cla 中文意思是什麼

cla 解釋
  1. It may be an old hymn to demeter or also illustrate cla enarrant gloriam domini. it is susceptible of nodes or modes as far apart as hyperphrygian and mixolydian and of texts so divergent as priests haihooping round david s that is circe s or what am i saying ceres altar and david s tip from the stable to his chief bassoonist about his almightiness

    歌詞也可能很不一樣,猶如圍繞著大衛不,刻爾吉401 ,我在說些什麼呀,我指的是刻瑞斯402的祭壇,祭司們所發出的喧囂聲不同於大衛從馬房裡得來又講給首席巴松管吹奏者403聽的有關神之全能的那些話。
  2. Are you telling me that the cla was behind beanie babies

  3. Cla is found in meat and dairy products

  4. Conjugated linoleic acid, cla

  5. My father is in the cla. he works deep undercover

  6. One of the y oung monks went there, and all day long he sat crosslegged, with his hands cla sped before him in an attitude of prayer, and murmured “ amita - buddha

  7. I am deep cover cla, case number 3924

  8. Skilling had stood with his hands cla ed below his waist, with petrocelli at his side while being sentenced. he gave no visible reaction. after court adjourned, skilling hugged petrocelli

  9. Notes receivable which can be collected and converted into cash during next accounting year or operating cycle are cla ified as current a ets and are recorded at face value

  10. Youngsters who eak excellent english learnt abroad tend to receive low marks on chinese state exams, while cla mates with little ability to use the language can become experts in taking multiple - choice exams testing o cure grammar points and little - used vocabulary

  11. Computers may be cla ified as analog and digital

  12. Father was american. respected cla. killed in the line of duty seven years ago

  13. And the research work carried on styela cla > a in homeland is rarely reported

  14. And it should be ascribed to silt according to the view of its mineral composition, particles distribution, physical and mechanical indices. not only is the content of cla > relatively high, but also the exchange capacity of ion, chiefly high - electronvalent calcareous ion, is great. due to aggregations filled with pore among inter - particles, the soil has the engineering properties of silty clay

  15. Vote rigging was a cla and mob operation

  16. " cla is just a bunch of fat, old white guys

  17. All i know about the cla is that they ' re a bunch of fat,

  18. The after - cla activities in my school are colorful

  19. There is a music teahouse where you can enjoy both cla ical music such as beethoven , mozart , liszt , and mode rnmusic , while having some chinese tea or other soft drinks

  20. Every student of cla may freely select the most suitable mode of teaching, according to his.

    據教育專家保守估算, 10年來教育亂收費超過2000億人民幣. .