zebra 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['zi:brə, 'zebrə]
zebra 解釋
n. 名詞 【動物;動物學】斑馬;(北美)斑蝶。
adj. 形容詞 有斑馬般斑紋的;有條紋的。

  1. Gorb and colleagues found that zebra tarantulas secrete tiny bits of silk from nozzlelike structures in their feet. these tethers allow the arachnids to scale vertical surfaces

  2. Not only there are the rare birds and animals of yunnan, such as the elephant, gaur, palm tree neck hornbill, the tiger of mengla, black tail serpent of xishuangbanna, there are panda, black gibbon, leopard, leaf monkey in the northwest of yunnan and peacock of li river s side etc. ; there are still the local rare animal, such as the gold silk monkey, northeast tiger, giant panda, big eagle. etc. ; there are even the foreign visitors, such as australia kangaroo, cassowary, panther, african zebra, giraffe. etc

  3. In the present study, ghr that was similar to the conventional ghrs was termed as ghr1, and another type was termed as ghr2. meanwhile, using the same methods, zfghrl and zfghr2 were also isolated from zebra fish ( danio rerio ) est and htg genome sequences

    同時,我們用相似的方法從斑馬魚的est序列和其高通量( htg )基因組序列分離出斑馬魚zfghr1和zfghr2 。
  4. I have studied the lives of may different kinds of sharks : angel sharks, basking sharks, blacktip reef sharks, blue sharks, dogfish, great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, mako sharks, nurse sharks, sandbar sharks, sandtiger sharks, six - gill sawshark, seven - gill shark, tiger shark, whale sharks, white - tip reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, zebra sharks

    我學習了壽命可以不同的種類鯊魚:天使鯊魚,取暖的鯊魚, blacktip礁石鯊魚,藍色鯊魚,白鮫,偉大的白色鯊魚,雙髻鮫鯊魚,鯊魚鯊魚,護士鯊魚, sandbar鯊魚, sandtiger鯊魚,六鰓sawshark ,七鰓鯊魚,老虎鯊魚,鯨魚鯊魚,白色打翻礁石鯊魚, wobbegong鯊魚,斑馬鯊魚。
  5. My zebra wins, i get your filly, the white jumper

  6. The park is the home to thousands of wildebeest, zebra and gemsbok, especially around the nxai pan area

  7. It consists mainly of fossil pan floors covered with palatable grass species which are a very important source of food to herbivores like impala, zebra gemsbok and springbok

  8. The sanctuary provides excellent viewing opportunities for rhinos and many other types of wildlife including zebra, wildebeest, heartbeest, gemsbok, leopard, brown hyena and jackal

  9. The huge asian carp are real, the gape - mouthed round gobies are real, but organizers of a new exhibit that opened thursday at the shedd aquarium decided not to mess with real zebra mussels they ' re just replicas

  10. This is zebra 3. we ' re on it. hutch, let ' s roll

  11. She is quite nicey comfy without her outcastman, madame, in rue g ? t - le - coeur, canary and two buck lodgers. peachy cheeks, a zebra skirt, frisky as a young thing s

  12. In attempting to domesticate the quagga ? a zebra - like, south american member of the horse family ( now extinct ) ? he was forced to breed a male with a female arabian mare

  13. The owners of tilly the shetland pony received a double shock when she gave birth. they didn ' t know she was pregnant - and they certainly weren ' t expecting a zebra

    設得蘭矮種馬提利產下小馬駒的時候,她的主人感到了雙重意外:一來他們根本不知道提利已經懷孕,二來他們怎麼也沒想到提利會產下一匹"斑馬" 。
  14. Bus 6, 6a, 6x, 66 or 260 from exchange square bus terminus, central ; li yuen streets east and west central mtr exit c then walkalong des voeux road central towards sheung wan ; upper lascar row, also known as " cat street " sheung wan mtr exit a2, turn right and then left along hillier street, away from the tramlines, turn right at queen s road central, cross at the first " zebra " crossing then up the steps to " cat street " ; and hollywood road one block above upper lascar row

    中環交易廣場巴士總站搭乘6 6a 6x 66或260線巴士利源東西街地鐵中環站c出口,沿德輔道中往上環方向走摩羅上街,又稱摩羅市集地鐵上環站a2出口轉右,然後左轉入禧利街,朝電車路相反方向走,再右轉入皇后大道中,橫過第一道斑馬線后沿石階步上,還有著名的荷李活道位於摩羅上街之上。
  15. I can ' t believe we ' re being upstaged by a zebra

  16. Unless it ' s provoked, a lion ' s leisure is usually only interrupted by the hunt for food - - most often, a zebra or wildebeest

    除非遭到挑釁,獅子的悠閑生活只有在獵食時才會暫時中斷? ?通常,是捕食斑馬或角馬。
  17. Over four hundred thousand visitors a year come to see zebra, elephant, gazelle, lion and millions of wildebeest run wild

  18. The zebra fell prey to the lion.

  19. Zebra s - 600 thermal transfer direct thermal printer

    Tsc tdp - 245熱感式標簽印製機
  20. Who would have thought a zebra could have such a kick