服務管理 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guǎn]
服務管理 英文
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  • : 服量詞(用於中藥; 劑) dose
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (管子) pipe; tube 2 (吹奏的樂器) wind musical instrument 3 (形狀似管的電器件) valve;...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質組織的條紋) texture; grain (in wood skin etc ) 2 (道理;事理) reason; logic; tru...
  • 服務 : give service to; be in the service of; serve
  • 管理 : manage; run; administer; supervise; rule; administration; management; regulation
  1. Delamination of services management model for asp mode

  2. Ning bo is round - the - world yu sipu accuses a group is a diversity that gives priority to course of study with illume, electric equipment, house property and meal the industry controls a group company ; main scope of operations : energy - saving lamp and derive article, the production of tv of flat liquid crystal and sale, develop and manage the astral class public house that reachs meal of estate to serve government ; as the company fast and steady progress reachs the promotion of each industry, invite sincerely a man of insight to join in enterprise, conspire to develop

  3. They kept service management group clean.

  4. And according to a 2006 study by the substance abuse and mental health services administration ( samhsa ), acetaminophen - containing drugs are one of the main causes of accidental poisonings in children

    根據藥物濫用和精神健康服務管理局( samhsa ) 2006年的調查,含有撲熱息痛的藥物是導致兒童誤中毒的主要原因。
  5. Creat services ' management, develop hospital brand

  6. We put emphasis on the method and process of establishing a controller link field control network ; have designed the monitoring program and remote service manager program. the completed system realizes the automatically monitoring and remote - communication of the dredging work of cutter suction dredger

  7. It primarily originates from lab division theory, strategic management theory, enterprise resource view theory, knowledge economic theory, and innovative theory of economics, tourism theme park have to construct it ' s own core competitiveness in order to satisfy consumers " needs, obtain continuous competition advantage and realize benign competition among theme parks, which has particularities about their own management, have to concern about the study on culture of the theme and service management knowledge combination and innovation etc. so that they can improve

  8. In britain the collapse of northern rock was also largely the result of inadequate national supervision, an outdated system of deposit insurance and the lack of teamwork between britain ' s financial super - regulator, the financial services authority, the bank of england and the treasury

  9. Performance analysis service - graphic board of director / trustee reports that enable fund companies to fully outsource performance reporting responsibilities

  10. Itsmf - planning to implement service management pocketbook

    Itsmf .執行服務管理計劃袖珍本
  11. Managing structured web service metadata

  12. The quarter adopts such management modes as unified layout, unified land policies, unified design and unified serivices

  13. Itsmf - a dictionary of it service management terms, acronyms and abbreviations pocketbook

    Itsmf . it服務管理術語首字母縮寫詞和縮寫詞典的袖珍本
  14. Logical network based customer service management

  15. Component services management console window opens

  16. Ma in social service management mssc in social work

  17. Requirements of the application of dynamistic price are considered. it shows that we can use this new strategy to sell or even control the perishable high - tech products in their updating periods. it then analyzes how the dynamistic price is formed considering the realities of products upgrading

  18. As the same as general services, financial services have some characteristics differing from goods. consequently, the traditional management patterns and methods based on the industry for manufacture could n ' t be quite effective in the financial practice

  19. The insurance industry belongs to the service style. the text was written in order to find the method of the insurance service and service management, through analyzing the characters of service product and the insurance company and product

  20. To set up the new service management processes : for example, to set up management processes of various levels of service, management processes of usability, problem management processes and etc