each 中文意思是什麼

音標 [i:tʃ]
each 解釋
adj. 形容詞 各,各自的,每。
each man 各人。
each side of the river 河的兩邊。
pron. 代名詞 名詞 每,各,各自。
E- (of us) has his likes and dislikes. 各有各的好惡。
We each know what the other wants. 我們彼此都知道各自的要求。
From each according to his ability and to each according to his work [needs]. 各盡所能,按勞[需]分配。
adv. 動詞 副詞 各個地。
These books cost one dollar each. 這些書每本的價錢一美元。
bet each way 【賽馬】賭兩門。
each and all 大家都,統統。
each and every 每個都,人人都。
each other 互相,彼此 (They help each other. 他們互相幫助)。
on each occasion 每次。

  1. In addition to provide a website for each published paper, the press of aaas also trys out to set a website for each author, so more detailed introdution for the author and hyperlinks to his her articles can be provided

  2. In addition to provide a website for each published paper, the press of aaas also trys out to set a website for each author, so more detailed introdution for the author and hyperlinks to hisher articles can be provided

  3. Excuse me each ace, what does the foundation that builds a bank have ? what fund has very big development perspective, help, i am abecedarian

  4. Each morning they lay abed till the breakfast bell, pleasantly conscious that there were no efficient wives to rouse them.

  5. During the festival, events such as traditional tea ceremonies and japanese koto harp performances were held in this garden abloom with the autumn flora so each visitor could fully enjoy the fall season

  6. The believer is to pray in a prescribed manner after purification through ritual ablutions each day at dawn, midday, midafternoon, sunset, and nightfall

  7. Read each one carefully and think abo it a second o tawo

  8. Three steps were involved : ? ) estimation of the ileum volume of the animal using single compartment model. ? ) measurement of the flex of each compartment. ? ) determination of the amino acid content of chymus of abomasums and ileum, and calculation of the amino acid digestibility

  9. An average of ten students are absent each day.

  10. On average, the women who quaffed a beer or a glass of wine each day tended to have the mental agility of someone a year and a half younger than abstainers

  11. It 's perfectly priceless to hear them abuse each other.

  12. Because performance is valued less for its own sake than for the sake of the group, it is easier for each member to accede to the will of the majority.

  13. And the deficiencies are pointed out in present researches, such as highway capacity, level - of - service, influence factor of road alignments, etc. from these, it has confirmed that the thesis should be studied from rational analysis, quantitative analysis of level - of - service, impact on capacity of road alignments, setting - up simulation model, etc. the high - accuracy gps dynamic data acquisition appearance is proposed to be used for the first time to carry on the experiment of overtaking on two - lane highways, and experiment scheme is designed according to the driver ' s perceive to judge each overtaking course. based on the experiment data, it can get two important parameters of acceptant gap ? the critical gap of overtakable time headway and returnable time headway through data processing, which can offer the strong support to the research of two - lane highway capacity with qualitative and quantitative analysis. besides, the experiment methods is provided to observe overtaking ratio and to measure the

  14. Subsequently by taking “ ancient - style poems ” as center, make an exploration into the acceptant condition of traditional poems collection to canons in the preceding dynasties at the time of “ canon ” being established, from a comprehensive view by editor ' s selection basis, arrangement of collection and readers ' acceptability : among which the “ ancient poems collection ” to the superficial succession and meaning transfer of tu ' s poems canon as well as to the polemic interpretation and conclusion of five - character and seven - character poems canon, and the acceptability and misreading of “ poems of transcription in modern style ” in the mid of ching dynasty to “ ancient poems collection ”, all of which are sufficient to verify the alternative of “ canon ” for traditional poems collection that most of them adopt measures of succeeding canon in early times first, then making an increase and reduction ; while the selection of canon takes “ direct variation of polemics ” as premise, followed by a consideration of degree of art values ; it can be the concrete index of trend to make comments on poems on the selection and interpretation of canon for masters of each school

  15. Let us label each vertex with a 4 or 3 accordingly.

  16. Hip a type of pseudocarp ( false fruit ) consisting of a cup - shaped receptacle containing achenes, each of which bears small hooklike hairs. hips are typical of the genus rosa

  17. The thesis has summarized the development of the oblique - pull bridge, its construction technology and the importance of bridge construction control, then has introduced project general situation, and has narrated detailed regulation, organization construction, the major work and difficult part of this bridge construction control. the following is the key part of this thesis, firstly, it has introduced the experiment work of early stage, structural calculation and its theoretical result : the absolute altitude of each operating mode, the absolute altitude of building mould in each section and the absolute altitude after pouring concrete ; then, it has discussed the method and content of the line shape control of the main beam, actual absolute altitude of building mould is put forward, and it has described the method of structural stress monitoring, how to arrange measure point and collect data, and how to analyze data. it has also narrated the method of rope force detection and structural temperature inspection

  18. The collider has been built in eight sections, each of which must be cooled to temperatures only just above absolute zero

  19. The “ student accident insurance ” is nt $ 208 each semester

    學生平安保險,每學期nt 208元。
  20. You need n't be acquaintances to meet with each other.