朗伊塔塔 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lǎng]
朗伊塔塔 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (光線充足; 明亮) light; bright 2. (聲音清晰響亮) clear and loud Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 塔塔 : tatta
  1. The scenes depicted on the emunctory field, showing our ancient duns and raths and cromlechs and grianauns and seats of learning and maledictive stones, are as wonderfully beautiful and the pigments as delicate as when the sligo illuminators gave free rein to their artistic fantasy long long ago in the time of the barmecides. glendalough, the lovely lakes of killarney, the ruins of clonmacnois, cong abbey, glen inagh and the twelve pins, ireland s eye, the green hills of tallaght, croagh patrick, the brewery of messrs arthur guinness, son and company limited, lough neagh s banks, the vale of ovoca, isolde s tower, the mapas obelisk, sir patrick dun s hospital, cape clear, the glen of aherlow, lynch s castle, the scotch house, rathdown union workhouse at loughlinstown, tullamore jail, castleconnel rapids, kilballymacshonakill, the cross at monasterboice, jury s hotel, s. patrick s purgatory, the salmon leap, maynooth college refectory, curley s hole, the three birthplaces of the first duke of wellington, the rock of cashel, the bog of allen, the henry street warehouse, fingal s cave - all these moving scenes are still there for us today rendered more beautiful still by the waters of sorrow which have passed over them and by the rich incrustations of time

    二湖谷,基拉尼那些可愛的湖泊,克麥克諾斯487的廢墟,康大寺院,衣納格峽谷和十二山丘,愛爾蘭之眼488 ,拉特的綠色丘陵,克羅阿帕特里克山489 ,阿瑟吉尼斯父子股份有限公司的釀酒廠,拉夫尼格湖畔,奧沃卡峽谷490 ,索德,瑪帕斯方尖491 ,聖帕特里克鄧恩爵士醫院492 ,克利爾岬角,阿赫爾羅峽谷493 ,林奇城堡,蘇格蘭屋,拉夫林斯頓的拉思唐聯合貧民習藝所494 ,圖拉莫爾監獄,卡斯爾克尼爾瀑布, 495市鎮樹林約翰之子教堂496 ,莫納斯特爾勃衣斯的十字架,朱里飯店,聖帕特里克的煉獄, 497鮭魚飛躍,梅努斯學院飯廳,柯利洞穴, 498第一任威靈頓公爵的三個誕生地,卡舍爾巖石, 499艾倫沼澤,亨利街批發莊,芬戈爾洞500所有這一切動人的501情景今天依然為我們而存在。
  2. In the majlis these consist of a rump of khatami - style reformists and a larger block of people who travel under the “ conservative ” banner but who are pragmatic in their approach and oppose mr ahmadinejad ' s brand of what many outsiders have come to call “ neoconservatism ”

    議會中,這些聯盟組成部分主要有哈米派改革家的小部分殘余勢力,另外一大部分則是那些打著保守主義旗號但在行事中注重實效,這些人反對艾哈邁迪內賈德先生的做派?許多外國人都稱之為「新保守主義」 。
  3. Iran launches a 24 - hour television network with tajikistan and afghanistan, focusing on the unifying cultural aspects of the three countries

  4. But the historical movements of the people from central asia and middle east to south asia have given to it a character of its own and have established closer relation between the people of pakistan and those of : iran, afghanistan, turkistan, tajikistan, turkmenistan, uzbekistan, kazakhistan, uighuristan, kyrghyzistan, tataristan, bashkiristan, daghistan, chechenistan, azerbaijan, kurdistan, arab lands or arabistan and turkey in the field of culture, religion, ethnicity, language, literature, food, dress, furniture and folklore

    但人民的歷史運動從中亞和南亞給了它它自己的字元和建立了密切關系在人民巴基斯坦和那些阿富汗吉克土庫曼烏茲別克斯坦kazakhistan uighuristan kyrghyzistan tataristan bashkiristan daghistan chechenistan亞塞拜然和土耳其之間在文化宗教種族語言文學食物禮服傢具和民間傳說領域。
  5. But in the list of the most favoured, authors such as ian rankin, patricia cornwell, pd james and dan brown, masters of the thriller and of crime fiction, outnumber romantic writers such as binchy and anita shreve

    但在讀者最喜愛的作者排行榜中,恩?蘭欽、派特麗夏?康威爾、 pd詹姆士和丹?布,這些恐怖或犯罪小說大師們擊敗了賓奇和安尼?斯里夫等言情小說家。
  6. Maeve binchy, the undisputed queen of romantic fiction, is the favourite author. but in the list of the most favoured, authors such as ian rankin, patricia cornwell, pd james and dan brown, masters of the thriller and of crime fiction, outnumber romantic writers such as binchy and anita shreve

  7. The tar is the most widely used plucked instrument in iran today

  8. Proposals have also been submitted to abu dhabi, bahrain, dubai, iran, israel, kuwait, lebanon, oman, qatar, saudi arabia and sharjah

  9. On monday, iranian president mohammad khatami pledged to cover the cost of the surgery, estimated at around $ 300, 000

  10. American actress sharon stone presents a humanitarian award to mata amritanandamayi, india ' s beloved female spiritual teacher

  11. The owner of the farvardin minaret making workshop says that minaret - making is a popular profession because iran is an islamic country

  12. Daniel drezner of tufts university notes that any economic pain caused to iran will be mitigated by chinese and russian companies filling the gap

  13. But he said iran ' s foreign minister, manouchehr mottaki, who had received his visa early on friday, would take a commercial flight to new york to address the council

  14. In a toughly worded speech to foreign ambassadors in tehran, khatami also warned iran could adopt “ a new policy ” which would have “ massive consequences ” if iran ' s nuclear talks with the eu did not prosper

  15. Outgoing president mohammad khatami said that, by law, only interior ministry figures are officially valid

  16. According to shiva, a young actress, when the reformist president mohammad khatami came to power in 1997, her generation was full of hope

    據年輕的女演員希瓦說, 1997年改革派總統穆罕默德?卡米當選時,他們那一代人當時對未來充滿希望。
  17. Almost four years after he was elected, khatami ' s vision continues to be hampered by the influential iranian clerics and conservatives who drove the islamic revolution decades ago

  18. Tehran, feb. 9 ( reuters ) : no iranian government, present or future, will give up the country ' s drive to master peaceful nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment, president mohammad khatami said today

    德黑蘭, 2月9日(路透社) :沒有政府,現在或者未來,將放棄國家的行駛精通和平核的技術,包括濃縮鈾提煉,穆罕默德.哈米總統今天說。
  19. Iran ' s foreign minister manouchehr mottaki says his country has no reason to suspend its nuclear activities

  20. Iranian foreign minister manouchehr mottaki rejected the sanctions and said iran had no intention of suspending its enrichment program