羽原 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yuán]
羽原 英文
  • : 名詞1 (羽毛) feather; plume2 [音樂] (古代五音之一) a note of the ancient chinese five tone sc...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (最初的; 原來的) primary; original; former 2 (沒有加工的) unprocessed; raw Ⅱ動詞(原...
  1. The feathers attached to the arms and the tail evidently possess the structures of " modern feathers ", which consisting of the central shafts ( rachis ) and parallel barbs. dromaeosaurids are unusual group of maniraptoran theropods. they share many similar or the same features with archaeopteryx or other primitive birds, such as : u - shaped furcula, uncinate process, laterally facing glenoid of shoulder girdle, comparatively long forelimb, large semilunate carple, retroverted pubis, ascending process of astragalus, and " modern feathers " with rachis and barbs etc. these facts indicate not only that dromaeosaurids had developed many bird - like characters in course of the advanced maniraptorans toward birds, but also that there seemed to be the co - evolutionary trend between the feathers and the skeletal bones

    奔龍類是一類較為特殊的手盜龍類( maniraptora ) ,它具有許多與始祖鳥archaeopteryx甚至其它早期鳥類相似或接近的特徵,主要表現在:叉骨u形與始祖鳥和孔子鳥類的相同,背肋鉤狀突在孔子鳥類和個別反鳥類中也存在,肩臼窩絕大部分指向側方類似於始祖鳥,肩胛骨與烏喙骨間的夾角非常接近90也和始祖鳥的相似,前肢從比例上講顯得較長,大的半月形腕骨使肘部能向側方折過來,恥骨伸向後下方,距骨上升突與始鳥類中的為同源結構,毛已有顯著的分化且具備了現代毛的基本結構等等。
  2. There are 36 senior professional technicians and 28 foreign trade businessmen, design, group are integration of design, exploiture, production, sale and serivce, main products are medium or high level eider clothing, winter protection clothing, pants, playsuits, leisure clothing and frocks etc. products are sold in america, japan, france, south korea etc countries, and sole inside the country, such as shenyang, haerbin, taiyuan, zhengzhou, hangzhou etc big cities, we have strong large - scle superority

  3. This study : ( 1 ) provides the most detailed osteological and integumentary descriptions on liaoning deinonychosaurs ; ( 2 ) proposes an evolutionary model for feather evolution ; ( 3 ) analyzes the interrelationships of the coelurosauria ; ( 4 ) evaluates the effects of combining information from different parts of the body in reconstructing coelurosaurian evolution, and ( 5 ) discusses the evolutionary trend within the coelurosauria and particularly those features related to the origin of avian flight

    本研究: ( 1 )提供了有關遼寧恐爪龍類最詳細的骨骼學信息; ( 2 )提出了毛演化的一個新模型; ( 3 )綜合地分析了虛骨龍類的系統關系; ( 4 )分析身體不同部位的信息對復系統發育的影響及虛骨龍類各個演化階段身體不同部位的相對演化程度; ( 5 )討論了虛骨龍類的演化趨向,尤其是和飛行起源相關特徵的變化。
  4. Just for this reason, the plumed serpent is called a normal text of modern primitivism, and lawrence is called a model in modern times of radical primitivism thinker

    正是在這個意義上,人們稱《蛇》是現代始主義的文學範本,勞倫斯是「激進始主義思想家的現代典型」 。
  5. Her condition was improving and is now in stable condition. psittacosis is a disease caused by chlamydia psittaci. transmission is usually by inhaling the agents from dried droppings, secretions and dust from feathers of infected birds

  6. Sinosauropteryx ( compsognathids ), beipzaosaums ( therizinosaurids ) and shuvuuia ( alvarezsaurids ) have the filament - like protofeathers that lack the rachis and barbules

    …具有最為簡單的毛狀構造,這種構造不具備干及小枝;而proto17vaeoptepe 、 ca 。 dhtepe 。
  7. No - better still, he would join the indians, and hunt buffaloes and go on the warpath in the mountain ranges and the trackless great plains of the far west, and away in the future come back a great chief, bristling with feathers, hideous with paint, and prance into sunday - school, some drowsy summer morning, with a blood - curdling war - whoop, and sear the eyeballs of all his companions with unappeasable envy

  8. When i was as old as you, i was a feeling fellow enough ; partial to the unfledged, unfostered, and unlucky ; but fortune has knocked me about since : she has even kneaded me with her knuckles, and now i flatter myself i am hard and tough as an india - rubber ball ; pervious, though, through a chink or two still, and with one sentient point in the middle of the lump

  9. Northern hokkaido is filled with diversified and primeval nature, including cape soya in the northernmost part of japan, which offers a view of sakhalin on clear days ; the vast sarobetsu plain, stretching 30 km from north to south ; magnificent lake shumarinai ; rishiri, rebun teuri and yagishiri islands, which are inhabited by rare plants and serve as resting places for sea birds ; sounkyo and tenninkyo hot spring resorts in the bosom of taisetsuzan national park, japan s largest national park

    南北3 0 ?及?大野、幻想的湖朱鞠內湖。珍植物海鳥休利尻禮文、天? ?尻島。日本最大國立公園大雪山國立公園?抱、層雲峽、天人峽溫泉、 ?化生? 。
  10. Professor zhu ziyan ' s viewpoint that zhuge liang lost jingzhou on purpose for power and killed guan yu with the hands of the eastern wu is wrong. there was no so - called struggle for power between zhuge liang and guan yu. the main reason for liu bei ' s losing jingzhou lies in the fact that the liu bei group became proud after obtaining hanzhong so that it did not take enough precautions against sun quan and did not come to guan yu ' s rescue in time

  11. Cause and control measures of yarn hairiness and twist unevenness

  12. In this paper the author analysed the cause of yarn hairiness and its influence on the property of the fabric with the measures to reduce hairiness in yarn spinning, winding and sizing processes discussed

  13. Microscopic test : other raw materials added, feather meal, blood meal, etc

  14. Scopes of business activities : import and export for chinese herbs and drugs, chinese patent medicines, animal and botanical medicated wines, cassia lignea for medicinal purpose, pharmaceuticals and their raw materials, medical instruments and apparatus, medical latex products, hygienic products and surgical dressing, medicated cosmetics for beauty, health protection products, feather and down, down filled products, leather and skin, leather products, shoes and sports goods, mineral products and nonferrous metal, etc., and also acting as an agent for import and export business

  15. When primitive mind is disintegrated, " the sacred tool " loses its " utility ", and primitive metaphor becomes poetic metaphor of pure mind

    始思維解體, 「神聖的工具」脫落了「有用性」 ,始隱喻也就蟬蛻化為純精神性的詩性隱喻。
  16. Mainly made of super - fine three - dimensional staple fibers and mixed with some polyester staples of low melting point and finished products scarcely containing glue materials. after being calenderized and ironed, the product get smooth surface, silk - like glittering effect, light and exquisite hand feeling, softness, heat preservation, good washing endurance, no distortion and leaking. it feels like down but with fine tenacity and is the best among all spray bond padding products

  17. Needle detectors are widely used in the detectors of the remain iron in exported garments, featherproducts, shoes and hats supplementary, toys, chemical, rubbles raw materials, papers, wooden products, foods and medicine products

  18. In response, the government sends a class of junior - high students to catch and kill nanahara in 3 days. these students are divided in a team of 2 and trapped in an isolated island and put on lethal electronic necklaces. if one student is murdered on the spot, his partner s electronic necklace will be activated and get kill instantly.

  19. His pioneering work on the statistical behavior of individual thermal plumes led to the discovery that active and passive scalars share statistically similar features, which have been praised by his peers as " important to the field of turbulence in fluids " and " shed an original light on rayleigh - benard convection problem "

  20. Our research found that, the main reason which led to the oscillation of jet and arc voltage was the oscillation of propellant flowrate. the oscillation of flowrate was caused by the oscillation of water evaporation in pipes