happening 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['hæpəniŋ]
happening 解釋
n. 名詞 〈常 pl. 〉1. 事件,偶然發生的事。
2. 即興表演;臨時的演出〈尤指意在激發觀眾情緒的滑稽表演〉。
adj. 形容詞 〈口語〉(趕)時髦的。

  1. It ' s a wonderful thing happening in my life, especially to meet with the grand master, all abbots / abbesses

  2. Because fight affray, participate in illegal activity and send the ill, medical treatment charge that be sent or violates family planning to set place happening not to grant allowance

  3. After become effective of property insurance contract, those who serve as insurance mark insurance belongings reachs his to concern a benefit, because the meeting is buying and selling, given, accede to wait for the happening of the circumstance and be transferred, after the cession of insurance mark, the alienee that insurance profit meets what change insurance bid subsequently of course

  4. Usually, a show sends the young woman of amice, her this one phase may last 3 years or so, and of long hair princess " head happening grows initial stage " exceeded 10 years necessarily

  5. To understand what is happening, dr flor and her colleagues resorted once again to mri, to record the brain activity of amputees while they were performing the mirror task

  6. He was hardly aware that it was happening.

  7. In spite of all the awfulness of what was happening during the last day or two in moscow and the first days of the journey, that feeling, that consciousness of the intervention of providence in her personal affairs, was a source of joy to sonya

  8. - what ' s happening ? - looks like a bagman

    -發生什麼事了? -看起來像個搶匪
  9. What ' s happening ? - looks like a bagman

    發生什麼事了? -看起來像個搶匪
  10. So, what ' s happening with barf bag

  11. What ' s happening in that room ? it ' s ( like ) bedlam in there

  12. Beth ) oh, it ' s happening ! it ' s happening ! andy

  13. Beth oh, it ' s happening ! it ' s happening ! andy

  14. Whether he succeeds depends in large part on what ' s happening in a small town camden, s. c.

  15. With some candor about what is happening to radio and television

  16. . with some candor about what is happening to radio and television

    . .廣播和電視業正發生著什麼
  17. As to the ' cathartic groups ' happening there, they are meditative therapies created by osho, and he himself suggested they happen there

    至於在那? ? |行的「發?團體」 ,它們是奧修創造的靜心治療,他自己建議它們在那? ? |行。
  18. Following the developing procedure of everything, the happening of efficient breach theory also has its historical chanciness and inevitability

  19. Whichever one of these processes is renewing charon ' s surface, it must be happening now or have happened in the last few tens of thousands of years

  20. Nobody describes what is happening in our cultural crisis better than j. k. chesterton, who wrote in the middle of this century. in this passage hes talking about the skeptic who wants to rebel against everything, and overturn all the moral percepts by which the culture had lived

    這就是我們社會的危機, j . k . chesterton在上世紀中葉所寫的,最能恰當描述這情況他講到一個想反抗所有事情的人,想把社會的道德觀完全扭轉,他自稱為無神論者。