zambia 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['zæmbiə]
zambia 解釋
n. 名詞 尚比亞〈非洲〉。
-n1. n. 名詞 尚比亞人。
2. adj. 形容詞 尚比亞的。

  1. Programmes begin in bangladesh and zambia

  2. Excellent emerald crystals in a beautiful, deep emerald green and with good transparency come from zambia

  3. In many other countries, where english is not a first language, it is an official language ; these countries include cameroon, fiji, the federated states of micronesia, ghana, gambia, india, kiribati, lesotho, liberia, kenya, namibia, nigeria, malta, the marshall islands, pakistan, papua new guinea, the philippines, rwanda, the solomon islands, samoa, sierra leone, sri lanka, swaziland, tanzania, zambia and zimbabwe

  4. The new partnership will be established at first in guyana, india, malawi, nigeria and zambia

  5. Zmk zambia kwacha

  6. Western ( momgu ) ; lusaka, capital of zambia, and its surroundings constitute the 9th province

    西方(芒古) ,首都盧薩卡和其周圍地區組成第9個省。
  7. Lui ping, general manager in lusaka for china ' s largest construction company in zambia, the state - owned china national overseas engineering corporation, which has been building schools and hospitals, says resentment over chinese workers is misplaced

  8. Photo taking in zambia s south luangwa national park

  9. The tanzania - zambia railway tanzania - zambia

  10. The mulungushi textile printing and dyeing mill zambia

  11. We visited zambia in the autumn of 1993 ( / in autumn 1993 )

  12. In zambia, you should ask the host for food during dinner

  13. A review on the electricity market in zambia

  14. He once lived in zambia

  15. Independence day zambia

  16. Thandie ( pronounced tan - dee ) newton was born november 6, 1972, in zambia, africa

  17. And continuing the african theme, this incredible 7cm group of hopeite crystals from the kabwe mine ( or as it was called at the time this was collected, the broken hill mine ) in zambia

  18. Will it start to take sides in african politics, as has happened in zambia

  19. The mill employed more than 1, 000 people, propped up the economy of kabwe in northern zambia and kept thousands of cotton growers in business

  20. It is designed to mimic a mature hiv epidemic in sub - saharan africa ? which it did rather well when the researchers tested its output against data from zambia, a country in which the epidemic has remained stable for a decade

    它設計用以模擬黑非洲的成熟愛滋病疫情? ?研究人員將它給出的數據與疫情穩定已有十年的尚比亞的真實數據進行比對后證明它足可勝任這一工作。