friday 中文意思是什麼

friday 解釋
n. 名詞 星期五。
Black [Good] Friday耶穌受難日〈復活節前的星期五〉。
Man F- 忠僕〈F- 原為《魯濱遜漂流記》中一個忠於魯濱遜的僕人的名字〉。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -s 星期五,每星期五。

  1. Hospital officials at mcalester regional health center say a 14 - pound, 3 - ounce baby delivered there is the largest ever born at the hospital. lillian elizabeth ross was born friday to adrienne and anthony ross

  2. He went to the altar every first friday.

  3. I spent the better part of friday afternoon convincing the alumnae

  4. I spent the better part of friday afternoon convincing the alumnae.

    整個周五下午我都在說服校友會. .
  5. Paul kurtz hosted the friday night reception and banquet at the buffalo - niagara marriott hotel in amherst

  6. President arroyo today friday announced emergency rule in response to what she called a clear threat to her elected government

  7. While the president ' s gift list had a distinctly outdoorsy theme, vice president dick cheney received more artsy presents such as paintings and a statue, according to annual financial disclosure documents released on friday

  8. We ' ve got a concert at st. augustus on friday

    我們周五在st . augustus有場演出
  9. A fire destroyed the ernest hemingway museum and the compleat angler bar on friday on the bahamian island of bimini, one of the american novelist ' s 1930s haunts during the days he stalked big game fish

    位於巴哈馬的比迷尼島上的歐內斯特海明威博物館以及開設博物館的「釣客大全」 compleat angler近日在一場大火中被夷為平地。
  10. The ball was to take place on friday night.

  11. Bobby is now working on her next project, how to live, a collaboration with psychologist prof. richard hallam which will premiere at the barbican theatre, london on friday 5 november 2004

  12. I have always been convinced that i am indebted to miss betsey for having been born on a friday.

  13. The world bank s current mission to cape verde which began friday is led by guinea bissau s paulo gomes the world bank s director for west africa

  14. 13th, black friday

  15. It ' s black friday, a day unofficially designated the start of a holiday shopping season

    它是耶穌受難日(復活節前的星期五) ,一個民間約定俗成的假日購物節的開始。
  16. Black friday maybe a profitable time for sellers but it is no longer the big shopping day of the year

  17. Black friday may be a profitable time for sellers, but it is no longer the biggest shopping day of the year

  18. 2004 new york - sonya thomas, a 99 - pound woman known as " the black widow, " won philadelphia ' s annual chicken - wing eating contest in a dramatic overtime on friday

    紐約sonya thomas ,一名體重僅僅99磅,人稱黑寡婦的婦女,周五在費城一年一度的食雞翅比賽的加時賽中,出人意料地奪取了冠軍。
  19. To finish the wall by friday we ' ll have to double up on the number of bricklayers

  20. Mike mussina, who skipped a start yesterday, threw a bullpen session friday