有道 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yǒudào]
有道 英文
  • : 有副詞[書面語] (表示整數之外再加零數): 30 有 5 thirty-five; 10 有 5年 fifteen years
  • : Ⅰ名詞(道路) road; way; route; path 2 (水流通過的途徑) channel; course 3 (方向; 方法; 道理) ...
  1. The most plausible instances of a priori concept are the formal concepts of logic.

  2. But hey, i can see why some of these were invented, like the fresh air breather, because sometimes you ' re just too lazy to go outside for a few minutes and youd rather jam a hose up your face

    不過,其中些發明我還是覺得有道理的,比如那個「新鮮空氣呼吸器」 ,因為時候你會懶得寧願用一根管子罩住你的臉也不願意出去走走。
  3. Unfortunately, television conveys no sense of morality since it is itself amoral

  4. The rails of the two tracks are supported on wooden ties resting on a ballast.

  5. Reflections on his vigour a bounder, corporal proportion a billsticker, commercial ability a bester, impressionability a boaster

  6. I wrote a 273 page calvinist thesis in seminary, but some calvinists argued. they said, " well, god is sovereign, he is not morally obligated.

  7. The people of carthage are afraid, and well they may be.

  8. If you look on his website rather than listen to his speeches, there are plenty of intelligently designed, reasonably centrist proposals to be found ( see article )

    如果你不是聽他的演講而是看他的競選網站,你可以在他的網站上找到很多精心設計而且很有道理的走中間路線的提案(參看本刊其他文章) 。
  9. At the corporate level, though, it made more sense : as its recent unveiling of the world ' s cheapest car showed, companies such as tata motors promise to make the global grade rather faster than their chinese counterparts

  10. Christ was, if not divine, at least the best and wisest of men.

  11. Despite he is a prisoner, father confessors still stay put to help until he becomes a good man

  12. 9 president coolidge ' s statement, “ the business of america is business, ” still points to an important truth today

  13. Why, in the presence of this courtesan, should the idea of being virtuous embarrass him

  14. Investing in companies that are ethically and morally defensible

  15. Not withstanding the wretched appearance and violent demeanor of this woman, the magistrate felt the justice of her argument.

  16. One who acts without moral restraint ; a dissolute person

  17. Of paths the eightfold path is the best ; of truths the four words ( noble truths ) ; detachment is the best of states and of bipeds the seeing one ( the man of vision )

  18. A virtuous person may be rendered vicious by encephalitic lethargy.

  19. Use thoughts and actions together in speech and in play in a way that makes sense, like “ sleepy, go take nap ” and “ baby hungry, feed bottle ”

    用思想和行動統一起來,在講話和游戲的方式是有道理的,如"瞌睡,繼續採取行動" , "寶寶餓了,吃奶瓶"
  20. The crowd filed up the aisles : the aged and needy postmaster, who had seen better days ; the mayor and his wife - for they had a mayor there, among other unnecessaries ; the justice of the peace ; the widow douglass, fair, smart, and forty, a generous, good - hearted soul and well - to - do, her hill mansion the only palace in the town, and the most hospitable and much the most lavish in the matter of festivities that st. petersburg could boast ; the bent and venerable major and mrs. ward ; lawyer riverson, the new notable from a distance ; next the belle of the village, followed by a troop of lawn - clad and ribbon - decked young heart - breakers ; then all the young clerks in town in a body - for they had stood in the vestibule sucking their cane - heads, a circling wall of oiled and simpering admirers, till the last girl had run their gantlet ; and last of all came the model boy, willie mufferson, taking as heedful care of his mother as if she were cut glass