aam 中文意思是什麼

aam 解釋
AAM = air-to-air missile 空對空導彈。

  1. Augmented addressed morpheme model aam model

  2. Study on the key techniques of the imaging infrared guidance for aam

  3. Simulation for target image - point scanning of ir aam seeker

  4. Support vector aam based iterative learning algorithm for gender classification

  5. Aam anti - apartheid movement the

  6. The seeker now weighs just 8 kg and has been designed to replace the ir seeker on a conventional short - range aam

  7. - similar to asm, active appearance models ( aam ) is also composed of two parts : the aam subspace model and the aam search

  8. For quick truning to target of air - to - air missile ( aam ) for short range dogfight in large off - boresight it is necessary to study the agile turn control law

  9. Experimental results demonstrate that our method can find the optimal aam subspace model rapidly and improve the performance of aam significantly

  10. Based on the analysis of the theory and capability of asm & aam, a new method is put forward by combination of local texture model and global texture model

  11. Sources within pakistan have alluded to an aam that incorporates elements of the advanced bvr darter designs that were once part of south africa ' s previously well - funded development plans

  12. In this dissertation, firstly, preparation, structure and optical properties of templates - - anodic alumina membranes ( abbreviated as aam ) with nano - pore arrays were studied intensively. then electro - deposition preparation and mechanism of cadmium selenide ( cdse ) thin films were investigated. at last, cdse nano - wire arrays in aam with nano - pore arrays were prepared and characterized by template - electro - deposition method which is one kind of up - to - date way and has merits of both template technique and electro - deposition method

    本論文首先對模板? ?納米孔陣列陽極氧化鋁膜( aam )的制備、結構和光學性質進行了比較詳細的研究,然後研究了cdse薄膜的電沉積法制備及沉積機理,最後結合模板技術和電沉積法各自的特點,首次以納米孔陣列aam為模板,用模板-電沉積新方法制備出cdse納米線陣列,並對其進行了較為詳細的表徵。
  13. And the adsorbability of this novel adso rbent for ldl was determined. in order to prepare the solid supports in accordance with with the request of adsorbent for ldl, paam beads were synthesized by inverse suspension polymerization. the composition of the polymerization system is shown as follows : the concentration of monomer and dispersant are 12 % and 0. 65 % respectively, the volume ratio of oil / water isl : 3, the mole ratio of aam and mba is 18 : 1

    本文用反相懸浮聚合法合成符合ldl吸附劑載體要求的聚丙烯酰胺微珠,經實驗篩選出反應體系所需的最佳單體濃度( 12 ) 、最佳分散劑用量( 0 . 65 ) 、最佳油水比值( 1 : 3 ) 、最佳單體( aam )與交聯劑( mba )的物質的量之比( 18 : 1 ) 。
  14. ( 2 ) the images of aam were characterized by scanning electron microscope ( sem ), transmission electron microscope ( tem ) and atom force microscope ( afm ). the results indicated that pores in the as - prepared aam templates owned nearly the same diameter, parallel arrangement, huge density and formed nano - pore arrays

    ( 2 )用sem 、 afm和tem等分析方法對aam的形貌進行了表徵,結果表明:制得的aam中含有大小均勻一致、排列規整、密度較大的納米孔陣列,為模板-電沉積法制備cdse納米線陣列奠定了良好的基礎。
  15. The digital simulation based on this control law denotes that it possesses very well performance, and the interception ability of aam for short range in launching of large off - bore sight angle can be raised

  16. This section begins with the analysis of the cash flow of the two most elementary products - mortgage pass through securities ( mpt ) and collateralized mortgage obligations ( cmo ), and describes the difference between the function mechanism and the ability of resisting risk. then, based on the above analysis, this article tries to invent an new cmo product which goes by the name of adjustable amortization mortgage ( aam ) and can effectively counteract the extension risk when interest rate goes up. at the same time, this article also indicate some problem which should pay special attention to in practical application and put forward some corresponding market promotion strategy

    本章首先通過對兩種最基本的抵押證券? ?抵押貸款傳遞證券( mpt )和抵押擔保證券( cmo )現金流量變化的分析,研究其運行機制和防禦風險的功能差異,接著在以上分析的基礎上,文章嘗試提出了一種能夠有效化解利率上升環境中延期風險的新型證券品種? ?可調整分期付款額的抵押擔保證券( adjustableamortizationmortgage ,簡稱為aam )的設想,但同時也指出了這種抵押擔保證券在實際應用中應該特別注意之處,並提出了相應的市場推廣策略。
  17. ( 5 ) cdse nano - wire arrays / aam composite, cdse nano - wire arrays and cdse nano - wire were prepared by template - electro - deposition in seleneous acid ( hasech ) solution and selenosulfite ion ( sesoa2 " ) solution. then the image, composition and structure of those products were investigated by sem, tem, eds, xps and x - ray diffraction ( xrd )

    ( 5 )分別以hzseo3和seso32一為硒源,用模板一電沉積法在納米孔陣列aam模板中制備出cdse納米線陣列/ aam復合物,然後溶解掉納米孔陣列aam ,寧} ) ij得了cdse納米線陣列和cdse納米線。
  18. With the wind, pressure and sea surface temperature ( sst ) data provided by ncep / ncar reanalysis project and excess length of day ( lod ) data provided by international earth rotation service ( iers ), atmospheric angular momentum ( aam ) and its horizontal and vertical transportation are computed and analyzed, which are in accordance with maintenance of the zonal circulation. and the anomalous aam is highly consistent with el nino events

    應用ncep / ncar40年再分析計劃提供的風場、氣壓場、海溫等資料以及國際地球自轉服務局( iers )提供的日長變化資料,計算大氣角動量及其水平、垂直輸送,分析其氣候及異常特徵,發現角動量及其輸送與緯向環流的維持相一致,角動量異常與厄爾尼諾事件緊密相關。
  19. Cross spectrum analysis is made between aam, torque, sst and lod. it is found that significant correlations exist between those series on time scales of shorter than one year

  20. Based on the event of single - warship air defence system intercepting several groups of target, the operational capability of air defense system with the improved aam model is evaluated