中文拼音 [huó]
Ⅰ動詞1. (生存; 有生命) live 2. [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a good doctor, etc. ) save countless livesⅡ形容詞1. (在活的狀態下) alive; living 2. (生動活潑;靈活) vivid; lively; active 3. (活動) movable; moving Ⅲ副詞(真正; 簡直) exactly; simply Ⅳ名詞1. (工作, 一般指體力勞動) work 2. (產品; 製成品) product
  1. Mobile front-bucket loaders often suffice for handling and retrieving rock in a-frame structures.

  2. He abdicated the throne in 1955 to play an active political role as prime minister.

  3. The active principle was named epinephrine by abel in 1899 and synthesized independently by stolz and dakin.

  4. These chromosome aberrations are all stable, compatible with cell viability.

  5. He was abetted in these illegal activities by his wife

  6. In this country, the current criminal code clearly denies the joint negligence offense, not only denying negligence aiders and abetters, but also denying the negligent co - principal. when the joint behavior of two or more actors leads to some harmful consequence but whose act is consequently related to it is uncertain, some scholars consider it as joint negligence offense but difficulties will be encountered in practical case handling

  7. According to the conventional hypothesis, the earliest living cells emerged as a result of chemical evolution on our planet billions of years ago in a process called abiogenesis

  8. Living lives of vagrancy most of the time due to tyranny and abjection, the jews were always able to stand up and make money again

  9. When knowledge encounters wealth ' s ablution, when life encounters option ' s moment, when architecture receives regression hour of chinese study, whether we ought to bring to rest busy footstep, and left over a piece of choosy marking for future happy life

  10. Abm activity - based management

  11. Abm activity based management

  12. Abnormal brain-wave activity shows up on electroencephalograph readings.

  13. Meanwhile, the partial proenzyme from the abomasums would be activated automatically by the latter two methods

  14. The greatest activity could be obtained on the condition of 8 % salt concentration, 1 : 20 ratio of abomasums and butter, 30w / cm2 supersonic strength and 40min extraction time

    在食鹽濃度8 ,皺胃與提取液比例1 : 15時,用30w cm2超聲強度提取40min ,可獲得最大的凝乳性。
  15. The methods of the abomasums treatment suggested that the freezing method had least influence on milk - clotting activity, while the salting air - drying and natural air - drying went to another extreme

  16. It was very slow at 5 but become higher above 25. the enzyme from abomasums used in cheese production was rough extracts containing chymosin and pepsin. through the gel filtration chromatography and ion exchange chromatogra

    羔羊胃蛋白酶最適凝乳溫度為45 』 c ;在45處理30inin ,酶性開始下降, 60c處理30lliln ,酶性完全喪失;酶的最適ph為1
  17. As the kid chymosin was extracted by the traditional way and the buffering way at different ph values, its activity mainly depended on the salt concentration, extraction time and temperature, the ratio of buffer and abomasums and extraction times

  18. With the increasing salt concentration, milk - clotting activity became higher and higher, then reached its peak, and then decreased gradually ; in the early extraction, the speed was quick, the milk - clotting activity was increased obviously. after it amounted to the maximum, the activity became steadily lower steadily ; the increasing temperature in extracting could improve the extraction activity, but too high temperature could result in the denaturation and inactivation ; the greater the ratio of abomasums and butter and was, the quicker speed was when the enzymes was drawn out, and after extracting for twice, most of the enzymes in the abomasums could be drawn out

  19. If i had a grain of true repentance for an abominable life of twenty-four years past, it was then.

  20. A member of an aboriginal people living in tribes