效尤 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiàoyóu]
效尤 英文
knowingly follow the example of a wrongdoer
  • : Ⅰ名詞(效果; 功用) effect; efficiency; result Ⅱ動詞1 (仿效) imitate; follow the example of 2 ...
  1. But, as a method of training ambidextrous technicians, this curriculum is of strong practice, so it ' s difficult for teachers to impress students lively and profoundly only by lectures on the working principle and concrete structures of the machines for pulping & paper - making industry. meanwhile, contents in the traditional teaching materials, which are being used, are behind the advanced technology of the machines in other countries

  2. Into the bargain and the greatest danger of all was who you got drunk with though, touching the much vexed question of stimulants, he relished a glass of choice old wine in season as both nourishing and blood - making and possessing aperient virtues notably a good burgundy which he was a staunch believer in still never beyond a certain point where he invariably drew the line as it simply led to trouble all round to say nothing of your being at the tender mercy of others practically

  3. The argos regulator is an extremely versatile flow control device for gas applications where pressure reduction is required excellent in performance and easy maintenance are beneficial

  4. Prp is now widely used, particularly for senior staff are performance awards consolidated into base pay

  5. As a result, the beacon school policy played an important role in the school improvement and helped many poor schools go out of the failing conditions

  6. Pearl water, organic floral water of german chamomile and lavender, organic calendula succus, calendula c02, organic german chamomile, organic elder flowers, organic witch hazel bark and leaf, organic roman chamomile, organic lavender vera, organic essential oil of helichrysum

    本花水適合各種皮膚的清潔及收細毛孔之用,其是乾燥及暗啞的皮膚更為有。 ?要用花水浸透棉花清潔面頰,便可把塵埃抹掉。
  7. Some countries and international organizations are learning from it in succession

  8. This was what i wish d for ; so i took them up, and serv d them as we serve notorious thieves in england, viz

  9. History shows us that many wars have been waged because one country was robbing another country, and there have certainly been no lack of subsequent imitators

  10. The principal causes are as follows : being an opening and powerful dynasty, practices of loyal families and emulations of the common people, the allowance of tang law and political needs

  11. Following bullock ' s example, director steven spielberg gave $ 1. 5 million for the tsunami victims. spielberg said he hoped his actions would encourage other wealthy celecrities to do the same

  12. But at its four entrances, pictures of what appeared to be detainees, their faces harried or bruised from beatings, were posted as a warning

  13. This device is easy to operate, safe, effective, without side - effects. it treats diseases such as migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral facial palsy, sciatica, toothache, scapulohumeral periarthritis, sprain, muscular strain, ect. thus it has gained wide favorable acceptance from acupuncturists and patients of many countries. sales networks are established in more than 30 countries including usa, france, canada, spain, italy, england, australia, thailand, vietnam, etc. this device is a natural, health preserving product

  14. They made a example of the boy

  15. The teacher made an example of the student who have cop his neighbor ' s answer during the finals

  16. The teacher made an example of the student who had copied his neighbor ' s answers during the finals

  17. As a deterrent, all law - breaking defaulting police officers will be severely punished under relevant statutes or disciplinary rules

  18. The improved sewerage infrastructure has helped minimise sewage pollution in rivers in some areas, especially in the eastern new territories

  19. Is more efficient, especially for clustered indexes

  20. In the third part we test the effect of capital market of china, especially the influence of entry regulation on the efficiency of capital market