ack 中文意思是什麼

ack 解釋
  1. In our dearth of ack-ack guns all sorts of contrivances were used.

  2. They throw their hadow efore them who carry their lanter o their ack

  3. The & nbslp ; mocker knocked the stock with the knots on the stocking and & pl sp ; ack

  4. Ack automatic chroma killer

  5. If the port is open, the target will send a syn | ack packet to the public host

    如果埠是開的,目標將發送一個syn | ack包到公共主機。
  6. However, in answer to the syn ack packet the attacker will send a packet with the rst and ack flags set

    但是,攻擊者會發送設置了rst和ack標志的包回應syn / ack包。
  7. This only works on tcp packets, because the attacker needs the acknowledgement that tcp sends the tcp ack packet is of a standard size when the tcp checksum is correct

    這只對tcp信息包起作用,因為攻擊者需要確認tcp在tcp校驗和正確時發送( tcp ack信息包是標準大小) 。
  8. Once the scanned host returns a syn ack packet, the connection will go into a pending state on the server side, indicating that the connection is in the process of being established, but is not fully established yet

    在被掃描主機返回了syn / ack包后,連接在服務器端將進入掛起狀態,表明連接正處于建立的過程中,但還沒有完全建立。
  9. The equijpment is improved in design and is made into a fully automatic h - beam assembling machine referred to the same foreign sort of products. the positioning of the flange and web is performed through hte plus and minus screw mandrel drivenby the mtr accurately. and there is a highly precise coder to feedb - ack and show the accurate size on the unit set to guarantee the flanges, the webs with different width different width within the specified range for accurate positioning and automatic alignmet. there is no need to make adjustment each time

  10. A hum ack whale mother and calf embark on an epic journey from tropical coral paradises to storm ravaged polar seas

  11. It is difficult to be settled by classical theories because of fixed quality and quantity. this thesis bases on the improvement of traditional way, overcomes its i ack experience, takes the more advanced fuzzy decision - making and optimal selection theory, researches into the established model and gets the result that it ' s best to set pangtoupao storage and detention flood area on the left side of menjiang river by comparing the four schemes and ten objectives of fixed quality and quantity. the result holds identical views with the result of usual economic evaluation. so it ' s the first time using fuzzy decision - making and optimal selection theory to resolve the important and pragmatic problem comprehensively and scientifically

    本文在總結用傳統的方法研究經驗與不足的基礎上,採用目前較先進的模糊優化理論及建立起的模型進行蓄滯洪區設置及規模研究,通過對嫩江四個蓄滯洪區方案, 10個定性定量目標的優化比選,得出在嫩江左岸設置胖頭泡蓄滯洪區最優,其優選結果與採用常用經濟評價方法所得結果基本一致,從而第一次用模糊優化理論較全面科學地解決松花江流域防洪工程中確定蓄滯洪區規模這一重大實際問題。
  12. The most important and complex conception in tcp is the way to deal with time - out and retransmission. as other reliable protocols, tcp expects that a receiver can send a ack, after receiving new bytes from data stream

    Tcp最重要並且最復雜的概念之一就是其處理超時和重傳的方式,和其他可靠的協議一樣, tcp希望目的站成功地從數據流中接收新的位元組之後能夠回送確認信息。
  13. Output - voltage m odeling of molten carbonate fuel cell st ack

  14. Moreover, the design scheme of gypsum st ack is assessed on the basis of above test results, some suitable engineering me asures are suggested to take to ensure the stability of gypsum stack

  15. Ack nak transmission

  16. But, there is a situation that after tcp data segments are retransmitted, when a ack segment arrives, it can not be identified whether the ack segment is for the first segment or for a segment later, i. e. the problem of tcp retransmission ambiguity

    但是,存在著這樣的一種情況, tcp數據報文段重發后,當確認到達的時侯,無法確定這次確認是對于首次發送的報文的確認,還是對於後來重發的報文的確認,即tcp重傳二義性問題( retransmissionambiguity ) 。
  17. Once sending a segment, tcp sets a timer and waits for the ack

    每發出一個報文段, tcp就設定一個定時器並等待確認信息。
  18. To measure a rtt sample is easy in theory. only using the value of time when ack is received subtracts the value of time when sent the segment

  19. Ack means that a block of data sent out and arrived at its destination without error

  20. I shall ask the room service to serve you a ack at9 30 tonight , and you ' ll have your favorite hairy crab