翌年 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [nián]
翌年 英文
[書面語] next year
  • : 形容詞[書面語] (次於今日、今年的; 明) immediately following in time; next
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (時間單位) year 2 (元旦或春節) new year 3 (歲數; 年紀) age 4 (一生中按年齡劃分的階...
  1. A political conference was held the following year, as provided in the armistice agreement.

  2. In the early january, ovuliferous scale primordial were acropetally formed in the axils of the developing bracts

  3. Habitat and ecology : in forests, on mossy rocks and stony ground with rich humus soil ; alt. 300 m. flowering : oct. to jan. of the following year

    生境與生態:生於低海拔700米以下的林下腐殖質豐富的多石之地或溪旁生苔蘚的巖石上。花期: 10月至翌年1月。
  4. Larvae are greenish, five instars, feeding on leaves of aristolochia kaempferi

    翌年3月下旬至4月中旬羽化,幼蟲綠色, 5齡。
  5. In the following year, the group furthered its regional presence with the formation of tipografia manson computer forms lda. in macau

  6. We compared the pollination characteristics of c. praecox and that of c. nitens. the results are as follows : ( 1 ) the main variation of c. praecox exists in the floral morphological characteristics, including the variation of the color of the interior perianth segments, the color and shape of the middle perianth segments, the number of pistils and stamens, the length of pistils and degradation of stamens, the floral shape and size, etc. c. praecox ' s florescence is from november to next march, mainly from december to next february

    實驗結果表明: ( 1 )蠟梅變異主要存在於花部性狀,這些性狀包括內被片顏色、中被片顏色和形狀、雌雄蕊數目、雌雄蕊變異、花型、花徑等,在南京地區,蠟梅的花期從11月到翌年3月,主要集中在12月到翌年2月之間,早花期品種和晚花品種較少。
  7. It is also one of the world s most important staging posts for an even larger number of migratory birds on their routes back and forth from summer breeding grounds in siberia and northeastern china to wintering grounds as far south as australasia

  8. During the dry season between october and april of the following year, the cas is committed to deploy members to standby at various fire stations in rural areas on sundays and public holidays when the red amber fire danger warning signal is issued. members on standby will respond immediately to assist the fire services and the agriculture, fisheries and conservation department in putting off any fires broke out in country parks

  9. This was a huge blow to the mandarin film industry though not to the cantonese cinema. great wall, feng huang and the cantonese left - wing affiliate sun luen film company began to form a united front to become the hub of the left - wing film industry. the following year, asia pictures was established with funding from american sources

    翌年,獲美國方面經濟支持的亞洲影業有限公司成立,主持人是張國興,重要作品有傳統唐煌, 1955長巷卜萬蒼, 1956半下流社會屠光啟, 1957等。
  10. By observing pinus khasya infected by bursaphelenchus xylophilus from the december to next january, the main appearance characters were summarized, and the main difference between pinus khasya and the other kind of the disease pines was find, and the appearance determinant standard and disposal suggestion in the selective cutting of the disease wood were brought forward

  11. The study shows that the early and late seed rains of constructive tree species in evergreen broadleaved forest at chongqing simian mountain had no activity. the bigger the seeds of the species and the earlier or later the seeds of the species matured, the higher the proportion of the seed rain damaged by animals. the quantitative variation of seed rain, active seed rain and seed bank did not take place at the same time. at early time, the number of seed banks of castanopsis fargesii, lithocarpus glabra, quercus myrsinrefolia, castanopsis plasyacantha, cinamomum subavenium. which own more active seed rain increased by geomitric series. the seed banks of castanopsis orthacantha and schima argentea were small, only survived a short time, and did not sprout next year. the quantitative dynamics of seed banks and their increasing or decreasing rates were decided by the proportion damaged by animals, dying speed of seeds and their resistance to pathogens and adverse circumstances, and the state of seed germination

  12. In 1978, the hong kong international film festival organised a retrospective entitled cantonese cinema retrospective 1950 - 1959 and published the first more or less comprehensive filmography of cantonese films produced in the 1950s in hong kong. the following year, the festival published a filmography of mandarin films from 1946 - 77

  13. Habitat and ecology : in thin forest. flowering : dec. to feb. of the following year

    生境與生態:生於山地疏林中。花期: 12月至翌年2月。
  14. Black - faced spoonbill are fundamentally wintering birds in hong kong and expected at the mai po nature reserve between late october and the end of april. the fact that mai pos eleven, which were aptly nicknamed by the mai po staff, are here in summer in such a high number, is very unusual

  15. By the next year(88 b. c. )the old round had begun again.

  16. An error in planting annual crop can be corrected the following year.

  17. Year of assessment, i. e. from april to march next year

  18. For 1 april to 31 march of the following year

  19. Year of assessment, i. e. from april to march next year )

  20. Do you know what year thomas was born