - strength wearable material ( patent no. zl02295132. 4 ) is pressed by means of mechanical strength which makes the material and pipe an organic unity. these pipes are joined together with flange joints to convey different kinds of medium under various conditions

    高強復合管道是以鋼管作為基體,通過機械壓制方式,使內層高強度材料(專利: zl02295132 . 4 )與鋼管有機地結合為一體,利用法蘭式連接成不同形式的管道,可適用於不同件和介質的輸送。
  6. The effect of artificial simulated seawater on the abrasion resistance of wood / plastic composite ( wpc ) was studied

  7. 6. balsamo : origin of south america. wooden features : density 0. 78 - 0. 95g cm3 ; strong flavor, slightly bitter flavor, the flavor ; wood staggered texture, structure and detailed and uniform, wood heavy, high strength, wear - resistant, anti - termite can antibacterial pests, sapwood reddish - brown to red - brown, with light - colored stripes. 7. awoura : origin of africa

    木材特徵:氣甘密度0 . 78 - 0 . 95g cm3木材光澤強滋味微苦具香味木材紋理交錯,結構甚細而均木材重強度高抗蟻性強能抗菌蟲害心材紅褐色至紫紅褐色,具淺色紋。
  8. Wooden features : density 0. 64 - 0. 80g cm3 ; with glossy wood, the new plane is cedar flavor, texture staggered, plane with a black strip pattern ; structure is detailed, uniform ; medium weight, high strength, easy to dry and wear resistance against borers and termites

    3沙比利:學名筒狀非洲楝,英文名: sapelli ,產于非洲。木材具光澤,新切面有雪松味,紋理交錯,切面有黑色狀花紋結構細,均勻重量中等,強度高,易乾燥,,抗白蟻和蛀蟲危害。
  9. 1. sapelli : origin of africa. wooden features : density 0. 64 - 0. 80g cm3 ; with glossy wood, the new plane is cedar flavor, texture staggered, plane with a black strip pattern ; structure is detailed, uniform ; medium weight, high strength, easy to dry and wear resistance against borers and termites

    木材特徵:氣干密度0 . 64 - 0 . 80g cm3木材具光澤,新切面有雪松味,紋理交錯,切面有黑色狀花紋結構細,均勻重量中等,強度高,易乾燥,,抗白蟻和蛀蟲危害。
  10. The product is adopting the numerator that the united states first enter synthesize the craft, the numerator that pass science designs, make epoxy and water polyurethane the combination, form polymers has each other thing of wearing the network construction, and join the functional monomer to it make the product can polymerize in normal temperature ; at 50 degress reporters conditions, the degree will be higher. make water - paint have excellent hardness, luster, chubbiness and attrition resistance, water resistance , ethanol resistance ; make the water - paint with the product has epoxy and polyurethane excellent capability

  11. The results show that the composites were more wear resistant than the matrix, contributing to the " volume effect " and " size effect ", the wear resistance increases with the particle content and size. the composite shows better wear resistance than high chromium cast iron material especially in low load and fine abrasive test condition. the results also indicate that the composite strengthened by ageing treatment was more wear resistant than as - cast composite

    損試驗結果表明,鑄造碳化鎢顆粒增強cu - ni - mn合金基復合材料具有比較高的抗損能力,而且其性隨著鑄造碳化鎢顆粒體積分數及尺寸的增大而提高,表現出了強烈的「體積效應」及「尺寸效應」 ,尤其是在低載荷、細件下,復合材料表現出更好的而寸性,即使與高鉻鑄鐵( cr28 )相比也有很大程度的提高。
  12. And also, the wear resistance at ambient temperature and of za27 alloyed with mn when lightly loaded is desirable but becomes worse at high temperature. the wear mechanism of the one mixed with both adhesive and abrasive wear under sliding friction conditions ( at high temperature )

    Si的加入量為1 - 3時, za27合金的損量最少,高溫摩擦性能最好;加入mn后, za27合金在低溫輕載下性能較好,高溫性能不理想;在滑動摩擦件下(高溫)的損以粘著損和損兩種方式共同存在。
  13. But when heavyly loaded, the former is far better than the latter. the wear resistance of za27 alloyed with mn is no obviously better than that of common za27 alloy. under the sliding friction conditions, the wear resistance at high temperature of za27 is improved by alloyed si and reaches the highest level when the content of si is 1 - 3wt. %

    裂紋主要始於脆性相si相和mn相,裂紋沿晶界擴展;在滑動摩擦件下(常溫) ,含si的za27合金在載重較小時,性與普通za合金相比沒有明顯提高,但在載荷較大的情況下,其性遠高於普通za27合金材料;加mn的za27合金與常規za27合金相比,性沒有明顯提高;在滑動摩擦件下, si的加入提高了za27合金的高溫摩擦性能。
  14. Products function : put our “ sun shine ” brand carbon steel fiber evenly seep into concrete to form steel fiber reinforced concrete and it can decrease the thickness of reinforced concrete by half, it not only shorten the project time, save the material and manpower expense, bring distinct economic benefit, but also increase the performance of crack resistance, percussion resistance, tensile strength, bend resistance. scosspr resostamce amd wear resistance of the reinforced base materials. if the weight ratio of 2 % steel fiber seep into the concrete, it can solve the brittleness problem of the concrete, in the condition of 60 % ralative air humidity, after 21days air - dry, even 520 days air - dry, it ' s difficult to find any crack by eyesight, the bend resistance for the steel fiber concrete is 140 times stronger than the concrete without steel fiber, the capability of impact resistance increase 10 times

    產品功能:將本公司「雙興」牌碳鋼纖維系列產品均勻地摻入混凝土中,形成鋼纖維增強混凝土,可使工程中鋼筋混凝土的施工厚度降低一半,不僅縮短了施工工期,節省了材料和人工費用,帶來顯著的經濟效益,且增強了基體的抗裂、抗沖擊、抗彎、抗剪、擦等性能,如摻入本公司2 %鋼纖維的混凝土,不僅解決了混凝土的脆性問題,在空氣相對濕度60 %的件下風干21天後,甚至在風干520天,肉眼很難發現裂縫,摻入鋼纖維后的增強混凝土比不摻鋼纖維的混凝土抗彎強度提高140倍,沖擊荷載提高10倍。
  15. Test method of abrasion of flock for automotive weather - strip

  16. Based on small satin weave structure and by inserting anti - static yarn into the warp sheet, the woven fabric is characteristic of both satin style and static proof

  17. Study on the anti - wear ability of shiplock material

  18. The wear - resistance of the rps tin coating is significantly higher than that of the quenched m2 high - speed steel. the wear resistance of the quenched m2 high - speed steel was improved about 2. 5 times by the rps tin coating under high load. the antifriction performance of the tin coating is also very excellent due to the self - lubricating effect of tin, the friction efficient of which is about 5. 3 % that of the quenched m2 steel

    在無潤滑件下,反應等離子噴塗tin塗層的性明顯高於淬火m2鋼,在高載荷下,其性是m2鋼的2 . 5倍;同時,由於tin的自潤滑效應,塗層的減摩性遠遠優于m2鋼,高載荷下摩擦系數僅是m2鋼的5 . 3 。
  19. In actual engineering applications, its wear resistance reduces due to the high temperature resulted from the continuous and heavy load service, which cannot fit the demand of engineering applications. based on the recent research throughout the world, in order to improve mechanical properties and wear resistance at high temperature of za27 alloy, si and mn are added to modify its microstructure. its microstructure and mechanical properties are tested and the sliding friction at ambient temperature and sliding friction at high temperature of znalsi and znaimn are studied

    本文研究了za系合金中應用最廣泛的za27合金,針對企業在工業應用過程中發現za27在中低速重載連續工作時,因溫升造成性下降,難以滿足工況要求的實際情況,為進一步提高其力學性能和高溫性,結合國內外研究現狀,在za27合金基礎上,添加si 、 mn合金元素調整合金的組織,通過顯微組織分析和常溫機械性能測試,以探索znalsi及znalmn合金常溫及高溫滑動摩擦件下的摩擦特性。
  20. Along with the advent of the highly efficient turbofan jet engine, used today on the majority of commercial aircraft, came a new and challenging problem for maintenance personnel. the repair and replacement of the abradable liner seal, sometimes also known as the fan track.