oa 中文意思是什麼

oa 解釋
OA =Omni-Antenna 全向天線。

  1. The clerical staff welcome the phasing out of the oa grade and the proposed award of incremental credit in recognition of word processing skills and higher productivity

  2. Web data warehouse and its application in oa

  3. Previously, the office automatization device such as application copycat ? electrograph and so on were known as office automatization, so there were the copycat ? electrograph whose rank were oa

  4. The increase in nominal stress due to live load, bc, is usually small in comparison with the dead load, oa.

  5. Discussion about the evaluation system on oa journals

  6. Oa literature is not free to produce or publish

  7. Creating small - sized oa network based on windows xp

  8. Oa always emphasizes on the requirement of clients

  9. The design amp; achievement of based on lotus r5 oa system

  10. O oa journals typically let authors retain copyright

  11. Many oa initiatives focus on taxpayer - funded research

  12. Development and application of oa in college library

  13. Oas application oa circumstance based on internet application

  14. Oleic acid, oa 0. 1 ml kg

  15. This paper introduces the main function and existing problems of traditional oa, and then suggests an effective resolution it finally discusses 6 functions of e - text postil

  16. 《 office equipment technology and information 》 is the only authoritative technicality magazine about reprography industry in china. the magazine could be used by all corporations and personals taking on office - auto. equipment and consumable technology developing, research, using, serving and selling. its contents include direction, extending production, technology communion, experience of serving, testing and managing, knowledge popularization about oa equipment

    該期刊從1979年創刊至今已整整26年,其前身是《復印》 , 2000年更名為《辦公設備技術與信息》 ,在國內外享有一定知名度,深得從事辦公自動化行業各界同仁的厚愛。
  17. Experimental study of oa kneepad on cytokines in synovial fluid of knee ostearthritis

  18. Electronic equipment such as audiovisual equipment and white goods, and oa equipment, in which a reduction in power consumption is required during standby, as well as a range of electronic equipment including control power supplies for security and industrial equipment

  19. This article, which mainly depends on the chongqing some unit the on - line office automation ( oa ) the item and the chongqing banan district medical department ' s e - government system item, has the explicit application background, the practical background and the actual foundation

    本文主要依託重慶市某單位的網上辦公自動化( officeautomation )項目和重慶市巴南區衛生部門的電子政務系統項目,有著明確的應用背景、實用背景和實際基礎。
  20. The other purpose of this report is to provide an anonymous case study in order to give a commercial sample in considering whether the results of ( a sample mnc company ) oa ' s international related party transactions in the review period has conformed to the " ami ' s length " principle contained in australia ' s transfer pricing law

    另案例研究報告考慮在檢討時期中的跨國集團的國際關連交易的結果是否已經遵照在澳洲轉移定價法律的公平原則( arm ' slengthprinciple ) 。總結要點: ( 1 )決定定價法的適切性取決于當時存在的商業營運事實為基礎。