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ga 解釋
GA = gibberellic acid. 1. General Agent; General Assembly. 2. General Average. 3. General of the Army. Ga =【化學】 gallium. 元素鎵的符號。

  1. The main contributions are as follows : ( 1 ) de ( differential evolution ) algorithm is proposed to invert the ocean acoustic parameters in shallow water in order to get faster and more accurate results than ga ( genetic algorithm ) and sa ( simulated annealing algorithm ). also a posteriori probability analysis method is applied to evaluate the uncertainty of inversion results. ( 2 ) maximum likelihood objective functions for broadband mfi are derived according to different conditions

    ( 2 )根據不同的前提條件,採用似然比的方法推導了寬帶匹配場反演的最大似然目標函數;深入地研究了寬帶匹配場處理中的相干與非相干問題;在分析參數反演的敏感性之後,提出了淺海環境參數寬帶匹配場反演的多步優化策略,並與全參數反演方法進行了性能上的模擬比較。
  2. Test method for ga as ratio of surface of gallium arsenide

  3. When you are applying for admission, you only need to be a quality applicant. but when you are applying for an assistantship ( a ta, ra, or ga ), you need to show that you have the skills to do the job

  4. In this paper, coordinated design of a power system stabilizer ( pss ) and astatic phase shifter ( sps ) using genetic algorithm ( ga ) is investigated

    本文運用遺傳演算法對電力系統穩定器( pss )和靜止移相器( sps )的綜合協調設計進行了探討。
  5. The athens double - barreled cannon - today on display in downtown athens, ga. - was designed to fire " chain shot, " two cannonballs connected by a heavy chain, and was intended to mow down large formations of enemy troops like a giant scythe

    如今陳列于喬治亞州雅典鎮市中心的雅典雙管炮,它被設計出來用以發射"鏈彈" (兩枚被一條粗鐵鏈鏈接在一起的炮彈) ,以期能夠如同一柄巨大的鐮刀一樣一次"刈倒"一大片敵人
  6. I called out again " mama - dada - ga ga - goo goo.

    我又大喊: 「媽媽上海汽車爸爸,嘎嘎,咕咕。 」
  7. Valdosta, ga. - - los angeles lakers forward kwame brown was charged with disorderly conduct and interference with a law enforcement officer after an incident at 2 a. m

    弗多斯塔,喬治亞州? ?根據多家媒體的報道,美國東部時間上周六凌晨2點,洛杉磯湖人隊前鋒誇梅
  8. All in all, ga dopant is superior to other p - type dopants

    總之, ca具有其它p型雜質所不可比擬的優越性。
  9. 4. we probed into some methods to measure ga - hardness. first of all, we compared three approaches : fdc, correlation length, and epistasis measures

    4 .對常見的幾種遺傳演算法困難度測試方法( fdc測試、相關長度測試與基因關聯測試法)進行了分析比較。
  10. Majority think that fga is the ga resulting from the integration that the use of fuzzy tools and fuzzy logio - based techniques for modeling different ga components and adapting ga control parameters, with the goal of improving performance

  11. On the basis of former work, author presents a fga based on the diversity measure. in order to keep the dynamic balance between eer, t ' uz / y logic controller ( flc ) was used to adjust ga ' s important parameters dynamicly

  12. Faster execution leads into a second tenet of fut ga, the theory of " touch - go.

  13. Ga is mimic - life algorithm in grandness

  14. Ga does that sort of concrete simulation very well

  15. Savannah morning news, ga - 31 minutes ago

    西雅圖崗位intelligencer - 53分鐘前
  16. I shouted a victory chant " ga ga - goo goo.

    我大聲歡呼: 「嘎嘎揚州天氣預報咕咕。 」
  17. Fuzzy - ga and its application to the design of h control system

  18. I sang a little song " ga ga goo goo - ga goo ga.

    我哼著小曲: 「嘎嘎咕咕,嘎咕嘎。 」
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