cabin 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['kæbin]
cabin 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 小屋,小室;〈英國〉(鐵路等的)信號室。
2. 船室[艙],頭[二]等客艙;【航空】座艙;艦長室,長官室,軍官室。
3. 臥室;小房間,私室。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 把…關在小屋內;使受拘束。
2. 隔開(房間)。
vi. 不及物動詞 住在小屋內;寄住。

  1. I am shipping and marine project major there are a few problems to did not figure out in study recently the hand that hopes professional personage can extend aid 1, in hydraulic experiment, the cabin of photograph adjacent why cannot at the same time affusion

    我是船舶與海洋工程專業的最近在學習中有幾個問題沒有弄明白希望專業人士能夠伸出援助之手1 ,水壓試驗中,相鄰的船艙為什麼不能同時注水
  2. When at last the lonely girl went to her cabin, sister agatha was already sleeping.

  3. Salinity exists in oceanic atmosphere at aerosol form. usually, seacrafts need desalted air, for example, air for combustion and cooling, airiness of communication cabin and electron cabin, etc. now, lots of large naval ships are equipped with gas turbines both home and abroad

  4. Because the air is so cold and thin, the cabin has to be air-conditioned.

  5. Mr trelawney, being a very open - handed gentleman, as we all know, has just asked me a word or two, and as i was able to tell him that every man on board had done his duty, alow and aloft, as i never ask to see it done better, why, he and i and the doctor are going below to the cabin to drink your health and luck, and you ll have grog served out for you to drink our health and luck

  6. Specification for cabin altimeters for aircraft

  7. Our cabin is amidships.

  8. Passengers would sit in a wide cabin, rather like a small amphitheatre

  9. As he almost worn out, he found an antiquated cabin

  10. Professional astronaut besides should operate in astronavigation drive spacecraft, arrive even outside cabin execute a few special missions, if have outer space, walk, discharge or repair a satellite to wait

  11. Last month, however, i spent two weeks in my in - laws ' cabin on a farm in the backwoods of canada with one phone and no computer

  12. Extra cabin baggage allowance combined weight limit

  13. Duty - free items will be counted as part of this cabin baggage allowance

  14. In a belgrade hotel elevator : to move the cabin, push button for wishing floor

  15. Search every cabin, every hold, down to the bilges

  16. Search every cabin, every hull, down to the bilges

  17. Norrington : search every cabin, every whole, down to the bilges

  18. But we got them laid in, and all the other things ; and you never see a cabin as blithesome as jim s was when they d all swarm out for music and go for him

  19. The cabin was built on the border of the forest.

  20. There is a bush of bramble in front of the cabin