jabber 中文意思是什麼

jabber 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 急促不清的話。
2. 無意義的話;莫名其妙的話。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 急急忙忙地說。
2. 閑聊。
3. (猿猴等)吱吱喳喳地叫。
vt. 及物動詞 急促不清地說。
n. 名詞 -er 說話莫名其妙的人,說話荒唐的人。

  1. Listen to the jabber of those monkeys.

  2. He began to protest, to jabber of his right of entry.

  3. Used to secure connections with the jabber server

  4. Turn mobile devices into jxta and jabber clients

  5. I got some of their jabber out of a book

  6. Jibber jabber. jibber jabbering. mumbo jumbo

  7. He was just kidding, fellas. whole lot of jibber jabber

  8. Chapter 2 introduces the fundualmental of instant messaging, including the backgroud knowledge and the jabber protacal ’ s new features, and also analyses the advantages of the jabber protocal

    第二章介紹了即時消息的基礎知識,包括jabber的背景知識、 jabber的特性,並分析了jabber協議的優點。
  9. It was a jab, jabber

  10. Do n't talk on and on [jabber away] when you can say it in a few words.

  11. Monkwords, marybeads jabber on their girdles : roguewords, tough nuggets patter in their pockets. passing now. a side - eye at my hamlet hat

  12. Research and implement of jabber instant messaging system based on agent

  13. Prince andrey stopped to look carefully at the french. lookee, lookee, one soldier was saying to a comrade, pointing to a russian musketeer, who had gone up to the lines with an officer and was talking warmly and rapidly with a french grenadier. i say, doesnt he jabber away fine

    「你瞧吧,你瞧, 」一名士兵指著俄國火槍兵對戰友說道,火槍兵隨同軍官走到散兵線前面,他和法國擲彈兵急速而熱烈地談論什麼事, 「你瞧,他嘰哩咕嚕地講得多麼流利!
  14. Jabber has a much larger peer network than jxta

  15. Jabber is an open, xml - based protocol for instant messaging and presence, developed by the jabber community and supported by the non - profit jabber software foundation

    Jabber是一種用於即時消息傳送和展示的基於xml的開放協議,它由jabber社區開發,非營利性的jabber軟體基金會( jabber software foundation )對它提供技術支持。
  16. Besides, we integrated the transfer functions on im server, they certified the transport between datagram encapsulated in icq protocol format or msn protocol format and message encapsulated in proposed jabber protocol format, that means it implemented the im interaction between clients and other icq or msn users

    另外我們在im服務器端集成了icq 、 msn協議數據格式的轉換功能,使得icq協議、 msn協議格式封裝的數據包與類jabber協議格式封裝的報文信息進行互相轉換,也就實現了客戶端用戶能夠與外部的icq 、 msn用戶進行im信息交互。
  17. Generic peer - to - peer computing networks such as jxta and jabber are often too complex for mobile devices

  18. Jabber can also support many advanced p2p applications, such as calendar groupware and file sharing

  19. Because of his hyperactivity and nonstop jabber, les was placed in special education classes for the learning disabled in grade school and throughout high school

  20. Unlike other proprietary systems, jabber s specifications and source code are freely available, allowing anyone to create jabber implementations at no cost

    不像其他的專有系統, jabber的規范和源代碼是可以免費獲得的,從而允許任何人無成本地創建jabber實現。