中文拼音 [yīn]
Ⅰ名詞1. (中國古代哲學認為宇宙中通貫物質和人事的兩大對立面之一) (in chinese philosophy, medicine, etc. ) yin, the feminine or negative principle in nature2. (指太陰, 即月亮) the moon 3. (不見陽光的地方) shady place; shade 4. (山的北面; 水的南面) north of a hill or south of a river 5. (背面) back 6. (生殖器) genitals; private parts (esp. of the female)7. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞1. [氣象學] (天空中十分之八以上的部分被雲遮住) overcast; cloudy 2. (凹進的) in intaglio 3. (隱藏的; 不露在外面的) hidden; secret; sinister 4. (屬于鬼神的; 陰間的) of the nether world 5. [物理學] (帶負電的) negative
  1. The underworld and abaddon are never full, and the eyes of man have never enough

  2. The male gonads, the testis, lie outside the abdomen within the scrotum.

  3. Patient lung shadow and semiotic body are asked for but abhorrent

  4. A state that lung has different rate, spot piece shape wellability shadow or show meshy model change, the illness progress of partial patient is rapid, show big shape shadow ; side changes chang weishuang, the shadow is absorbed abreaction slower

  5. His absence cast a blight over the family.

  6. She purposely abstained from mentioning mrs. wale's more special insinuation.

  7. The determination of the anion abstergent

  8. He was moody and abstracted.

  9. The bullhorn acacia is not a tree of the dark windless depths of the tropical rain-forest.

  10. In fact, leaves may adapt to sun or shade as a result of acclimatization.

  11. According to another tradition, achilles was the victim of a plot.

  12. Daily retraction and cleaning prevents penile adhesions.

  13. 3. shading levels effected on the growth of cultivated plantlet from adventitious buds in plastic house. lower shading level could increase the root development including root number, fresh weight and dry weight

  14. Aec anionic exchange capacity

  15. Tetranychus viennensis zacher in trunk were concentrated in old crack barks and girdling cracks. tetranychus viennensis zacher in first and second limbs were concentrated in the boundary of axial shoot and stem, axial shoot and center trunk, girdling cracks, pruning wound and aerial roots et al. these tetranychus viennensis zacher were distributed mainly in the shady side of the branch

    主幹上的山楂紅蜘蛛主要集中在老翹皮下及環剝裂縫內,分佈於第1 、 2層主枝上的紅蜘蛛主要集中在主枝與主幹、主枝與中心干交界處、環剝裂縫、剪鋸口、氣生根等處,且主要分佈在枝條的背面(下部) 。
  16. Hiding essence of life is the main physiology function of kidney, the essence in kidney is angry, be airframe life activity this, to airframe the physiology activity of each respect all is having all in all effect ; kidney advocate water fluid, basically be the aerification function that the essence in pointing to kidney enrages, to the body fluid inside body be defeated cloth and excrete, maintain the balance that the body fluid inside body metabolizes, the adjustment with rising very important action ; kidney advocate bone gives birth to pith, it is spirit of the energy in kidney has stimulative airframe to grow actually a of growth function main component, the rise and fall that the essence in kidney enrages, affect the growth of bone and growth not only, and the plentiful that also affects spinal cord and encephalon and development ; " tine is bone ", tine and bone give one cause together, the tooth also is filled by institute of gas of the energy in kidney raise, spirit of the energy in kidney is abundant, fall off the tooth is solid and not easily, if kidney is medium air of essence of life is inadequate, criterion the tooth becomes loose easily, inchoate even fall off ; kidney have one ' s ideas straightened out at 2 shade ( external genital organs and anal ), accordingly, frequent micturition, enuresis, urinary incontinence, make water little or anuria, all the aerification function with kidney is wrong about

    藏精是腎的主要生理功能,腎中精氣,是機體生命活動之本,對機體各方面的生理活動均起著極其重要的作用;腎主水液,主要是指腎中精氣的氣化功能,對于體內津液的輸布和排泄,維持體內津液代謝的平衡,起著極為重要的調節作用;腎主骨生髓,實際上是腎中精氣具有促進機體生長發育功能的一個重要組成部分,腎中精氣的盛衰,不僅影響骨的生長和發育,而且也影響脊髓和腦髓的充盈和發育; 「齒為骨之餘」 ,齒與骨同出一源,牙齒也由腎中精氣所充養,腎中精氣充沛,則牙齒堅固而不易脫落,若腎中精氣不足,則牙齒易於松動,甚至早期脫落;腎開竅於二(外生殖器和肛門) ,因此,尿頻、遺尿、尿失禁、尿少或尿閉,均與腎的氣化功能失常有關。
  17. Cefotaximes has an especially favorable balance of activity againstgram - positive cocci, gram - negative aerobes, and someanaerobic organisms

  18. Patterns and significance of abnormal karyotypes were discussed, and they showed great variations from one hypospadias to another, and no defenite aetiological correlations could be established

  19. A plot is afoot.

  20. Juba : your family. in the afterlife