jab 中文意思是什麼

jab 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 (-bb-)1. 刺,戳。
2. 捅;猛碰。
vi. 不及物動詞 刺,戳,刺進 (into);猛擊(at)。
jab a right 〈美拳擊〉揮右拳猛擊。
jab a vein 〈美俚〉進行麻醉品注射。
n. 名詞 〈口語〉1. 猛戳,刺進;【軍事】連續戳。
2. 猛碰;【拳擊】短促有力的戳擊。
3. 〈美俚〉皮下注射。

  1. Be careful ! do n't jab his eye out with your bamboo pole.

  2. Jab him, if you can, with your left fist.

  3. And how to flex your knees when fire a jab

  4. Did you just jab me with your peg leg

  5. Right uppercut : hold wiimote parallel to ground, and then jerk upward. it ' s the exact opposite movement from the right mid jab

    右下勾拳(就是打下巴的那種拳) :右手直握與地面平行,然後向上戳. . .跟右直拳(上身)動作相反
  6. Avoiding the counterpunch, jimmy sticks a jab

  7. This means vaccinated people can become carriers of the wild disease and pass it on to others through faecal contamination, even though their jab prevents them from becoming sick

  8. Utilize the occasion to obtain some improvement in feet work, explaining that the body must be properly positioned in order to obtain telling effect from either boxing blows or the open hand chin jab

  9. In case any potential investor has missed india ' s run of 8 % growth and billion - person potential, the consultants at mckinsey have provided a useful jab in the ribs

    為了避免任何潛在投資者錯過印度8 %增長速度以及十億計的潛力機會,麥肯錫的顧問提供了當頭棒喝的報告。
  10. It was a jab, jabber

  11. The soldier got to business leading off with a powerful left jab to which the irish gladiator retaliated by shooting out a stiff one flush to the point of bennett s jaw

  12. Put the jab on him. you got to let him go and dance

  13. “ i think it is awake, ” martinez said now as he flipped a piece of sushi into his mouth. “ jab it with a chopstick to make sure

    「我想他是醒了, 」馬丁內茲一邊拿快壽絲放自己嘴裏一邊說: 「拿筷子捅一下試試。 」
  14. No, but if you jab them with a fork, they feel

  15. The ball handler will often perform numerous flashy moves while attempting to drive to the basket, including crossovers, jab steps and other fake - out tricks

  16. But when it came time to accept his medal, ali stood proudly in his black suit and red, yellow and black tie, embraced the president and whispered in his ear. the president pretended to take a jab at ali

  17. Don ' t jab your finger at me : i ' m not on trial and you ' re not the prosecutor

  18. He neatly fended off a jab at his chest

  19. Hernandez applies pressure, now from behind the jab

  20. Come on. use that jab. how ' s that cut