未注意到 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wèizhùdào]
未注意到 英文
fail to notice
  • : Ⅰ副詞1 (沒) did not; have not 2 (不) not Ⅱ名詞1 (地支的第八位) the eighth of the twelve ear...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (灌入) pour; irrigate 2 (集中) concentrate on; fix on; focus on 3 (用文字來解釋字句)...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (意思) meaning; idea 2 (心愿; 願望) wish; desire; intention 3 (人或事物流露的情態)su...
  • 注意到 : aware
  • 注意 : pay attention to; take note [notice] of; be careful (to do sth ); take care; care about; have a...
  1. Le duc tho noted it without any show of interest.

  2. Cardozo was benfica ' s hero in the recent uefa champions league victory over celtic and it would appear his performance has not gone unnoticed elsewhere

  3. Many researchers have been concerned about the question of gift economy and guanxi practice, but do not have given much more attention on the existential basis of the gift economy growing in modern china which is the collective land ownership

  4. If you are observant in the fields and woods, you will find many flowers that others fail to notice

  5. Since our country joining the wto, more and more domestic enterprises have begun to realize the importance of payment management, especially those enterprises of hi - tech, whose development payment will have a great impact on

    隨著我國加入wto ,國內越來越多的企業開始薪酬管理的重要性,尤其對于高新技術企業來說,薪酬對企業來發展的影響更是巨大的。
  6. He begins to notice team members who were not a part of his childhood vision of heroism, the support team crucial to a successful mission, and to a safe return home

  7. The guests were so busy enjoying themselves that their entrance was scarcely noticed.

  8. Police say a passenger train failed to stop at a signal and collided with another passenger train

  9. I ran too fast to notice where i was going

  10. I observed in this last part of his discourse, which was truly prophetick, tho i suppose my father did not know it to be so himself ; i say, i observed the tears run down his face very plentifully, and especially when he spoke of my brother who was kill d ; and that when he spoke of my having leisure to repent, and none to assist me, he was so mov d, 0that he broke off the discourse, and told me, his heart was so full he could say no more to me

  11. There is now a consensus in the financial markets that the us dollar is headed for a prolonged slump in order to reduce america ' s large current account deficit

  12. She noticed that the hand he waved was covered with fresh abrasions, in the process of healing, and a glance at the other loose - hanging hand showed it to be in the same condition

  13. But behind booming of m & a, we should not neglect the negative effect of m & a

  14. But whatever good happened, i could not help the feeling that master was not aware of me and did not love me. she seemed to throw glances, words, sweets and fruits to everyone but me

  15. Prince andrey did not notice that she called his sister marie

  16. She interested me so much that i neither knew nor heeled how time passed

  17. So why none of us noticed that there had never been such an animal and how could we expect good marks for the incorrect answers

  18. " maximilian, " said the count, without appearing to notice the different impressions which his presence produced on the little circle, " i come to seek you.

    「馬西米蘭, 」伯爵說,象是並未注意到自己的來訪在主人身上引起的不同反應似的, 「我是來找你的。 」
  19. " good - by, albert, " said beauchamp suddenly, carelessly extending his hand to the young man. the latter did not appear to arouse from his lethargy ; in fact, he did not notice the offered hand

  20. " i mean, " said albert, drawing near, and without apparently noticing cavalcanti, who stood with his back towards the fireplace - " i mean to propose a meeting in some retired corner where no one will interrupt us for ten minutes ; that will be sufficient - where two men having met, one of them will remain on the ground. " danglars turned pale ; cavalcanti moved a step forward, and albert turned towards him

    「我要求, 」阿爾貝一面說,一面走近他,似乎並未注意到那背著壁爐站著的卡瓦爾康蒂, 「我要求讓我們在一個沒有人來打擾的地方交談十分鐘,我對你只有這一點要求,仇人相遇,必定是一死一生。 」